Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 411


Dio was a little bit worried as the plot progressed quicker than he expected. Because of Wanda, Tony and Banner left the Lab unattended, giving Ultron the opportunity to act.

But every cloud had a silver lining, Natasha and the other has woken up from their illusion, and the illusion seems to have some bad reminder for them. As a result, the Avenger was motivated beyond anything.

“SHIELD has searched where the remaining Iron Legion escaped! We will find them soon enough!” Natasha said confidently.

“That’s not necessary, but clearly, we will have a hard time fighting against Ultron!” Banner said worriedly.

“Ultron? What is that?” Steve asked curiously.

“That was an Artificial Intelligent that were developed for the peace of the Earth, but it clearly misinterpreted everything!” Tony said while sighing on the side.

“Misinterpret what exactly?” Steve asked curiously.

“Its line of thought is the Earth would be at peace after all Human is gone! It also took Loki’s staff!” Tony said with an attitude.

“So, we have to get it back again?!” Thor said as he held Tony’s collar annoyedly.

“Let’s all calm down, okay? now we have to find a way to capture Ultron and get the staff back, but it’s impossible that Ultron won’t be aware of it since it can access all the information it needs from anywhere!” Banner said solemnly.

“Words are no longer enough to describe your stupid curiosity, Stark! You pushed the Earth to another disaster!” Thor said as he let Tony go.

“Look at that! it seems you two don’t take my warning seriously, and now, I got to play terminator in my lifetime!” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

“You knew they were secretly developing a disaster?” Steve asked while frowning at Dio.

“I knew, and I warned them what would happen, but someone made a vow that it wouldn’t happen, so I ignored it!” Dio said casually.

“Yes, I make a vow that it wouldn’t happen, but do I have to ignore those two new threats that enter Avenger Building so easily?” Tony said as he tried to make an excuse.

He also believed that if it weren’t for Wanda and Pietro’s intervention, Ultron wouldn’t evolve into such a disaster!

Everyone frowned, but they knew that Tony’s excuse made sense, so they couldn’t refute his words! But Banner’s eyes suddenly lit up!

“Oh, that’s right! Tony! Maybe we can destroy Ultron with the program that we left behind as a safety precaution!” Banner said excitedly.

“I’ve tried it from the first time I realise that Ultron is completely out of order, but Ultron already disabled it!” Tony said with an annoyed expression on his face.

Hearing Tony’s word, everyone sighed as it seemed the problem didn’t have an immediate answer. Even Dio sighed at Tony’s pathetic ways of handling something as dangerous as Ultron!

He was clearly underestimating Ultron’s potency!

“Dio, what is your idea?” Steve asked as he saw Dio was observing in silence.

“I don’t know. Tony and Banner should think of a way to deal with that thing! now that he has a framework to get the information on all networks, it would be though to go undetected!” Dio said while caressing his forehead.

“That is right, but it’s almost impossible to catch its tail unless we can develop Artificial Intelligence that was far more powerful than Ultron! But just like Ultron, we can’t guarantee that the new A.I wouldn’t be another threat!” Banner said solemnly.

“One Ultron is already a headache, and now you want to add another one? I don’t think that’s a good idea!” Steve said solemnly.

Dio knew the answer to handle Ultron safely, but he couldn’t say it now as he needed the plot to unfold, but he can give a little push here and there!

“I got a remote-control tech, but far superior from any remote-control tech that you have ever seen from an arrogant super race in Sovereign, the most amazing thing about this tech is that the controlled unit could be controlled despite being several galaxies apart! Thinking of this tech, can we somehow compress Ultron’s consciousness into another carrier and fly it somewhere else in the galaxy?” Dio said while acting curious.

Tony and Banner, who were like having a revelation, immediately spoke.

“Yes! That’s possible! We could try your idea as soon as possible. Once the device is developed, we can lure and destroy Ultron in one go!” Tony said excitedly

Dio nodded ad quickly handed over the Sovereign tech to Tony and Banner and let them figure it out themselves! Dio was adamant that a scientist like Tony and Banner would figure it out themselves!

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