Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 405


Everyone tried to lift the Mjolnir from the table in turn, but none of them managed to do it. However, when Steve tried to pull it, the hammer moved a little, surprising Thor a little, but he quickly regained his composure!

“Ok, who’s next?” Steve said as he gave up on trying to lift Mjolnir.

“Well, ladies, first!” Dio said as it was only he and Natasha who still haven’t tried to lift the hammer.

“Oh, come on! This is clearly all testosterone, and I don’t want anything with it!” Natasha said begrudgingly, but she still walked towards the hammer and tried to lift it herself!

She held Mjolnir’s handle and teased Thor a little before she released the handle without even trying to lift the hammer, “Nah, I am done lifting for the day!” Natasha said light-heartedly.

Everyone laughed as they thought that Natasha would never be able to lift the hammer, but Dio knew that she had the potential to lift the hammer if she wanted to!

“Dio! It’s your turn now!” Banner said playfully.

Dio smirked and did the same thing as Natasha, but Dio acted as if the Mjolnir electrocuted him when he touched the hammer.

Of course, Thor was sweating worriedly as the electricity on Mjolnir meant that the hammer recognized the person trying to lift it, but fortunately, Dio didn’t try to lift it again!

Thor knew that Dio wouldn’t want to make a ruckus after showing that he could lift the hammer while everyone else couldn’t! but as Dio sat back down beside Natasha, she smiled and whispered to Dio’s ear, “Did you lie to save Thor’s face?” Natasha asked knowingly.

“Well, aren’t you the same?” Dio said as he smiled warmly at Natasha.

Natasha only laughed a little and then joined in the conversation with others.

But suddenly, Natasha’s communicator rang. She answered immediately, and her face suddenly looked serious!

“Guys, I think we have to postpone this party for another day! SHIELD has found another HYDRA’s base in Sokovia. This one is bigger than any other base that we have dealt with previously!

“Well, what’s the wait? Let’s go!” Steve said as he immediately picked up his shield.

The other followed suit and followed Steve towards the Quinjet.

“I knew it! I wouldn’t be able to relax with you guys!” Dio said annoyedly.

The others only smiled and laughed a little bit while they didn’t mind Dio’s annoyance.


A few hours later, an alarm was blaring inside the HYDRA’s secret base!

“We are under attack! Prepare the countermeasure!” The commander shouted hurriedly.

The soldiers immediately assembled on the castle wall and defended their base. At the same time, Dio and the rest of the Avenger were having a field day!

They ravaged through HYDRA’s troops easily while destroying their heavy equipment like a plaything!

Tony took the lead by bombarding the enemy’s line while also pressuring the enemy’s base!

“Jarvis report!” Tony said to Jarvis from his headpiece.

“The building in the centre is protected with a high-density Energy Shield, sir! Baron Strucker’s technology is more advanced than we think.” Jarvis said hurriedly.

“Then, Loki’s Staff must be here! otherwise, they wouldn’t build a base this big!” Thor said as he followed Tony a little bit.

“In that case, we have to hurry!” Black Widow said while neutralizing the enemy’s troop!

“Hey Dio, we need to see some action here! don’t disappoint us after disappearing out of nowhere!” Steve shouted on the radio.

“Relax, I am just taking a detour, but does any of you want to see an alien technology?” Dio said as a Dark Battleship suddenly appeared in the sky, everyone could see it as it was big and hard to miss!

“Target the middle building!” Dio said to Mappedoff.

“Right away!” Mappedoff said as he immediately controlled the weapon function to aim it to the middle building.

The supergun that cost a lot of money began to gather energy and glow in orange colour!

As the Charge ended, an orange energy blast immediately destroyed HYDRA’s energy shield and directly destroyed the building with it!

HYDRA’s soldiers immediately gave up and surrendered to the Avenger as they looked at the Dark Battleship in awe.

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