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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 404


When the Quinjet took off, people were still taking a video with their phone! For them, the experience of seeing the Avenger with their own eyes will be one of the unforgettable memories that they will brag to others later!

Before long, the Quinjet and Dio with Galaxy landed on top of Avenger’s building. Pepper immediately came out and greeted Dio excitedly, “Dio! Long time no see!” Pepper said as she hugged Dio excitedly.

Dio glanced at Tony as he knew that Pepper’s affection was what set Tony off years ago. But as for now, Tony only looked down, and the atmosphere became a little silent.

But Thor clearly couldn’t take the hint and put his arm around Dio’s shoulder while pulling Tony with the others, “Great, now we can drink without any disturbance!” Thor said with a smile on his face.

Natasha smiled as the atmosphere became brighter again, thanks to Thor, who couldn’t take the hint.


At dinner, Natasha forced Dio and Tony to sit side by side while Mantis also took off her cloak to reveal what she looked like. At first, everyone was shocked, but then nobody really minded Mantis’ appearance anymore!

After having seen the Chitauri closely, they knew that there would be nothing more grotesque and disgusting than that, and clearly, Mantis was okay!

The dining table was soon filled with small chit chat here and there. However, nobody really made any sort of serious conversation as everyone still felt a little bit awkward after not seeing Dio for a long time.

However, after diner, Natasha broke the ice while asking Dio what he had seen on the space in his adventure.

Dio tried to cover everything up as much as he could. He told them that he saved Xandar and got the Power Gem since the Nova Empire doesn’t want the responsibility to keep it safe!

Dio also told the Avengers that he bought a planet and successfully set up his base there!

Dio also told a story when he encountered the Super Macrophage Worm that has consumed the entire planet, an Ancient God in the form of a Living Planet, Kree invasion on the planet across the universe, Sakaar’s weird time flow, the remote-control fleet commanded by the golden people on Sovereign, and his bounty hunting across the universe!

Dio’s story successfully enticed everyone to the point that they wanted to experience it themselves!

Even Thor, who could travel throughout space with Asgard Battleship, also felt like having an adventure of his own! After all, he didn’t know that Dio was having such a fun adventure on his own!

After telling his story for quite some time, Dio decided to ask the others too!

“Now, it’s not all about me! I’ve been away for a long time, and I need an update! By the way, Thor! Didn’t you come to earth to see Jane? Why isn’t she here?” Dio asked curiously.

“I have broken up with Jane!” Thor said while looking down sadly.

Dio nodded his head and asked for details as Thor and Jane’s story wasn’t completely covered in Marvel Cinematic Universe!

But seeing Thor reluctantly answered Dio’s question, Steve took over the conversation and changed the topic!

“Well, a lot of things happened while you are away,” Steve said excitedly as he immediately told Dio everything that he experienced!

Steve told Dio that how he has been destroying the Hydra Base across the nation, he even got help from a Skull Creature that said he was the Ghost Rider. But unfortunately, they still couldn’t find Loki’s sceptre!

After listening to Steve and the others, Dio began to ponder. Since the Avenger hasn’t found the Mind Gem just yet, the Avenger: Age of Ultron’s plot couldn’t begin just yet!

Dio began to wonder if this setback would entirely delete the scenario where Tony and Banner would team up to create a powerful A. Did I know as Ultron?

But if Ultron’s scenario were deleted in this universe, Dio was okay with it. After all, out of all enemies that the Avenger has fought against, Ultron was the most annoying!

Meanwhile, Thor, who finally noticed that Tony and Dio still haven’t said a word to each other, got an idea to break the ice with those two!

“Hey, Barton! Would you like to try to lift the Mjolnir?” Thor said challengingly as he put the Mjolnir on the table.

“Great! I want to prove that the rule on handling the Mjolnir is all bullshit!” Barton said as he walked over to the Mjolnir to try to handle it.

“Well, show us something interesting, Barton!” Thor said tauntingly as everyone else laughed in anticipation!

Barton tried hard to pull the Mjolnir from the table, but the hammer didn’t even budge, no matter how hard he pulled!

“This is bullshit! This hammer was rigged! Tony, prove to them that science will prevail!” Barton shouted annoyedly as he failed to lift Mjolnir from the table.

Tony sighed and then pushed a button on his watch, and his hands were immediately covered with the Iron Man’s glove.

“Now, if I could lift this hammer, do I have the chance to rule Asgard?” Tony asked tauntingly.

“Absolutely, have it your way!” Thor said while laughing at Tony’s suggestion.

Tony then use all his might to lift the hammer from the table, but the hammer didn’t budge too! he kept trying with so many theories and equipment, but nothing seemed to work!

“I admit my defeat! This hammer is broken! Well, does anyone else want to try this?” Tony asked helplessly.

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