Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 398


Dio then pulled out another card and took out a different looking bomb from inside the card, and placed it on top of the Core.

This was another variant of the Implosion Grenade that Dio ordered the Dark Elves to create a timed machine inside the bomb activation plug.

This implosion grenade would have a far wider range and greater suction power!

Dio immediately flew away after he placed the bomb on the Core!

Dio then called Mappedoff and ordered him to get the ship away from the planet as soon as possible as the planet was no longer safe!

Ego, who was also aware of the danger, immediately flew towards his Core, but Peter kept him in check and prevented him from getting away!

“No, stop! Listen to me!” Ego said to Peter, but clearly, Peter didn’t care and stomped Ego to the ground. “You are a god! If you kill me now, your power will vanish too! think about your power right now. Do you mind giving it up?” Ego said as he tried to tempt Peter to let him go.

This was Ego’s only play to survive right now as he didn’t know what else to give to Peter. But he was startled after Peter act like he didn’t care!

“What about it? Did you think I care about this measly power? I have lived all my life without it!” Peter said indifferently.

He had vowed that he would never let the bastard who killed his mother go, and now he knew that his mother’s death was Ego’s doing. He didn’t care about anything else!

At the same time, Dio, who had urged everyone into the Dark Battleship to evacuate the planet, immediately pushed the button to detonate the bomb on the Core!

The bomb instantly blew up, and the Core was immediately sucked into the implosion, destroying it to dust!

Ego cried in despair as his body started to collapse into ashes! Peter himself, who saw everything that happened in front of his eyes, was filled with complicated emotion!

He believed Ego as his father after hearing Ego’s love story with his mother, but then, Ego betrayed Peter and learned that Ego was the one who killed his mother all along!

After seeing Ego died in front of him, he didn’t know what to do! Should he be happy after avenging his mother?

Or should he be sad that his last known family was dead?

But he didn’t have time to think about it as the planet began to crumble after losing its Core!

But maybe that was also his final resting place, as he noticed that he no longer had the power that Ego just mentioned earlier, and his legs were too tired to run. But suddenly he heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, boy! It is time to go!” Yondu called out to Peter.

“Yondu? What are you doing here?” Peter asked confusedly.

But Peter never got his answer as Yondu immediately caught Peter from falling as the ground crumbled and flew to the sky with his thruster.


On the other side, Gamora breathed in relief as soon as he heard that Peter successfully escaped the planet.

Originally, Dio was going to ask Carol to save Peter but seeing that Yondu was adamant about saving Peter on his own, Dio let Yondu go.

After all, Yondu treated Peter like his own son! And it was different this time as Dio gave Yondu a suit to save his own life.

As for Dio, he had stopped a cosmic crisis and successfully averted the earth’s crisis!

But he also found Mantis, a girl who could control people’s emotions. Dio smirked as he thought of making Mantis one of his subordinates as Mantis’ power was one of the best powers in Marvel Universe!

Noticing Dio looked at her, Mantis hid behind Drax in fear!

She didn’t know why she was suddenly frightened, but she found comfort in Drax as she never felt any negative emotion from him!

Probably because Drax was just a muscle brain who didn’t think of anything!

To be frank, Dio didn’t really care about what the Guardian of the Galaxy did with Ego, but he helped this time was because he wanted to acquire Mantis for himself!

Although she was a clumsy girl with no strength, speed, or even any confidence, her Emphatic Power was the strongest in all Marvel Universe!

She was even capable of putting the entire planet to sleep!

If her ability were utilized correctly, even someone with a complete infinity gauntlet would be stopped by her ability!

Nevertheless, Dio planned to use Mantis’ power to good use. For example, later on, earth, she could be useful on calming the hulk, or even manipulating Tony or even the insufferable Nick Fury!

So, Dio wanted to train her as a pet to fully utilize her potential later!

With that in mind, Dio wore his best smile and approached Mantis to get on her good side!

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