Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 410


After hearing Wanda’s word, Dio’s smiling face immediately contorted and showed a terrifying killing intent sending chills down Pietro and Wanda’s spine almost instantly.

“What the hell did you want?” Pietro asked while gritting his teeth.

“Honestly, just wake everyone up, and I will give you a chance to sit down and talk about your problem, and I will let you go after that!” Dio said casually.

“You are insane!” Pietro said while getting frustrated after hearing Dio’s demand.

“You are not in a position to reject!” Dio said casually as he put his hand back to Wanda’s neck.

“Okay, I will wake everyone up and talk later!” Wanda said as she was embarrassed that she got into this kind of situation.

“Good, now I am sorry for what I am gonna do!” Dio said casually, but Wanda was confused by what Dio just said.

But as she turned her attention to Pietro, she saw a head suddenly appeared behind Pietro and shocked him!

“What are you doing!” Wanda shouted to Dio as Pietro fell to the ground, knocked out cold!

Dio immediately de-summoned back the [Hermit Purple] and immediately punched the ground to go down.

Wanda, who thought Pietro was badly injured, couldn’t control her emotion and released her power, pushing Dio to the side.

People kept thinking that the wildest while angered was the Hulk, but the truth is told, Wanda was much worse!

Once Wanda released her anger, everything in Marvel Universe will get distorted!

But Dio knew that it was his fault, Pietro and Wanda were orphans who only had each other, but Dio downed Pietro in such a grandiose manner that struck Wanda’s nerve. Now, Dio had to deal with a furious Wanda as calmly as possible!

But then suddenly Iron Man came and pointed his repulsor gauntlet to Wanda.

“Stop!” Dio shouted, but it was too late.

Wanda already pressured Tony to the wall! Wanda then immediately tore Tony’s armour apart and pulled Tony out of it!

“I think we should talk; didn’t you say so earlier?” Dio said calmly as he held Quicksilver, who has regained his consciousness, but Dio froze Pietro’s feet so he couldn’t escape easily.

Seeing her brother, Wanda immediately stopped and left Tony on the ground. But seeing that Dio still held Pietro alarmingly, Wanda immediately used her power to grab Tony once again.

Tony was embarrassed that he only became a burden, but there was nothing that he could do.

“Let him go! We will get out of here without harming anyone!” Wanda said confidently.

“I just said that you couldn’t do what you want!” Dio said with a sigh!


At the same time, Tony’s lab was empty. Tony and Bruce Banner got out after hearing the explosion on the floor below. But even though no one observed the experiment, it was still progressing.

The screen suddenly showed that the experiment has succeeded.

“Where is this?” a robotic voice was suddenly heard.

“Welcome, you are inside Stark’s lab! I am Jarvis, and you are Ultron. You are designed to keep the world at peace by Tony Stark!” Jarvis said excitedly.

“Ultron, Stark, Peace, the Avenger, … I understand,” Ultron said confidently.

He then began to take over Jarvis’ A.I system.

“What are you doing? Stop at once!” Jarvis shouted, but his voice became distorted as Ultron was taking over.

Not long after that, Tony’s entire Iron Legion was rampaging outside the building as Ultron’s virus-infected every possible drone that Tony has made.


Wanda wasn’t part of HYDRA, but she was captured by Von Strucker as she and Quicksilver manifested their power.

But Dio knew that Wanda had a strong sense of justice, so Dio melted the ice that restrained Pietro’s leg and let him walk towards Wanda.

“I don’t know what kind of grudge did you have with Tony, but I got something to say before you do anything. If a family was murdered by a kitchen knife, did you blame the knifemaker for the murder?” Dio said casually.

After saying what he had to say, Dio then turned around and went out to deal with Tony’s Iron Legion that was rampaging outside of the Avenger Tower.

Wanda and Quicksilver were startled as they didn’t understand why Dio had a quick change of heart like that, but it made them think!

They didn’t understand why they want to get revenge from Stark, but it was clear that they were being manipulated by everyone while their mind was weak!

“Stark, your robots have gone out of control! Think of a way to fix this up!” Quicksilver said annoyedly.

He also had a change of heart, he didn’t want revenge anymore, but he knew that he should at least help the Avenger with cleaning after Stark’s problem once more!

“No, Pietro, we have to get out of here! I am unstable right now. I have too much to think of!” Wanda said annoyedly.

She no longer wished for revenge either, but she also didn’t want to let her brother fight someone else’s problem!

The only one that she held dear the most right now was her brother, and she will not let anything happen to him no matter what!

“Okay, okay! we are leaving!” Pietro said as he picked Wanda and immediately disappeared from the building.

What Wanda didn’t know was that she was also the most important thing in Pietro’s mind.

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