Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 418


The argument continued as some wanted to proceed with Tony’s plan, but the other didn’t want another Ultron going around!

Dio was the only one who watched the argument going on and on while eating fruit.

But as he saw that Banner kept pleading for Dio to interrupt them, Dio finally sighed and stood up from his seat.

He then stopped Thor from hitting the new mechanical body with his Mjolnir. Everyone stood in place as they finally realised that Dio was also inside the room.

But as soon as the body was charged with Thor’s electricity, the body was destroyed, and a new black and white person suddenly appeared!

“Thank you!” the man said with a smile to Dio and Thor.

The man then turned his attention towards Thor and suddenly changed his appearance to resemble Thor.

“Thor! Did you help them create this?” Steve asked confusedly.

“I saw a vision that in the future, this guy is fighting alongside us! I know that we need him, but I don’t know that this man would be Ultron’s body!” Thor said with a surprised look on his face.

“I am sorry, but who is he? Is he really on our side?” Steve asked curiously.

It was already a hassle to deal with HYDRA. It’d be annoying to have another enemy.

“I am sorry, but I am not Jarvis, nor am I Ultron! I am myself, and I will give myself a name, Vision! I think it would suit me the most! I am not on any side as I will side myself with Life! I will always choose the side that ensures as many survivors as possible!” Vision said confidently.

The vision then gave back Thor’s hammer to Thor, surprising everyone that Vision could handle Mjolnir!

But as everyone knew that he could handle Mjolnir, everyone trusted him immediately!

After all, only those worthy of being called the protector of the nine realms could hold Mjolnir.

“So, how do we find Ultron?” Steve said after they fell silent for a while!

“Sokovia! Ultron would be there waiting for us with his army!” Dio said suddenly.

Everyone fell silent once again as they didn’t know how Dio knew so much, but then again, they didn’t know what to say!

“What are we waiting for? Hurry up. I want to finish this as soon as possible and reward myself with a long vacation! It’s not easy to fly across the galaxy, you know!” Dio said with a tired sigh.

Everyone smiled once more as they noticed that Dio was the same as always.

“Dio is right! We have to win this war!” Steve said confidently.

Tony nodded his head and pulled out the Black Box that he has made to trap Ultron!

The black box was made to emit a powerful magnetic field that would contain Ultron on one spot, disabling Ultron’s ability to search for another compatible body, but this black box was time-limited, so they had to capture Ultron quickly!

“It may be too late, but I want to say that I am truly sorry for what I have done! I never meant for things to go this way! I don’t know why I am acting like that, but I felt like a drunk person that day!” Tony said as he handed over a black box to Dio.

“It doesn’t matter. None of us died that day!” Dio said indifferently.

Dio’s attitude was a little bit harsh, but Tony understood that his action was unforgivable.

But as he walked away, Dio said another word, “Don’t die, I want to hear another apology from you later!” Dio said while smirking at Tony.

Tony smiled as he noticed a small snail crawling on his arm.

“What is that?” Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch said as they were confused to see a snail was handled carefully.

“That is our communication device and also a life-saving safety measure in a time of need!” Dio said with a smile on his face as he handed over two other snails to Wanda and Pietro.

Dio then showed them what to do and explained the snail’s ability. After a while, they could use the snail’s ability and ready to go!

Everyone then took the Quinjet to Sokovia, while Dio quietly ordered the Dark Battleship to follow them stealthily to Sokovia.

When they arrived at Sokovia, Tony immediately ordered an evacuation of the resident of Sokovia as they knew that it would be disastrous if anyone were still in the vicinity when the war broke out. Wanda and Pietro played a huge role in making sure that the people got out safely and quickly.

Ultron might see Avenger as a monster that threatened world peace, but Steve was adamant in proving that Ultron was wrong!

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