Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 417


Ultron put a bomb inside his own body! Dio was surprised by this madman’s behaviour, and thus he was forced to summon his Ice Stand to create a big ice wall to block the explosion!

But the bomb’s firepower was somewhat unexpected that Dio’s ice wall that he built in a rush was immediately destroyed in a flash!

The residential area next to the road was also hit by the explosion. Fortunately, Wanda used her power to protect the people inside the building who were shocked by the explosion that suddenly occurred before their eyes.

Wanda’s face immediately turned pale as she used a large amount of her power to protect the people from harm!

As soon as she successfully helped the people in the building, she collapsed to the ground, exhausted!

Quicksilver immediately showed up to save the rest of the people who weren’t within the range of Wanda’s power.

He immediately checked Wanda’s condition as he would always worry about her. He sighed in relief after seeing that Wanda was just exhausted and not her life was not in danger.

At the same time, Dio immediately flew with Galaxy towards Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

“Looks like that you guys have finally understood Ultron’s atrocities!” Dio said casually.

“Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving and destroying the world! But who do you think he got that from?” Wanda said to Dio while looking at him knowingly.

“Are you implying about Stark? I didn’t mean it in a bad way, but I, myself, want to beat up that bastard! But now is not the time. We have to stop Ultron from destroying the world first!” Dio said casually.

Wanda and Pietro nodded their head as they understood the situation that they were currently in.


Meanwhile, Thor, who has successfully retrieved the Gem and Ultron’s new body, brought it back to Banner’s lab. Banner immediately scanned and analysed the body that Thor brought with him.

“This thing is complicated; we have to break it down and reprogram it to prevent it from becoming another Ultron in the future! We have to shut down Dr. Cho’s memory implantation first!” Banner said to Tony solemnly.

“I actually have a new idea to try!” Tony said confidently.

Banner rubbed his forehead as he already heard these words once before, and now, he was not going to trust Tony that easily anymore, “I didn’t want to say this, but I don’t trust you to do any experimentation anymore!” Banner said solemnly.

“You have to trust me; I won’t make any more mistakes!” Tony said confidently.

“You said the same thing the last time, too, and look where we are right now!” Banner said annoyedly.

“Just hear my idea out first. You can accept or not afterwards!” Tony said as he sighed and handed a blueprint of his idea to Banner.

Banner reluctantly took the blueprint, and Tony immediately threw a glass plate in his hands to the table.

Jarvis immediately popped out of the glass plate and greeted Banner in an eloquent manner.

Banner immediately felt the doubt as he saw Jarvis and Tony’s blueprint.

“So basically, you are saying that instead of turning off Dr. Cho’s memory transplant, we should override it with Jarvis?” Banner asked curiously.

“The big picture, yes! Jarvis has been lurking inside Ultron’s system and has disabled some of its functions, but Jarvis was in autopilot since then. He was recently brought back as I found him inside that new body!” Tony said confidently.

“So, you want me to help you put Jarvis inside this body?” Banner asked curiously.

“Yes! This is not my field of study; it’s yours!” Tony said, still in a confident manner.

“And do you think this wouldn’t cause another disaster in the future?” Banner asked worriedly.

“Jarvis was created to think for humanity’s sake, and thus he acts differently from Ultron. As proof, he already tried his best to slow Ultron down from the inside!

“But we don’t have to do this, do we? Soon the black box will be completed, and Ultron would be easily defeated! We don’t need to create a new Ultron just to fight Ultron!” Banner said worriedly.

“But what if the Black Box project failed? We have to make another safety measure to make sure that we would prevail at the end!” Tony said confidently.

“But the Black Box was your idea! How can you not be sure of your own idea?” Banner said annoyedly.

As the argument continued, Steve walked in, looking confused as he saw no change whatsoever to the body, “What are you doing? Why is that body still intact?” Steve asked confusedly.

“I am still trying to crack the system; you know how hard it is to crack Ultron open. It will take some time!” Tony said confidently. But Steve sighed as he finally understood Tony’s personality.

“You still want to do another experiment using this body, don’t you?” Steve asked calmly.

At the same time, Dio, Wanda, and Pietro walked into the lab.

“You have to stop! You don’t know what Ultron has implanted inside that body!” Wanda said as she heard Tony and Steve’s conversation.

“Hey, what is that woman doing here? Are you affected by her power too?” Banner asked angrily.

“Stop it, Banner! I am the one who brought them here as now we have the same goal of destroying Ultron!” Dio said solemnly, and then he sat down on a chair comfortably as he didn’t want to be involved with the upcoming argument.

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