Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 402


On Earth, a Dark Invisible Battleship landed on the wasteland outside of New York. After the hatch opened, Dio walked out with Galaxy and Mantis, dressed in a cloak that hid her appearance while following Dio closely.

“I am finally back! But man, the air sure is polluted!” Dio said as he looked around the place.

“Is this your hometown?” Mantis asked curiously as she felt Dio’s joyful emotion.

She has adapted to living with Dio and, therefore, adapted to Dio’s emotion.

“Yeah, this is my hometown! A planet that was lagging in every way possible! But strangely, I still love it!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

Affected by Dio’s joy, Mantis also smiled and continued to follow Dio joyfully.

“Let’s go. We need to find a place to stay!” Dio said as he pulled Mantis to ride Galaxy.

The rest of the Dark Elves have been ordered to stay inside the Dark Battleship until either he returned or called for them!

There were enough supplies for them inside the ship anyway, so there is nothing that Dio needed to worry about!

As for Crystal, Dio also left her in the safety of the Dormant Compartment inside the Dark Battleship that provided nutrients for her body in a dormant stage and monitored her condition at all times!

Although Dio had tried his best for months to find Crystal’s fragmented soul, he didn’t come close to any lead so far!

Because of that, Dio decided to go back to Earth!

He took the Dark Elves back to Sakaar and used the ‘The Devil’s Bottom,’ the biggest wormhole in Sakaar, to return to Asgard.

 After knowing that Thor has resided on Earth for a considerable time, Dio immediately returned to Earth!

Carol also chose to return to fighting Kree as she didn’t have any reason to go back to Earth now. She didn’t want to return to Earth, while so many planets in the universe were waiting for her to save them!

Dio expressed his blessing as Carol left. While Carol did ask Dio to join her, Dio rejected the offer as he didn’t want that kind of responsibility!


Dio walked along the highway and finally found a small town in the middle of nowhere, but it was better than announcing his arrival at the centre of New York!

Dio then casually walked into a bar as he knew that it was the best place to find information.

“Hey, welcome to Beer Town! We are in the middle of a Beer Festival right now! Would you like a drink?” a man said as Dio entered the town, they were soon captivated by the lively scene in front of them and chose to join in!

No one found it weird that Dio was traveling with a horse, as in America, people still had a dream to become a cowboy and found it cool to have a horse to travel with!

In the centre of the town, Dio noticed some merchant promoting their beer, figuring this was the chance to find some information he needed, and some people he knew would immediately notice his transaction!

“Hey, can I swipe to buy your goods? I forgot to bring cash with me!” Dio said casually to the merchant.

“Of course! Please try our sample. This is a wheat wine!” The merchant said as he handed two glasses of wine to Dio and Mantis.

Dio casually took the sample and tasted the wine that the merchant gave. He never rejected other’s goodwill after all!

Mantis was the first to try it, and she found the wheat wine to be delicious and had a strong smell to it!

“Hey, don’t drink too much! I don’t want to see you drunk in the middle of bustling town!” Dio said as he laughed at Mantis’ enthusiasm.

He remembered the time when Mantis was drunk in Hamon, and she completely changed!

She quickly became talkative and no longer the shy Mantis as she made a fool out of herself!

Dio then entered the merchant’s shop and noticed a large amount of customer drinking casually there as well.

“Hey, give everyone a big glass of wine too!” Dio said happily as he took out his card that he never used in a long time.

“Everybody?” The waiter asked as he was confused for a second.

He never encountered a person who would spend his money on this many strangers before.

“Yes, for everyone!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

“Wow, thanks, brother!” A customer said as he heard Dio’s word to the waiter.

Everyone soon praised Dio for his generosity and cheered as they continued to drink happily.


Everyone kept on cheering and drinking while Dio and Mantis were completely immersed in the joy of the townspeople. People started to sing and dance as time went by.

Dio sat down and relaxed as he knew that only on Earth that he could relax like this!

Although after today, he had to works on things that he has been planning!

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