Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 399


Ego was finally turned into Cosmic Dust while everyone was watching from the ship! His plan that he slowly worked on for millions of years crumbled in a single day!

After that, everyone returned to Hamon as Peter’s ship was still on Hamon, and he had no plan to abandon it!

Yondu, who didn’t know that his fate has changed, was relieved that he could stop thinking about hundreds of children that he sent Ego in the past!

He finally could sleep well at night as he knew that Ego was vanquished at last!

But as soon as Dio wanted to warps to Hamon, hundreds of ship from Sovereign appeared, blocking their path!

“It’s that damned priestess again! They have caught up to us!” Rocket said as he jumped to his feet and yelled as he looked from the window.

Yondu has gone to find Stakar Ogord as he was Yondu’s teacher as well as the leader of Ravagers! So, Dio’s Dark Battleship was the only one left, surrounded by the Sovereign!

“Did you want to clear the way, or should I do it myself?” Dio said tauntingly to Carol.

“Guys, aren’t we planning to escape?” Peter asked as he was confused after hearing Dio’s word.

He never thought of fighting against the Sovereign with only this little personnel since it was basically suicide!

Dio and Carol sighed as they looked at Peter since they never thought of running from weak enemies like this!

Carol patted Dio’s back and walked towards the hatches.

“What is she going to do?” Peter asked confusedly.

“That, my friend, you only need to wait and see for yourself! Once the firework starts, you will know! And let me give you a piece of advice, never make an enemy out of that woman. If that happens, no one would be able to save you from her wrath!” Dio said as he smirked at Peter.

The Guardian of the Galaxy was confused by Dio’s word as they didn’t understand what he was saying, but they would understand soon as they kept watching out of the window.

They saw that Carol clad herself in dazzling light and flew in front of the ships casually. Then the light that covered her body suddenly became brighter.

She was like a dazzling meteor streaking so fast on the space, slamming the Sovereign ships one after another at an incredible speed, catching everyone off guard!

Now everyone knew what Dio meant by when the fireworks started! The enemy ships were exploding like a firework!

They also understood what Dio meant by never make an enemy out of this woman earlier! She was completely terrifying!

Peter swallowed his saliva as he once thought of flirting with Carol, but after seeing this scene, he knew that he couldn’t let that happen, ever!

When Carol returned after securing the ships, she was confused since the people inside the ship were staring at her.

She didn’t know that what she did just now was so incredible that everyone couldn’t get it out of their mind!

She destroyed the entire Sovereign army in only a minute!

“Hey, where is the food?” Carol asked as she came to the lounge and saw nothing on the table.

“It’s on the way! Who knows you’d be done playing with them that fast!” Dio said with an annoyed face.

Carol looked at Dio with confusion as she thought that it’d be better to clear out the enemy as soon as possible!

Suddenly, the ship’s communication rang! It was a contact from Hamon! Dio immediately told the Dark Elf to accept the call and Red Rose immediately appeared on the screen.

“Sir! a bunch of ships is coming towards the planet with a lethal intent! Requesting orders!” Red Rose said as she shared the view outside of Hamon Planet.

Dio clearly saw that Sovereign Omnicrafts were crowding the space!

“These guys clearly can’t take a hint!” Dio said as he felt annoyed by the constant attack from the Sovereign.

“Destroy them once they’re within the attack range! Just go all out. No ships may enter Hamon!” Dio said commandingly.

“Yes, Sir!” Red Rose said as the communication immediately ended.

She knew that Dio’s command was not complicated, so she never questioned Dio’s intention as she knew Dio liked it that way!

After all, she has worked with the Dark Elf for quite a while now.

At the same time, the tourist inside Hamon was curious by what was going on in the space above as they watched another anti-air weapon coming out of the ground and started to charge.

But clearly, the Sovereign Omnicraft didn’t know what was happening on the ground.

As soon as the Sovereign Omnicraft flew within the range of the Anti-Air weapon, they were immediately bombarded with red energy blasts!

The energy blast was too fast for the omnicrafts to dodge, and so, with only one wave of attack, the Sovereign Omnicraft was successfully whittled down to half!

The omnicrafts behind the destroyed ones were clearly startled by the supposed tourist planet’s defensive capability!

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