Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 420


“How is that good news?” Tony said sarcastically.

He knew that it just meant more work for him as he had to destroy all of them, plus it wasn’t easy to deal with that many enemies at the same time!

Tony immediately let everyone know about the information he got from Friday, and everyone had a mixed feeling about it!

Some were happy that the battle would soon come to an end, but some were worried that it meant they must fight a bunch of Iron Legion while defeating one was already a hassle!

“You stay here! I will do something about their number!” Dio said to Tony, but suddenly the golden drill on the cathedral activated on its own!

Now that Ultron realised that Tony had made a device to capture him, he would put his plan into motion sooner than expected!

This golden drill is an anti-gravitation propulsion device, and it was set on a timer, so Ultron didn’t need to activate it manually.

The Anti gravitation device began to show it was capable of and the Earth rattled with a giant earthquake.

When Tony looked at what happened from the sky with Friday’s assistance, he couldn’t believe his eyes!

The whole Sokovia was being lifted from the ground!

In the process, countless buildings were destroyed, and countless people who couldn’t evacuate in time lost their life!

It was like an apocalyptic scene straight out of a movie! 

The Avengers, who are still trying their best to help, couldn’t do anything. After all, their number was so insignificant if compared to the population of Sokovia!

Therefore, they became desperate as many people wailed desperately, and the shout asking for help could be heard everywhere!

At the same time, Ultron’s voice reverberated throughout Sokovia.

“Now, my beautiful plan has set in motion! Avenger, you are now rising with the landmasses of Sokovia, and once you fall, it would be equivalent to a meteor that destroyed the Dinosaur in the past! None of your actions matter, because in the end, Robot would be the only thing living in this barren world!” Ultron said excitedly.


Tony immediately informed the other of what was currently happening. Everyone was startled by what Ultron would do, and thus they immediately did their best to destroy all robots and capture Ultron before he could drop Sokovia down to Earth!

Natasha, who was armed with two high tech electric shocker, quickly destroyed more than a dozen Iron Legions with her beautiful martial arts, but she failed to realise that 20 meters away from her location, one Iron Legion has targeted her with a laser gun.

Fortunately, before it could pull the trigger, Banner, who has already transformed into the Hulk, immediately trampled the Iron Legion with ease!

But sadly, Natasha failed to see that Hulk has saved her life, but she did smile at the Hulk, making the green beast motivated to do her bidding!

On the other side of the battlefield, Steve worked together with Thor to clean up the Iron Legion that came their way!

Quicksilver took advantage of his godly speed and rescued a civilian after another to a safe place!

But even if he was extremely fast, he still must maintain his stamina! When Quicksilver got tired and gasped for air, an arrow was shot from the front, but it missed Quicksilver and hit the Iron Legion behind him!

“Next time, make sure you blow their heads off!” Barton said with a smirk on his face. Quicksilver, who was annoyed, quickly disappeared once again, saving other lives!


Looking at the Iron Legion that didn’t have any moral compass, Wanda used her power to destroy any Iron Legion that came into sight!

She couldn’t hide because she was protecting the civilian on her back.

Wanda was strong; there was no doubt about it, but she was alone and a human with limitation. Thus, after using her power repetitively, she finally collapsed!

But her enemy this time was a robot without any stamina limitation!

That was why Wanda tried to pushed herself and tried to create another energy wall to save the civilian.

When she exhausted all her energy, she finally realised that she wasn’t powerful enough to save some lives that depended on her!

But as she finally thought of giving up, the Iron Legion that pointed their gun towards her were all destroyed!

“Hey, did you need a hand?” Dio said while riding Galaxy.

Now, Dio looked like a prince charming and a hero at the same time!

But Wanda felt guilty, that was because Ultron became this powerful thanks to their help!

“Why save me? This is mine and Pietro’s fault! We let Ultron become this strong!” Wanda shouted frustratedly.

“You are probably right, but if you really felt a sense of remorse, it is better to take responsibility for it! look at the robots that wreaking the city and look at the innocent people behind you, and act accordingly!” Dio said solemnly with a smile on his face.

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