Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 397


Peter was outraged!

He quickly controlled the lava that was going to attack him and flew towards Ego!

“It seems we are not needed!” Dio said as he smiled as he watched Peter flew around in the air.

The power of the Elders of the Universe was clearly strong!

Probably the one that could match their power is the likes of Odin, a God in the title and power!

But even a God still had their own ‘Achilles heels,’ one would say.

And for Ego, it was his core! Once his core was destroyed, he would cease to exist!

“While Ego is fighting against Peter, we should find Ego’s core and destroy it! Once we do, Ego would be done for!” Dio said confidently.

Everyone nodded their head as they believed what Dio had said and scrambled around, searching for the supposed core.


“Found it!” Rocket shouted as he found something that he believed to be the supposed core inside a crack on the wall.

The crack was formed after being exposed to extreme cold and heat from Dio’s ice power and Ego’s magma.

Carol, who was in a bad mood, blasted the rock immediately to reveal the core, but as the wall crumbled, Carol noticed that an unusually strong steel wall was standing between her and the core!

“We have to find a way to get to the core! I don’t think I can destroy this metal by myself!” Rocket said beside Carol.

“Don’t worry. There is nothing I couldn’t destroy!” Carol said as she immediately activated her Starforce to destroy the core, but Dio suddenly stopped her from doing so!

“Stop! We can’t do that! This planet is Ego itself! If we destroy the core now, we won’t have time to get out!” Dio said solemnly.

Carol was confused at first as she knew that she and Dio would be able to escape just fine, but the rest of the people there wouldn’t be able to do so!

“Just let me do what I can do best!” Dio said to Carol as he smirked and pulled out a bomb.

Dio activated the bomb and tossed it in front of the core’s metal plating. After a few seconds, the bomb busted open, but Rocket didn’t see any fire or even smoke coming out of the bomb.

Instead, a black suction could be felt around, and suddenly the metal plating was pried open, while the metal plating itself began to be sucked into nothingness!

“What the fuck is that bomb! I’ve never seen such destructive force before!” Rocket said as he looked at the aftereffect of Dio’s implosion grenade in awe.

“It’s a space destroying grenade! You can call it Implosion Grenade or black hole grenade as it works in the same principle! It basically rips out space around it, so it would destroy no matter how resilient the object is!” Dio said casually as he explained the grenade to Rocket.

Dio smirked as he was satisfied by the grenade’s firepower!

Now, the metal plating was destroyed, and the core was shown out in the open!

Ego realised what was happening to his core, and he immediately walked out of the lava that he controlled and immediately merged with the ground itself!

Everyone immediately realised what it meant to fight against the planet itself!

Ego controlled the planet, so a violent earthquake occurred while Ego removed the ground altogether!

All Guardians of the Galaxy’s members fell into space, but Carol rescued everyone and put them on the floating platform across the empty space.

Dio and Rocket remained near the Core as Dio quickly grabbed Rocket and flew with Galaxy. But suddenly, the wall near them exploded, and Dio was almost squashed by the falling rocks!

But Dio smirked as he immediately summoned [The World] and thus [The World] immediately destroy every single rock that came towards Dio.

Dio smirked and immediately flew with Galaxy away from the falling rocks with ease. On the other hand, Ego has had enough!

The planet began to wither as Ego absorbed the power inside the planet.

“All of you are going to die here!” Ego said coldly.

But he couldn’t say anything else as Peter immediately charged towards Ego and slammed him to the wall.

“You shouldn’t kill my mother and ruin my music!” Peter said coldly.

As he did so, the planet suddenly stabilised as Peter held Ego in his hands.

On the other hand, Dio saw Carol giving him a thumbs up, meaning that she had rescued everyone out of the planet, and Dio nodded immediately!

He then flew towards the core as he wanted to end Ego immediately, but suddenly a huge metal wall rose from the ground, covering the core once again!

It was clear that Ego was afraid of dying!

But unfortunately for Ego, Dio had enough Implosion Grenade to throw all day. Dio smirked and kept on bombarding the metal wall and finally able to reach the core that acted as a brain for the Planet and Ego itself!

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