Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 406


“Well, it seems that I overestimated Strucker’s technology! Now, I regret using this energy blast that surely would cost me money later!” Dio said regretfully.

The Avengers snapped from their shock and saw that all HYDRA’s soldiers were surrendering after knowing that they couldn’t win!

Thor was the most shocked person on the battlefield as he didn’t remember ever seeing the Dark Elves with such a powerful weapon before!

He knew that if the Dark Elves had this weapon when they invaded Asgard, the Palace would’ve been destroyed!

Dio laughed inside the ship land said nothing else as this weapon was created by the Nova Empire, and it was not like the Avenger would know what he was talking about!

But of course, that was not the Dark Battleship could do!

Dio still had a gun with Power Gem as its Energy Sources!

If Dio really wanted to, he could charge the energy and fired it to destroy the world!

Dio clearly wouldn’t do something as dangerous as using the power gem, at least not to a planet devastation level!

With the Dark Battleship’s presence in the sky, the Avenger successfully captured all HYDRA’s personnel that surrendered out of fear.

But as soon as the Dark Battleship landed on the ground, some HYDRA’s soldiers were trying to run!

It was clear that they couldn’t outrun the spaceship while it was still floating in the sky, but it would be different if the ship already landed on the ground!

The Soldiers may have lost their confidence in winning, but clearly, they still had the will to survive!

When Dio walked out of the Dark Battleship, Steve immediately gave him a thumbs up for his work.

Then he turned his attention towards Natasha, “Nate, it’s over. It’s time to tame the beast!” Steve said to Natasha as he pointed to Hulk, who was still rampaging!

“Hey, let me try to calm the Hulk! I want to try something!” Dio said as he smirked at both Natasha and Steve.

“No! you will just end up hurting him! just let me do it!” Natasha said worriedly.

“Don’t worry. I am not the one who will do it. Besides, she will be gentle!” Dio said confidently.

Natasha nodded, and Dio immediately called Mantis over.

“You see that Green guy over there? I want you to calm him down, make him relax, and appease his anger!” Dio said confidently.

But as Mantis saw the Hulk, she got scared!

But she knew that she didn’t have any choice here, so she nodded her head as she walked towards the Hulk. The other was puzzled as they didn’t know what Mantis would do, so they watched Mantis intensely.

“Hey, big guy, want to sit back and relax for a while?” Dio shouted, drawing the Hulk’s attention.

“Hulk remember you! You yell at Hulk and keep dropping Hulk from the sky! Hulk’s mad now!” Hulk said as he immediately rushed towards Dio.

Dio only smirked and immediately summoned [White Album] and froze Hulk so that he couldn’t move for a couple of minutes!

Dio knew that he wouldn’t be able to contain the Hulk for long, and so Dio immediately called for Mantis to start!

Mantis nodded and immediately rushed over towards the now freezing Hulk and touched the Hulk’s finger that was outside of the ice block.

“Argh, I felt an endless anger coming from him!” Mantis said as she immediately released her hands from Hulk’s finger.

“Calm down, use your power to ease his anger, and calm him down!” Dio said calmly.

Mantis nodded once again and calmed herself down before trying to calm Hulk once again. Mantis touched Hulk’s finger once more, and her eyes immediately turned red, but it gradually subsided while the ice that kept the Hulk from rampaging was thawing out.

Dio was amazed!

It was obvious that Mantis’ ability showed an amazing result!

As the ice began to thaw, the Hulk began to shrink back to Banner once again. Dio then dispersed his ice and took a set of clothes from his card pack, and put it on Banner.

Once Mantis was done, she immediately smiled at Dio and walked towards him excitedly.

“Great Job! Now, you can rest back on the ship!” Dio said as he smiled towards Mantis and patted her head encouragingly.

Mantis was happy that she got praised by Dio, she also wanted to ask for some food that seemed to be delicious as she was affected by the Hulk’s emotion, but she refrained from doing so as she didn’t know the name of the food!

“Ah, Anger was not the only emotion that I felt from him! He also has loneliness and sadness within him!” Mantis said as she remembered the Hulk’s emotion.

Dio was startled. Was the hulk lonely and sad?

Suddenly, Dio remembered Hulk’s conversation with Thor on Sakaar. Hulk said that he didn’t want to go back to Earth as everyone on Earth hated him!

But he could laugh breathlessly like a kid as he talked with Valkyrie!

Dio then realized that all Hulk needed was recognition!

Hulk was not a sickness. He was another person, another entity that was completely different from Banner, although they shared the same body!

Dio then decided to have a good chat with the Hulk once he came out again later!

Otherwise, the Hulk would storm away!

It was clearly a huge loss for the Avenger if the Hulk was not around!

But suddenly, a shadow flashed and pushed Barton down.

“Damn! Another enemy!” Barton said annoyedly.

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