Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 412


Wanda and Quicksilver went into an abandoned church, and someone somehow invaded their cell phones.

Out of curiosity and confidence that no one on Earth could hold them down, they came straight to the meetup place.

“Who are you? Why did you ask us to come here? don’t you dare waste our time!” Pietro said annoyedly.

“You must be curious why you can’t find out my thought right now!” Ultron said as he ignored Pietro completely and conversed with Wanda.

“Sometimes, I failed to figure out what is inside a person’s mind. I don’t think you are such a special occasion!” Wanda said casually.

Wanda, who didn’t know that she was talking to a robot, was startled as she heard a unique laugh from the mystery man that somehow successfully lured them out here.

As the man slowly revealed himself, Wanda and Pietro were shocked to see that the man was a robot!

“I know what you are trying to do, but are you really sure that the world would be at peace if you let Stark take that Staff?” Ultron said tauntingly.

“I don’t know. All I saw in that man’s mind is fear! I knew that he could be controlled by that fear and end up in ruin!” Wanda said as she recalled the gory scene in Stark’s dream.

“This is the truth of this world! The more you’re afraid of something, the more you create something to suppress that fear! The man of peace created a war machine; The aggressor created The Avenger; the human-created children as their replacement to help them with their own goal!” Ultron said dramatically.

Ultron walked slowly towards Pietro and Wanda, who was stunned to hear such deep philosophy from a robot, but unfortunately, it made sense!

“So, did you mean that you were born to end The Avenger?” Wanda asked curiously.

“No! I am born to save the world!” Ultron said confidently.

Wanda’s eyes lit up in understanding. As an orphan, she knew more than anyone how it felt to lose a family to an unnecessary war! She wanted to see what kind of world the robot would create if she helped!

“What you need us to do?” Wanda asked curiously.


“Strucker has many strongholds around the world, robotics labs, weapons and equipment storage, Jet Propulsion Lab, and many more! Fortunately, the intelligent indicated that that place had been ravaged by robots, so we don’t need to go there ourself!” Maria Hill said confidently.

“Are there any casualties?” Steve asked curiously.

“Yes, there is, but we can safely assume that they are HYDRA agents who were kept on-site. There is no indication of civilian casualty!” Hill said confidently.

“What about the Maximoff sibling?” Steve asked again.

Everyone suddenly recalled the experience of that night; the siblings clearly had power beyond their comprehension!

“But unfortunately, we lost Strucker, and several walls on the HYDRA base was covered with peace graffiti!” Hill said solemnly.

“What do you mean by that?” Tony asked confusedly.

“Strucker is dead. It seems the enemy tried to erase the information that Strucker might have, maybe something that Ultron doesn’t want us to find out!” Hill said solemnly.

“Vibranium! Ultron always considered himself a messiah! His thought was telling him to remove the Avenger from Earth to quicken his plan! In order to do that, he had to find a powerful body!” Dio said confidently, breaking the silence.

“Vibranium? What is that?” Banner asked curiously.

“A super metal that has incredible properties, in fact, Captain’s shield was made using Vibranium alloy!” Tony said indifferently.

“So, where would he find a huge amount of this Vibranium?” Barton asked curiously.

“Wakanda!” Tony said indifferently.

“Wakanda? A poor and backward country of Africa?” Banner said as he checked his phone for confirmation.

“It’s only a cover-up! The real Wakanda was far more advanced than any countries on Earth!” Dio said casually.

In fact, only a small amount of people knew about the existence of real Wakanda. They were so mysterious that people kept doubting any evidence of Wakanda!

But this time, it was different since Dio and Tony have mentioned Wakanda’s name, they knew that all they could do was believe them!

“So, Ultron must get to Wakanda to have this Vibranium?” Steve asked curiously.

“No, not necessarily! It would be hard to go through Wakanda’s armed forces even for Ultron. So, the alternative is to find the Vibranium in the black market! The person that handles the Vibranium is someone that Strucker knows, and therefore Ultron needs to silence Strucker before he could say anything!” Dio said confidently.

Dio then showed the profile of Ulysses Klaue, a man with a strange tattoo on his face. Maria Hill nodded her head and began the investigation to find Ulysses’ whereabouts, and soon enough, she found out his location!


In a church inside an abandoned village, Ulysses Klaue has turned a place into a base that he used to store a large amount of Vibranium. As someone who always trusted his instinct, he realised that something was wrong!

While he was smoking his cigars in peace, he felt like something annoying would come to get him!

His face twitched as he remembered what the Wakandan had done to him when he was caught stealing their Vibranium!

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