Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 400


The whole battle on Hamon could be described as boring since the planet’s defence successfully fended off the enemy in 3 minutes!

Although not as shocking as Carol’s one-minute battle, it still showed that Hamon wasn’t some planet that could be attacked without a proper plan!

Peter could say that not even Xandar had this strong of a defence!

It was clear to the tourist or to the universe that whoever owned Hamon was paranoid!

After all, who in their right mind would raid a tourist planet of all things!

But clearly, Peter couldn’t say anything to Dio as the man was clearly mad!

With that kind of money on defence, Dio could probably buy so many deadly battleships instead of arming a planet that couldn’t move!

“Sir! The intruders have been neutralized!” Red Rose said as she contacted the Dark Battleship once more.

“Take care of the aftermath! Don’t scare the tourist away. Just tell them it’s a military drill to keep their safety inside the planet!” Dio said casually.

Red Rose nodded her head and immediately ended the communication as she put Dio’s word to work!

On the other hand, Peter clearly felt uncomfortable as he remembered the time Dio also said that it was just a military drill before!

It was clear to Peter that Dio really was a terrifying person!


“Assholes! What the fuck just happened?!” Ayesha shouted angrily as the video feed from all the Omnicrafts was cut off!

She never thought a tourist planet would have that kind of defence, not to mention Carol’s unbelievable power!

She was still shocked when she saw her entire fleet that was supposed to intercept a ship that Peter Quill boarded was destroyed in a matter of minutes!

So far, she was clearly losing the battle!

She has already wasted her entire fleet of Omnicraft that was clearly worth more than just four Annulax Batteries!

Even though the Sovereign was one of the wealthiest races in the universe, it is not immune to this damage level either!

She originally planned to make Hamon an example to the rest of the universe to never mess with Sovereign, but clearly, it didn’t work!

“General, how many more ships can be launched to Hamon!?” Ayesha asked coldly.

“3.821, but I don’t recommend us to continue this unprofitable assault!” The General said solemnly.

“Give me a reason for your word, or I will fire you right now!” Ayesha said coldly.

“Although we still have many ships, we don’t have that many operators! We will only be able to operate a thousand ships at most! Plus, we can’t underestimate the enemy’s power! Whether it was the planet or the woman earlier, they could destroy hundreds of our ships in a flash! If we continue this assault, our loss will keep increasing rapidly!” The General said solemnly.

“So, what did you suggest we should do? Admit defeat? So our race become a laughing stock in the universe because we couldn’t even handle one tourist planet?” Ayesha asked tauntingly.

“No, that is not what is important right now, High Priestess Ayesha! We have to focus on the bigger picture now!” the General said solemnly.

Ayesha fell silent for a couple of minutes as she tried to think of what was important for Sovereign right now, but as she thought of one, she snorted in disbelief.

“We have to conquer our part of the universe!” Ayesha said with a sigh.

“The High Priestess is wise, and I believe that the whole universe will eventually know of your glory!” the General said solemnly.

With praise from the general, Ayesha seemed to be in a better mood! But suddenly, their communication beeped as a video was received from an unknown sender.

As soon as the Sovereign’s dutiful worker opened the video, Ayesha’s was frowning badly!

‘I am the owner of Hamon Planet! Dio of the Shadow! After multiple invasion attempts towards my planet, I will have to ask for equal compensation! Failing to comply will result in war! First, I want 100 million Star Coins, and I will accept any form of payment for that. Second, I want 10 million worth of Annulax Batteries. Thirdly, I want your Remote-Control Technology for free!’

Dio was the one who has sent the demanding video to Sovereign! Dio also attached Carol’s video, where she annihilated the Sovereign Fleet in a minute!

It was completely different from watching it from their own perspective!

They now realised how powerless they were against the power of the woman!

By this point, although the video was over, Dio’s word kept echoing on Ayesha’s mind!

She felt fear for the first time in her life as she didn’t know the extent of sacrifice she had to make in order to win against these people!

For the first time in her life, she thought that she might not win at all!

She knew that every DNA that her people had was precious to the survivability of the Sovereign Race!

That was why paying others to solve the problems involving danger as the risk of dying was acceptable!

But now, she must think of her pride as well!

She knew that if she backed down, the whole universe would look down on the Sovereign!

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