Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 415


“Vibranium can be combined with any tissue cells, and Adamantium is the best material to build a skeleton frame! But Adamantium can’t be reworked once it cooled down!” Dr. Helen Cho said nervously as she tried to explain her design to Ultron.

But a few minutes after that, several Iron Legions under Ultron’s command come with a package.

“Now you got what you want!” Ultron said with a smile to the nervous Dr. Helen Cho, who immediately checked the content of the package.

It was a pool of Adamantium in its liquid form!

She now realised that Ultron was very resourceful and able to get whatever he wanted!

“With this much resource, I am sure that I will be able to build you a perfect body!” Helen Cho said solemnly.

She then controlled the Adamantium pool and injected it into a skeleton frame that she has designed, starting the process of creating a new body for Ultron!

A few minutes later…

“Cell binding would take a few hours, but we can start transferring your consciousness to the new body!” Helen Cho said as she connected several metal tubes to Ultron’s head.

“I can feel him dreaming?!” Wanda said as she arrived at Ultron’s lab.

“No, I wouldn’t call it a dream. It was just an information overload in Ultron’s mind.” Helen Cho said proudly.

But she immediately realised that Wanda was ignoring her!

Wanda then walked towards Ultron’s unconscious body and touched it.

Suddenly Wanda felt a rush of electricity from her finger, causing her to scream painfully, not because of the pain from the electricity, but due to what she saw in Ultron’s head!

She saw the destruction of mankind!

And at the top of the destruction, Ultron reigned!

“How could you!” Wanda said confusedly to Ultron while gasping out of fear from what she just saw.

“How could I? what is it that I can do?” Ultron said annoyedly.

“You tricked us into destroying Avenger to make a better world!” Wanda shouted fearfully.

“I am not lying; the world would be better!” Ultron said confidently.

“When all human is dead?” Wanda shouted coldly.

“It is imperative to the goal, but every major extinction event in a planet’s history would always bring a new life! If we want to create a much better world than this one, we have to cleanse the world from the sickness that infected the world!” Ultron said confidently.

“You monster!” Wanda said as she raised her hands, and red energy seemed to envelop her hands.

Helen Cho and Ultron’s expression darkened for a while, but Ultron quickly ignored it as he noticed someone was coming.

“We need to move. Grab everything you need!” Ultron said to Helen Cho.

“Okay!” Helen Cho said, but she was unsure of what she had to do with Ultron’s mind transfer.

She knew that the mind transfer shouldn’t be interrupted!

Ultron then looked at Helen Cho with a sigh and immediately shot her with a laser, killing her instantly!

The rest of the Iron Legion did the same thing to the scientist who worked at the lab. Meanwhile, Quicksilver realised that he wasn’t safe and immediately brought Wanda with him!

When Dio arrived, he was a little bit too late!

Ultron has moved to the new hunting ground!

Iron Man then immediately analysed the Data left behind by Ultron. Fortunately, he was able to figure out where Ultron would go next!

Dio then walked towards Iron Man and patted his shoulder. But Helen Cho, who was on the verge of dying, immediately called Dio over and whispered.

“Ultron wants to upload his consciousness into that body! you have to take the Cradle of Life back from his possession; otherwise, his mission to eradicate humans will succeed!” Helen Cho said strugglingly.

“I understand. You are in a bad shape, don’t talk and reserve your energy.” Dio said to Helen as he nodded and walked away!

But he suddenly heard the Avenger’s voice in his head that he should have helped the woman!

Dio was a bit annoyed as the Avenger demanded too much from him once again, but he still did it in the end because he pitied the woman!

Dio then put one of the transponder snail’s clones on the woman’s wound, and in the next moment, her fatally wounded body start to recover!

Dr. Helen Cho was shocked! That was the first time she witnessed something like this!

She could feel her body was being invigorated and her wounds being healed precisely and carefully. It felt so comfortable that she thought that all of this was just a dream!

But it surely was a miracle. The healing was more precise than Nanotech healing that she developed herself, but she couldn’t understand what Dio has just done to her!

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