Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 408


Inside the Quinjet, the Avengers were resting as they concluded their operation on the HYDRA’s base.

Bruce Banner was currently wearing a headphone and listening to soothing music to calm himself while Natasha was tending to Barton’s bullet wound!

While Steve was observing Quick Silver, Tony was a little bit strange! He kept staring at Loki’s staff!

“We need to find out what Strucker has done to this staff! There might be something that we miss!” Steve said solemnly.

“Captain is right; it probably would be better if I check the Staff with Dr. Banner before we return it to Asgard!

Thor, who placed his trust in the other Avenger, nodded his head and let Tony do what he wanted with the staff!

Dio knew what would happen next, but he decided to remain silent as it was a hassle to stop Tony.


Upon returning to Avenger Tower, Natasha immediately brought Barton to hospital, while Steve took the liberty to escort Quick Silver to be locked up.

Steve didn’t bring Quick Silver to SHIELD’s base as he knew that Avenger Tower was more secure than SHIELD’s base.

“What about Strucker? What happened to him?” Steve asked Agent Maria Hill while securing Quick Silver.

“He has been handed over to NATO, but we deliberately kept a secret about the two mutated humans that you encountered earlier.

“Two? We only meet one mutated human, and that man is in front of you!” Steve said confusedly.

“Yes! We found out the record of the speedster, his name is Pietro Maximoff, and he has a sister named Wanda Maximoff! They are on the same shelter inside the HYDRA base. Therefore, if Pietro gets out, Wanda would follow behind.” Agent Hill said solemnly

“What are their abilities?” Steve asked curiously.

“The man can speed up his metabolism and improve his thermal stability, resulting in increased movement ability, while the woman can control the mind, and also control whatever it is she wants with her psychic power!” Agent Hill said solemnly.

“So, basically, the Man is fast, and the Woman is strange, got it!” Steve said with a sigh.

“But the Woman would come for sure. There is no way she would let her brother held captive for long!” Agent Hill said warningly.


At night, people already fell asleep, but Tony’s lab was still as bright as day! After some exchange of ideas and arguments with Dr. Banner, Tony finally convinced Dr. Banner about his idea to make a new A.I from Loki’s staff!

The two talented scientists began to work on their respective fields in cooperation on actualizing Tony’s idea.

But a voice suddenly interrupted their work.

“Have you ever considered that your A.I would bring a calamity to Human civilization? Perhaps, you ever considered something like the Terminator movies?” Dio said as he suddenly appeared in Tony’s lab while smoking a cigarette.

But Tony took Dio’s warning emotionally. It was expected as every inventor believed that their invention would be something useful for everyone!

“You want to stop me from developing this piece of A.I? Did you know if I succeed, humans would be at the top of the food chain in this universe?” Tony said coldly.

“Does it look like I cared that much? Well, my cigarette is smoked. I think I will go to bed now!” Dio said indifferently as he left Tony’s lab.

“Tony! I think Dio is right! Everything has its own side effect, and we can’t guarantee that our new A.I would have no side effect as we expected!” Banner said hesitantly after Dio had left the lab.

“No, as long as you and I control every bit of this development, I believe that we would succeed! But just in case, we can create a safety measure and add a few more insurance program if the A.I didn’t work as we intended!” Tony said confidently.

Bruce still looked hesitant, but he nodded nonetheless! He knew that the A.I that they intended to make could bring World Peace!


The next few days were calm as no trouble seemed to happen. Steve stayed in the Gym and recreation room all day, while Natasha stayed and relaxed on the poolside.

On the other hand, Tony and Bruce were working overtime, ensuring that their data and measurement of Loki’s staff was correct!

Thor, who wanted to go back to Asgard, said that Tony could call him anytime and, in the meantime, Thor left the Staff in Tony’s hand!

Dio was indifferent about what Tony was doing. Instead, he took Mantis all over New York, and he even took his time and checked out Will’s concert.

In the two years’ time that Dio left the Earth, Will has become a rapper with a new stage name. Will even had three albums already!

Fortunately, Will was still with his girlfriend that Jessica has introduced back then.

Dio was relieved to see Will was living a good life now, so he chose to leave quietly and didn’t bother Will’s life anymore!

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