Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 403


While Dio was enjoying his time in Beer Town, Natasha walked quickly to Nick’s office.

“What is going on?” Nick Fury said with a frown on his face as he was startled that Natasha entered his office without knocking.

Director, just ten minutes ago, Dio’s credit card was used in Beer Town! A small town just outside of New York!” Natasha said hurriedly.

“Dio? Are you sure?” Nick said with a surprise look clear on his face.

Dio has gone for two years, and now he suddenly showed up again!

“I am not sure if it’s really him, but it was worth checking it!” Natasha said confidently.

Natasha knew that Dio has been exploring space with an advanced spaceship thanks to the information that Thor provided, but she kept monitoring Dio’s account just in case he returned to Earth!

“Is the position locked?” Nick Fury asked curiously.

“Yes, sir! We can go right now!” Natasha said confidently.

Nick Fury nodded and immediately walked with Natasha to the chopper. Nick smirked a little bit as it was so like Dio to suddenly popped out at Beer Town out of all places!

“Now, share this information with the Avengers! Just say that you want them to meet your old friends, make a surprise for them!” Nick Fury said with a smirk on his face.

“But sir! We haven’t identified the target just yet!” Natasha said confusedly.

“Let’s put it this way, did you ever think that a guy like that would ever lend someone else his card? You may as well become the director if it was not him there!” Nick Fury said with a smirk pasted on his face.

Natasha thought about what Nick had said for a while and nodded her head as it made total sense!

There was no way a cheapskate like Dio would ever do something like that!


Inside the bar, Dio’s table was stacked! So many big glasses spread over the table in front of him, while Mantis was sitting in the corner, only watching Dio drink glass after glass of wine!

Dio didn’t let her drink as it would get complicated if anyone noticed that she wasn’t human!

But suddenly the bar was quiet as soon as the door was opened, indicating that there was a new customer coming. Dio looked over to check out why the festivities stopped, and as he looked over to the door, he saw Thor, Natasha, Steve, Barton, Banner, and Tony were standing there in surprise.

“Hey, bring another six pine of beer to the new customer!” Dio shouted to the bartender, who was also surprised to see the Avenger has come to his bar.

Although the Battle of New York had taken place quite a long time ago, the Avenger was still famously known to the public.

But clearly, the Avenger themselves was still in shock to see the person in the bar! But quickly, Tony sent a middle finger to Dio, “Fuck you, asshole!” Barton said annoyedly.

Natasha also looked at Dio defiantly as she was annoyed that Dio acted like nothing happened. “You have a death wish, Dio?” Natasha asked annoyedly.

“Come on, relax, and have a drink! It’s on the house!” Dio said with a smirk on his face, but he stopped teasing them after seeing Natasha frowned, “Right, how did you find this place?” Dio asked curiously.

“Hey, if you don’t want to be found, it is better to use cash instead of your credit card next time!” Natasha said, still in an annoyed tone.

“Hey, I just got back from my little adventure! I got a little rusty here on Earth! Have a heart, would you!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

“So, who is this?” Thor said suddenly as he noticed Mantis on the corner near Dio.

“Is she your new alien girlfriend?” Thor asked teasingly as he tried to open Mantis’ hoodie to see her face.

“Hey, if you want to see tomorrow headlines about Aliens invading Earth again, go on, I wouldn’t stop you! But hey, I bring her with me because her abilities would be useful here on Earth!” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

“Come on. This is not the place to talk freely! Let’s go back!” Natasha said as she gave a sign to Dio to get up and follow her!

“I knew you would be a party pooper!” Dio said annoyedly as he got up, followed by Mantis.

But throughout the time they were inside the bar, Tony hasn’t said anything, and Dio clearly ignored him!

Steve was the only one who noticed this small detail as he knew that Tony was a person who would never shut up!

There is got to be wrong with these two!

As Dio walked outside of the bar, he was surprised to see the Quinjet parked in the middle of the field without the stealth activated!

Dio also noticed a large crowd of people taking a selfie around the Quinjet!

“The Stealth mode is broken! Plus, we are not staying for long anyway!” Natasha said with a smile on her face.

“Well, I am not riding on that!” Dio said casually, but Natasha was confused, and suddenly she heard the crowds began to shout excitedly.

She looked over to the crowd and noticed that a white flying horse was coming towards them fast.

“Well, this is my ride! Now, let’s go!” Dio said while smirking at Natasha and the rest of the Avenger!

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