Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 413


Just as Ulysses Klaue put a bullet inside his gun, he became more agitated. He knew that something must have been very wrong! He then tiptoed towards the door to make sure he didn’t make any unnecessary noise.

When he opened the door, he saw a silver flash in front of him, but as he pointed his gun to the end of the hallway that the silver flash was heading to, he didn’t see anyone!

He then immediately walked back inside his room and closed his door to make sure that he wasn’t ambushed, only to find a scarlet eye looking back towards him from his window!

Klaue then instinctively shot the scarlet eye, but it was no use! The owner of the Scarlet Eye walked into Klaue’s office, and Klaue could see that it was a robot!

The Robot suddenly grabbed Klaue’s head and knocked him down, and Klaue lost his gun as a result.

“You have a beast instinct, but unfortunately, you don’t have any means to utilize it!” Ultron said indifferently.

He then bent down Klaue on the chair and slapped him awake, “Now, let us talk about business!” Ultron said still with his indifferent robotic voice.

After a business talk, Klaue took Ultron to his warehouse, where he stored all Vibranium that he got illegally.

“Here! that is all that I have! I hope you hold the end of your bargain!” Klaue said nervously.

“Your greed is hard to understand, human! But you can check your bank account for confirmation. Not like I need it anyway!” Ultron said indifferently.

Ulysses Klaue then immediately checked his phone and actually found a large sum of money has been transferred to his account.

It only took a second for Ultron to transfer any amount of money from a virtual account to another account, so he didn’t need to check it!

For him, money was just a useless tool that would soon disappear.

It was a little bit unfortunate that Ultron didn’t have the idea to plunge the Earth into chaos by making money obsolete.

“I always like the proverb saying that you have to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer! But this time, it makes me richer, the best feeling ever indeed!” Ulysses Klaue said while grinning at Ultron.

“That is Stark’s word!” Ultron said aggressively.

“What?” Klaue said confusedly.

“That is Tony Star’s word! You are colluding with him!” Ultron said accusingly.

“I am not! Did you think that I am a puppet made by Stark? You are clearly stupid!” Klaue said indifferently.

Ultron then cut off one of Klaue’s hands as he knew that Klaue was messing with him, but as soon as he wanted to kill Klaue, he was suddenly hit by a hammer!

It was Thor!

Somehow, the thunder god knew that Ultron was here!

“You come faster than I expected!” Ultron said indifferently.

He knows that Avenger would come soon enough.

“You must be honoured since you don’t have to wait anymore!” Natasha said as she walked beside Captain America!

“You don’t have to gloat. I left such a clear message for you to find; coming here in time was the least you can do!” Ultron said indifferently.

“You are clearly Tony’s creation! You both have a similar personality!” Steve said mockingly.

“Don’t compare me to my creator! He is merely was a mortal with a disgusting personality!” Ultron said annoyedly.

Dio then suddenly walked over and asked Ultron, “Now, where is the Maximov’s sibling! It was impossible for you to infiltrate this place without their help!” Dio said tauntingly.

“What the hell did you want from them?” Ultron asked curiously.

“That is none of your business!” Dio said as he pulled the [Reaper’s Gaze!’].

“Oh shit!” Dio said surprisedly as he saw the Hulk began rampaging from afar!

Dio then clicked his tongue as he saw that Iron Man intercepted Ultron, and the raid continued to the street!

At that moment, Ultron escaped, and Dio failed to capture him once again.

“Shit, we have been had!” Natasha said nervously.

“I think so too! Ultron’s goal is to find Vibranium, but he only needs the perfected Vibranium suit that Tony has made!” Dio said annoyedly.

Dio was annoyed, especially because the plot kept progressing despite his intervention!

The Hulk was clearly bewitched by the Scarlet Witch!

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