Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 407


“New enemy reinforcement has come!” Barton shouted on the communication channel; he was knocked down by an unknown power!

Barton got back up and searched for the enemy that knocked him down before, but he couldn’t see any enemy!

Barton then subconsciously walked into an active turret; he was startled as soon as the turret start to shoot!

Barton then tried to get away from the turret’s line of fire, but he was too late!

Dio immediately jumped out of the Dark Battleship and rushed towards Barton to check on his condition as Natasha was still taking care of Bruce, who was still asleep.

“How are you doing?” Dio said to Barton as he saw that Barton’s left thigh was shot!

“It’s okay. I’ll live! But be careful, that guy is fast!” Barton said as he winced from the pain.

Dio then looked at Barton’s injury, and he noticed that it wasn’t fatal. It seemed Barton was trying as much as he could to escape the turret’s attack!

Dio already knew that the speedster that Barton pointed out was Quick Silver!

The child was stricken with hatred after their home was destroyed by war and had pledged to have their revenge on Stark as his company was the one who supplied the weapons for the war!

Dio knew that Quick Silver wasn’t ill-natured. Therefore, if he could reason with him and show him that the world was not so simple like they thought, Dio believed that Quick Silver would stop his petty revenge.

Dio then handed Barton to Steve for treatment, and he stayed to find Quick Silver.

“Hey, boy! I heard that you are fast! But I don’t think that you are faster than me!” Dio said to no one as he knew that Quick Silver would be watching from afar.

Dio knew that Quick Silver was a prideful guy, and sure enough, after Dio finished speaking, Quick Silver appeared in front of him.

It was just a simple taunt, but Quick Silver immediately took the bait!

“Huh! You? are faster than me? There is no way in hell, dude!” Quick Silver said arrogantly.

“Are you afraid of losing?” Dio asked tauntingly.

“Afraid? Did you see yourself in the mirror, old man? You will not be able to see my shadow!” Quick Silver said arrogantly.

He then disappeared from Dio’s field of vision and rushed towards Dio. But as he stepped approximately 10 meters from Dio, he noticed that the surrounding air was frozen solid!

“You are cheating!” Quick Silver said as he got away from Dio.

“Who is cheating? I just want to talk, but you suddenly attacked me!” Dio said casually.

But he could see the regret on Quick Silver’s expression.

“So, what did you want to do to prove that you are faster than me?” Quick Silver asked confidently.

“Just keep your distance, and I will count to three. If I can catch you later, you will have to be honest to me!” Dio said casually.

“Okay! Eat my dust, old man!” Quick Silver said arrogantly.

“You sure can run your mouth, but it’s better that way! I like to trample people in their best arena!” Dio said excitedly.

“1…. 2…. 3….!” Dio counted casually.

At the count of three, Quick Silver immediately rushed to the side as fast as he could, but he was suddenly yanked to the ground! Dio has already held his arms!

Dio smirked as he used [The World]’s ability to stop the time!

Dio knew from the beginning that no matter how fast Quick Silver was, there is no way that he could beat someone who could stop the time!

“How did you get to me!” Quick Silver said surprisedly as he never noticed Dio moving.

“Well, it doesn’t matter! But it seems that I won this time!” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

Quick Silver was annoyed and immediately struggled to break free from Dio’s clutch. He knew that the guy was an asshole, and thus he became more annoyed after knowing that he lost to an asshole!

He racked his brain to figure out how he lost, and he came to one conclusion, the guy could see the trajectory of his run!

“No! there is no way I am losing to you!” Quick Silver said annoyedly.

“Boy, you should honour your own words, so you deserve to be called a man in the future!” Dio said disappointedly, and as [Red Hot Chili pepper] climbed to Quick Silver’s back, Dio immediately shocked Quick Silver with enough electricity to knock him out!

Dio then dragged Quick Silver back to the Quinjet as he knew that if he held Quick Silver hostage, Scarlet Witch would follow soon!

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