Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 421


Wanda looked at the flying city, all the buildings were ruined, and the civilians were screaming and running around trying to save their life.

During this chaos, she finally realised something; death was no different from running away. The courage to take responsibility and strive to make up for their own mistake is what people should do in their lives!

Wanda, who was finally determined to do what she thought would be the best, immediately grabbed Dio’s hand and rode the Galaxy together!

Galaxy didn’t seem to like Wanda riding on her back, but Dio smiled and patted her neck, which calmed Galaxy down.

“I need some time to get my strength back!” Wanda said as she leaned behind Dio.

She blushed as she wrapped her arm around Dio as this was the first time for her to get to be this close with another man besides her brother.

“Okay, make yourself comfortable!” Dio said casually.

Wanda nodded her head and made herself comfortable to recover her stamina back. In the meantime, hundreds of Iron Legion were coming towards Dio and Wanda from all directions.

Dio couldn’t help but smile. Clearly, Ultron couldn’t assess his power!

“There are too many enemies! What should we do?” Wanda asked nervously.

If she has already regained her stamina back, this amount of enemy wouldn’t be a problem for her, but now, she couldn’t even move properly yet!

“I will show you something interesting!” Dio said confidently while smiling.

He didn’t panic and even lighted a cigarette casually.

Wanda was confused by Dio’s words, but she chose to believe in Dio and watched him carefully.

“I am curious, what are you going to do to protect all of these people!” Ultron said as his voice was transmitted to a nearby Iron Legion.

Ultron knew that Dio was the hardest one to deal with among all the Avengers, but Ultron believed that with this many Iron Legion, Dio would be exhausted in the end!

“You have made a grave mistake; do you want to know what it is?” Dio said casually while smoking his cigarette calmly.

“Did you want to say that I shouldn’t destroy the world and humanity?

If so, then you are as naïve as the rest of the Avengers!” Ultron said coldly.

“No, your biggest mistake is that you weren’t prepared enough to deal with me!” Dio said as he smirked down to the incoming Iron Legion and suddenly, a yellow light flashed and destroyed the incoming Iron Legion with ease!

As Dio laughed as yellow electricity from his hands constantly zapped the incoming Iron Legion. Everyone was stunned to see Dio’s power, but for Wanda, the creature beside Dio was the most surprising!

She remembered the creature overpowered Pietro earlier, and now that she could see it up close, she knew that these creatures were stronger than Pietro!

Dio summoned [Red Hot Chili Peppers] to deal with Iron Legion, it may lack precision in one on one battle, but with this many Iron Legion, Dio knew that [Red Hot Chili Peppers]’s precision did not matter!

Ultron himself was having a moment of awe as he looked at Dio. He tried to think what Dio meant when Dio said that he wasn’t prepared enough to defeat Dio?

He didn’t know what it could be, but the real answer was the power station!

Even though Ultron destroyed the city and killed the civilians, he still left the Power Supply unit alone!

Dio’s [Red Hot Chili Pepper] required a huge amount of electricity, so with the power still running on Sokovia, Dio had infinite energy for his fastest Stand!

At this time, [Red Hot Chili Pepper] that has absorbed the entire city’s power could be said the strongest Stand that Dio had now!

Dio also enhanced [Red Hot Chili Pepper]’s power with his Hamon Energy, enhancing the damage done and the range of its electricity attack!

With all of that in mind, [Red Hot Chili Pepper] was the strongest being on this battlefield!

“What the hell is that? did it destroy the Iron Legion just now?” Wanda asked Dio suddenly.

Dio wasn’t surprised that she could see his Stand. After all, Wanda was one of the most promising mutants with psychic power!

“That thing is called [Red Hot Chili Pepper], it’s one of my Stands, you can think of it as an extension of my ability!” Dio answered Wanda’s question casually.

Every civilian who saw Dio saved them from the Iron Legion once again felt awe as they watched the Hero in action with their own eyes. Dio successfully evoked a new hope in their soul!

They believed that as long as the Avenger was there, they would be able to survive!

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