Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 419


In an abandoned cathedral at the centre of Sokovia, Tony arrived first!

“Did you come here to confess your sin?” Ultron said casually.

“Jeez, how can a robot become obese like this!” Tony said sarcastically.

“I know that you are here to buy time so that Avenger can evacuate the citizen!” Ultron said casually.

“That is our mission. You are correct!” Tony said sarcastically.

“I’ve long since gone beyond a shackle of a mission. Now I am free!” Ultron said excitedly.

And suddenly a drill-like machine activated!

Tony knew that the machine was the anti-gravity machine!

“You think that you are the only one on Earth with a tremendous technology intellect? Now you will learn that you are nothing more than a human with a weak life!” Ultron said excitedly.

“Is that so?” Tony said as he pulled out the black box that he made to capture Ultron; he also pulled the pin size button to activate it!

Ultron knew that the machine that Tony brought was dangerous, and thus he wanted to stop Tony!

But at the same time, a dark red scythe shone on the cathedral ceiling!

Dio immediately jumped down and cut Ultron into two!

Tony immediately sighed in relief as he knew that Dio was slightly late, “You came as planned, but I know that you are purposely late to see me nervous!” Tony said annoyedly.

Dio ignored him but looked at Ultron that he sliced in two earlier.

“Heads up! Ultron is still alive; your Black Box plan has failed!” Dio said annoyedly.

Tony’s face became distorted as he couldn’t believe what Dio just said, and thus Tony rushed outside to check the situation, and sure enough, he still saw the Iron Legion wreaking havoc outside of the cathedral.

Tony was confused as he believed that his Black Box Plan should have worked!

Tony then saw a new Iron Legion came out of a building, and one of them stopped in front of the cathedral.

“There is nothing Impossible, Stark! You think I don’t know what you have planned all along? The one inside that cathedral is a puppet, the same as this one! so let the game begin!” Ultron said excitedly.

Tony was startled by Ultron’s words, and he immediately looked out to the sky and felt frustrated!

He knew that it meant every single Iron Legion was Ultron, and he could be anywhere!

They knew that things have become tricky due to Ultron’s ability to move his consciousness to another Iron Legion’s body!

But just then, Vision fell to the ground. He planned to kill Ultron, but he refrains from showing himself because of Ultron’s cautious personality.

But now that they needed to know where the real Ultron was, Vision’s power to detect Ultron through the network was needed.

“Your turn is up!” Dio said to Vision casually.

Vision nodded and then held his head. His consciousness entered the network, and he immediately tried to find Ultron!

Ultron has predicted many things, but he underestimated Vision too much!

With the power of the Mind Gem, Vision was far stronger than Ultron could ever think of!

So, he immediately lost the network due to Vision’s intervention!

“How dare you get in my way!” Ultron said begrudgingly.

Ultron immediately commanded the Iron Legion to attack Vision as he was the biggest threat for Ultron right now.

Ultron knew that Vision had locked onto his location. No matter where he went, Vision would always know!

But Vision was not the only one fighting his army of Iron Legion, Dio and Tony prevented the Iron Legion from getting to Vision, and their power is not something filial either!

Dio kept slashing the Iron Legion into shreds and froze any that tried to get away from them!

Tony also became a pesky enemy as he shot one Iron Legion after another from afar using his mini rocket, culling the amount of Iron Legion that tried to attack Vision!

Dio and Tony’s effort allowed Vision to get to Ultron with barely any disturbance.

“You can’t stop me! Since you’ve already taken over the network, I will take your world!” Ultron said furiously.

Ultron then discharged an electric shock towards Vision that successfully knocked Vision down.

“Friday, how is the fight going?” Tony asked Friday, the replacement for Jarvis.

“The fight is favouring towards Vision; Ultron would soon be isolated inside his current body!” Friday said solemnly.

“If that’s the case, we need to destroy all of this Iron Legion so that Ultron can no longer swap his body with some unknown means later!” Tony said solemnly.

“Yes, that would be the best course of action, but fortunately, Ultron’s Iron Legion was concentrated here. We have marked all of them on the satellite!” Friday said solemnly.

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