Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 414


“Tony’s Vibranium Armour? When did he build such a thing? Why I never heard of it before?” Steve asked curiously.

He couldn’t help but wonder what was happening to the Avenger now.

“He already used it once, actually!” Dio said indifferently.

The Avenger guessed that it was related to why Dio left Earth, but they couldn’t ask him about that!

But if Tony could hurt Dio with that armour, then they couldn’t help but think the worst thing Ultron could do with it!

The trouble kept coming one after another, causing a headache for the rest of the Avenger!


In the Avenger building, Wanda forced open Tony’s warehouse, and Ultron walked in excitedly.

“This is it! let’s find those armour!” Ultron said excitedly to Wanda.

Pietro quickly found the supposed Vibranium Armour and immediately left the Avenger building with Wanda and excited Ultron!

At the same time, Tony was still trying his best to hold off the Hulk!

He had called his Hulk Buster Armour that he specially made to deal with the Hulk when it was needed!

But he still struggled to keep the beast in check! Furthermore, the damage done to the city was too much!

Tony must drag the Hulk to a nearby construction site in order to neutralise him. Thankfully, Tony’s plan worked, and Banner returned to normal.

Tony, who realised what he has done, immediately knew that he would get harsh critic later for the Avenger.

While Banner was still unconscious, Tony immediately dragged his body out of there as Police’s siren could be heard closing in on his position.

Dio sighed as he knew that prelude to the Civil War has started!

Not even SHIELD would be able to cover the extent of damage that would be done at Sokovia later!

Dio then told Tony about Ultron stealing Tony’s Vibranium Armour as soon as no one guarded the building.

Tony sighed too as even though he knew Ultron’s objective, he couldn’t just leave Hulk rampaging like that!

Tony was feeling regretful. He regretted not destroying the armour completely before, and now, his mistake was coming to bite him once more!

“Tony now is not the time to blame yourself! Since you are the one who created that thing, how can we stop him?” Dio asked casually.

“I don’t know! That armour was designed with Adamantium, making it insanely durable! The only weakness it has is an Adamantium bullet, but I don’t think we have enough time for that! Oh yeah, that armour was also heavily suited for melee, so range attack should be effective!” Tony said casually.

“The worse thing is not knowing what your opponent is going to do, while the thing that you can do is only sitting around, waiting for things to happens!” Steve said annoyedly.

“We have to capture it before he manages to transfer his consciousness to the new robot!” Banner said nervously.

“That is not necessary! I think Ultron wouldn’t be satisfied with that armour for long! He would be aiming at an evolution!” Dio said as he shared his insight!

“What do you mean by evolution?” Banner asked curiously.

“I think Ultron wants to use Loki’s staff to control his consciousness and put it inside the new armour. That way, Ultron’s data might evolve to something else, something with body, instead of Data!” Dio said confidently.

After that, everyone started to adjust their thought to Dio’s opinion!

He wanted to see the Avengers blossomed as a group that would be invincible in the future!

“Has anyone seen Dr. Helen?” Banner asked as he seemed to find an idea to deal with Ultron.

Dr. Helen was the head of Bio-Technology, and she was the only one who could combine Ultron’s consciousness with the Vibranium Armour!

“I have contacted the SHIELD to find her whereabouts! It shouldn’t take long now!” Natasha said hurriedly.

“You guys didn’t install any fail-safe code to deactivate Ultron in case something like this happens?” Dio asked Banner and Tony.

“We did create one, but as soon as the original Ultron leaped consciousness to a new one, the fail-safe didn’t follow!” Tony said annoyedly.

“But luckily, I do have another idea that I can use! Just give me a well-equipped lab, and a little more time, I will make sure to capture that robot earlier!” Tony said confidently.

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