Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 416


Dr. Helen Chao didn’t understand what was happening, but she realised that the man in front of her had saved her life! Helen kept looking at Dio’s handsome face and blushed as inappropriate thoughts started to fill her mind!

“What’s the matter? Why is your face so red? Are you still hurt?” Dio said curiously.

He was sure that the life energy inside the snail should have cured the woman completely, but the woman didn’t seem to completely recover just yet!

“It’s nothing! I just remembered that the power inside the gem is unstable. It may explode at any time! Once it does, the whole city would be blown up!” Helen said solemnly.

She panicked as Dio question her behaviour, but fortunately, she could remember some other critical information to change the subject!

Natasha and Barton also heard what Helen had to say and verified it! “Her words are true; the Private Jet that took off a while ago was a cover! We received a huge energy reading from a minibus!” Barton said solemnly.

“If that Energy Reading was the gem that will explode, we have to find a way to capture Ultron without any resistance to make sure that the gem wouldn’t explode!” Natasha said worriedly as she looked over to Dio.

“I understand. I will deal with it right away!” Dio said solemnly as he nodded to Barton and Natasha.

He then walked away from Helen as he prepared himself for a crazy car chase!

“I will go with you!” Helen said, hopefully.

“it’s a bad idea! This is not something that you can handle. After all, I will be moving very fast!” Dio said indifferently.

Helen Cho was surprised that she was rejected before she said anything. She kept wondering if she was ugly!


A minivan was speeding along the road of Seoul, South Korea, while a Quinjet was chasing after it from the sky.

“I will try to capture Ultron. In that meantime, Steve would be in charge of handling the Iron Legion, seize the gem while he’s at it and bring it straight to the lab for Banner!” Dio said calmly while pulling out the [Reaper’s Gaze]!

“Okay, we will act according to your plan!” Steve said as he grabbed his shield and got ready to jump over towards the fleeing van.

Dio then nodded to Captain America and flew with Galaxy while Thor also flew with his hammer. At the same time, Steve was cursing under his breath since he didn’t have the ability to fly like others!

He immediately jumped down while putting his shield as a cushion to soften his impact.

By the time Steve successfully mounted the Mini Van, Dio and Thor already fought against Ultron!

Although he was inside an incomplete body, Ultron was still formidable as his body was made of Adamantium and Vibranium, thanks to Tony!

Thor kept striking Ultron with a bolt of lightning, but he didn’t have any problem defending himself against it, but as Dio’s red scythe joined the equation, he felt anxious for the first time!

Ultron was forced to dodge Dio’s attack every time because he knew that he would suffer major damage if that glaring red scythe ever hit him!

“You again! I know that you always rejected the offer to become one of the Avengers in the past, but why did you help them now?” Ultron asked confusedly, “I will spare you from my annihilation list as you may prove useful later. Together, you and I will become the ruler of the earth!” Ultron said expectantly.

“It seems you already inherit Tony’s arrogance and selfishness! But clearly, you are too ignorant! You fail to perceive my worth!” Dio said indifferently.

“I have said it before, and I will repeat it again, but don’t you dare compare me with that prick!” Ultron said assertively.

He knew that he shouldn’t mind Dio’s word, but clearly, he was still lacking!

Dio himself smirked as he thought that he successfully hit Ultron’s weakness. He could use this to keep Ultron distracted while Steve and the others tried to secure the gem!

And it worked! Ultron was distracted long enough that he failed to see Thor coming towards him at an incredible speed!

He noticed it a tad too late, and Thor’s attack successfully knocked him away from the minivan.

“You take Steve and the gem out of here; I will hold him off in the meantime!” Dio said to Thor as he knew that Ultron’s body was tough!

Sure enough, Ultron rose again!

Dio sighed and threw his scythe towards the black summoner!

But Ultron easily dodged Dio’s attack effortlessly.

“Stupid, why are you giving up the ownership of your scythe!? You clearly don’t have the skill to wield such a great weapon!” Ultron said confidently.

“What do you know!?” Dio said indifferently.

He then snapped his fingers, and the loyal Red Scythe immediately glowed brightly and changed its trajectory, hitting Ultron right in the chest!!

“I will kill you!” Ultron said as he shouted in anger and rampaging towards Dio.

Dio dodged the enemy’s attack and whistled this time. The scythe began to shake, and Dio smirked. The [Reaper’s gaze] immediately decapitated Ultron’s head from its body!

But Ultron was like a cockroach; he wouldn’t die so easily!

He has already prepared his escape route, and he then immediately transferred his consciousness to another robot!

“I will kill you!” Ultron said furiously as he noticed that he couldn’t hit Dio for some reason, and so, Ultron revealed a bomb inside his body that would explode in any second!

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