Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 409


Because of Nick Fury’s interest in other life forms, he constantly harassed Dio to let him see the Dark Battleship for himself upon seeing Dio’s Dark Battleship.

He also demanded Dio to share the Dark Battleship secret so that Earth can compete on a universal scale!

Dio, who was annoyed, finally reached an agreement with Fury that he would share some of Dark Battleship’s blueprint to help SHIELD construct their own fleet, but of course, Dio wouldn’t disclose the Dark Elf’s stealth tech!

But nonetheless, Nick Fury was happy that his lifelong dreams to go on the space would be achieved thanks to Dio.

Dio knew that he couldn’t leave Nick Fury nagging him every day as Dio planned to stay on Earth indefinitely!

Dio rejected the rest of Nick Fury’s demands, like the Dark Elf’s DNA and Mantis’ DNA!

So, the Dark Battleship was temporarily parked inside the SHIELD’s base, and the Dark Elves had to cooperate with the SHIELD in the meantime.

Dio knew that Nick Fury would try to collect the Dark Elf’s DNA behind his back, and thus he let them did what they want if Nick didn’t do it so obviously!


That night, Dio suddenly had a dream. He dreamed that he suddenly became a social animal that kept partying every day and night.

He also saw himself with a virtuous and capable girlfriend, and finally, he had his own child!

But he also felt that something was wrong in that dream because he could perceive it so clearly!

Had it not because of his experience of jumping inside Crystal’s dream before, he wouldn’t be able to discern that there was something wrong with this dream!

Because of that, Dio realised that his dream wasn’t a dream, but instead an illusion, and pro’s doing no less!

There was no way Dio would be charmed by an illusion so easily if it were not some pros’ doing!

He instantly thought of Wanda, the Scarlet Witch!

But he felt it was wrong as there was no way the Scarlet Witch could infiltrate the Avenger Tower so easily!

But there was clearly something wrong here!

Dio immediately broke free from the illusion with his own mental strength, while at the same time, Wanda and Pietro were in his room!

“I’ve locked him inside a state of peace. He should have a good night’s sleep until the morning! Now, we are free to kill Tony Stark as how we see fit!” Wanda said to Pietro confidently.

Pietro nodded his head as he knew that his sister was one of the best people to get into someone’s head! “It was too good for this guy!” Pietro said as he looked at Dio. He still felt annoyed by his loss earlier to Dio.

“Let’s go!” Wanda said indifferently as she didn’t want to get tangled with her brother’s ego. But as they were just about to leave Dio’s room, Dio suddenly opened his eyes, and a purple vine instantly tied Wanda up!

“Wanda!” Pietro shouted surprisedly.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t hurt you guys! But only if you guys don’t challenge me more than this!” Dio said with an annoyed tone.

Dio noticed one thing; there was nowhere peaceful inside the world of Marvel!

“Your name is Wanda. I advise you to stop what you are doing, and I will guarantee your safety! Believe me, I can split your head before you can shoot out your energy projectile! Now, first, free everyone from their illusion that you created!” Dio said casually while putting his hands-on Wanda’s neck.

“You bastard! I should have killed you when I can!” Pietro said furiously.

He knew that Dio was powerful, and thus, he already said that they should’ve killed Dio instead of trapping him in an illusion, but clearly, the good-natured Wanda didn’t want to do that!

“Come on, who do you want to kill? I clearly couldn’t see any killing intent in both of you!” Dio said casually.

“Fuck you! Let Wanda go! If you dare to harm her, it will be the last thing you ever do!” Pietro said furiously.

Dio smirked as he heard Quicksilver’s threat. He knew that they both wouldn’t be able to do anything to him, but Dio nodded as he realised that both were necessary characters, but some information wouldn’t hurt!

“How did you get out, and what happened to everyone else? Don’t be too nervous. I wouldn’t hurt you as long as you don’t do something wild!” Dio said casually.

“No, you must let go of Wanda first! I didn’t trust you!” Pietro said nervously.

“Wow, am I a charity worker? Why would I do such a thing? you two would just run away if I let you go!” Dio said casually.

“I will replace her! It doesn’t matter who is your hostage anyway!” Pietro said confidently.

Dio nodded with a smile on his face, and Wanda immediately opened her mouth.

“I manipulated the guards here with my power and then put your friends in an illusion. We just want our revenge on Tony Stark. We don’t want to hurt anyone else! if you don’t trust me, I will not be in the mood to talk to you now!” Wanda said confidently.

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