Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 401


High Priestess Ayesha calmed down and considered how many people on Sovereign will die if this demand was not fulfilled!

But she knew that she couldn’t sacrifice any of her people for glory!

Her staff also noticed that the High Priestess was pondering about the absurd demand, but they clearly didn’t want any war!

“High Priestess! We have to see the big picture here. If we wage war, our effort over the years would be in vain!” The staff said as they were anxious about Ayesha’s decision.

After hearing her staff’s word, Ayesha immediately came to a conclusion! “I know the risk that we have to take if we go to war, but this demand is simply outrageous! Especially if I publicly apologize to him! our race’s reputation will plummet to its lowest point if I do that!” Ayesha said worriedly.

“Of course, we can’t bow our head to others, but perhaps, I can contact them and negotiate another acceptable outcome!” the Communication staff said to Ayesha respectfully.

“Then I will leave this matter to you, but remember, we are not afraid of war, and we will not be ruled by anyone, so talk it out with this in mind!” Ayesha said confidently.

“Of course, High Priestess!” The staff said as he immediately tried to contact the video sender, and everyone immediately returned to their own duty.

Ayesha then retreated to her palace and came to a huge empty space with nothing but a strange shape cocoon standing in the middle. She came over to the cocoon and stroked it gently, “My child! You will be the next evolution, stronger and more beautiful! When you are born, the whole universe will surrender under your feet!” Ayesha said lovingly.


A weak passed, Peter’s ship was finally repaired and upgraded to Hamon’s standard, and today, the Guardian of the Galaxy was ready to bid farewell to Hamon and continued their adventure.

“Can’t I go with you?” Mantis asked worriedly.

“Believe me, life here suits you better! It’s dangerous if you go with us. After all, the places we are going to are the most dangerous and in the universe!” Peter Quill said as he tried to reassure Mantis to stay at Hamon.

Actually, Peter wanted to take Mantis with him as she was the only thing that his father held dear, but because Dio wanted her and the scary woman earlier also backed Dio, Peter has no choice but to let Mantis stay. But Peter has already made a deal with Dio to make sure nothing bad would happen to Mantis!

“Although you look ugly and disgusting, your heart is very beautiful! If there’s anyone who wouldn’t mind your appearance, you should cherish them greatly!” Drax said as he looked at Mantis disgustedly.

“Don’t listen to this jerk face! You are not ugly and disgusting! If you ever feel you didn’t belong here, we will come back and pick you up!” Gamora said as she slapped Drax’s head reprimandingly.

Mantis nodded her head, but she still frowned like an abandoned dog! She didn’t hate it here, but being with Peter and the other soothe her more!

After all, she had the power to detect the emotion of living beings, and she vaguely sensed that Dio didn’t really like her!

If  Dio knew about how she felt, he probably could change his way around Mantis, but he wouldn’t let her go, as her ability was a must-have in Dio’s list of useful powers. After all, time will let Mantis know that Dio was much better than Ego!

So, the Guardian of the Galaxy said their goodbyes and left Mantis on Hamon, Making Dio utterly happy!

But for now, he had to focus on another thing, the Sovereign has come with their counter agreement for peace, and the result was pretty good!

The Sovereign’s counter agreement has gone through an intense negotiation and finally reach a consensus.

The Sovereign wouldn’t apologize publicly to Hamon, but they wouldn’t attack Hamon in the future. The compensation money has been renegotiated, and they would compensate 50 million Star Coin to Hamon as Damage Compensation, not 100 Million like Dio demanded at the beginning.

The Sovereign was willing to give Dio their Annulax batteries in n exchange for the full 100 million Star Coin worth of compensation, but because of that, Dio added another 10 million worth of Annulax Batteries to make it plausible, to which the Sovereign agreed immediately!

But the thing that made Dio happy the most was the Sovereign’s willingness to share their Remote-Control technology!

Even though so many planets had the same technology as the Sovereign, none has the potential for Space warfare like Sovereign did!

As for Dio’s final demand for Artificial Life Technology, the Sovereign also refused it outright!

But Dio couldn’t force them to give that technology to him as he knew that it was the only thing that the Sovereign had that was original for themselves!

As the Annulax Battery, it was only the farmable energy that was unique to Sovereign, not something that they created themselves!

Dio was happy with this agreement as he got so much out of the little that he sacrificed!

This was the advantage of being strong. You could do whatever you want without any risk if you do it in the name of peace!

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