Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 422


“What is going on, Stark?” Steve asked Tony about the situation on the battlefield.

“More good news, we need to evacuate the people faster! The island will be blown out!” Tony said solemnly.

“Damn, I can’t even catch a break!” Steve said as he immediately rescued dozens of people who were trapped in a nearby building.

“The Damage would be extensive; we have to make a choice soon!” Tony said realistically as he knew that the Avenger wouldn’t be able to save everyone!

“Captain, there is no safe place to shelter the citizen! If Stark has a way to destroy the floating island, then we have to do it fast!” Natasha said as she agreed with Tony.

Captain America was silent as he tried to decide, but Dio’s voice was immediately heard through the snail, “If you choose to blow up the city, I can provide a way to minimize the damage, and I will also buy you more time to save the people!” Dio said confidently.

“What is it?” Steve asked immediately.

“My dark battleship has a secret weapon! It was the gun that destroyed HYDRA’s base earlier, but i set it at the lowest power output last time, so I believe that I can wipe this floating city off with ease! If we do so, the impact on the ground would be minimalized! We don’t have to think about how high the city would rise, so we have more time to save the people!” Dio said as he explained his idea.

“I thought your spaceship was taken by SHIELD?” Thor asked confusedly.

“No, it’s always on standby nearby,” Dio said casually.

“How many people can your spaceship contain?” Steve asked hurriedly.

“About a few hundreds at best! But if they don’t mind being crammed together, I could fit more in!” Dio said casually.

“Can you pick up the civilian at Natasha’s side? I believe they wouldn’t mind such a thing!” Steve asked hurriedly.

“Yes, but it would be best to guard the gold drill in the cathedral. We don’t want Ultron to release the safety mechanism and drop the city too soon!” Dio said warningly.

“I understand! Thor, you, and Tony will have to stay near the cathedral and guard the drill. The rest of us will rescue as many people as we can! I hope we can save everyone in Sokovia at the end of the day!” Steve said as he split everyone’s task.

Dio called Mappedoff, and the Dark battleship appeared in the sky. But Ultron wouldn’t let the extraction go smoothly, he ordered the Iron Legion to attack the Dark Battleship, but Dark Battleship had a powerful Shield Barrier and turret. So, Dark Battleship repelled the Iron Legion with ease without taking any damage!

But despite the loss of his Iron Legion, Ultron made sure that the Dark Battleship couldn’t land smoothly!

At the same time, Dio and Wanda were still riding on Galaxy. Dio used the [Red Hot Chili Pepper] to swat the Iron Legion from intervening with the Dark Battleship!

The Dark Battleship was able to land properly, thanks to Dio. Natasha immediately told the civilians in her care to board the Dark Battleship quickly, “Quick! Enter the Dark Ship in order. We are going to evacuate everyone from here! Do it orderly. If anyone causes chaos, I will kill them personally!” Natasha threatened everyone as she was exhausted herself!

Dio then ordered several Dark Elves to ensure that everyone could enter the ship orderly and ensure that no one was trampled.

The people who were in a hurry to ensure their own safety had no choice but to follow the rule and act orderly as they saw the Dark Elves that guarded the doorway of the ship. They were afraid of the Dark Elf as they have never seen anything like them before.

As for those stuck at the end of the line, they were worried that they couldn’t board the ship in time, but Dio didn’t care. Chaos would only prolong the entire evacuation process!

After forcibly stuffing the Dark Battleship with close to 600 civilians, the Dark Battleship must depart right away.

Dio ordered Mappedoff to take off and land the civilian someplace safe, away from the area of impact in case they failed to block the Iron Legion from destroying the drill!

But unfortunately, there were still many civilians who couldn’t enter the ship because the Dark Battleship was already full!

“Wait! You have to take me too!”

“Let me in; who do you think I am!”

The civilians shouted as they felt desperate to get away from this dangerous place. The desperation brought out the worst of the people, and they began to threaten and said many repulsive words towards the Avenger!

Steve, Natasha, and the others felt incredibly annoyed, but they still fought the Iron Legion to save as many civilians as they could. But Dio didn’t have such a gentle soul in him!

“Shut up! If you dare to badmouth us again, I will cut your head off myself!” Dio said coldly, showing his killing intent that immediately petrified everyone in fear.

After all, Dio knew that at least a million life has died in a day in the universe, he knew that there was nothing that he could do to save everyone, but he would try his best if everyone behaved themselves!

Although everyone still felt discontent, they couldn’t go against Dio as they realised that Dio was unlike the other heroes!

At the same time, the Avenger let Dio deal with the civilians as they didn’t want to hear their whining either.

Soon the situation calmed down again!

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