Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 423


If a villain was decided solely by their personality, the Avenger could say that Dio was one of the villains!

But even though Dio had a lousy personality, everyone knew that he held onto his own justice!

And that was why Dio was willing to use his personal Dark Battleship to save many civilians without asking anything in return.

And once the Dark Battleship returned for the second evacuation, SHIELD’s ship also arrived!

Steve and the others could finally breathe in relief as now they had room to breathe.

“Fury! You are late!” Steve said while shaking his head, but he was still smiling at Fury.

“Wow, you badmouth your saviour at a time like this?” Fury said jokingly to Steve. He then immediately ordered the SHIELD’s agent, who came with him to hasten the evacuation process.

Fury then ordered the agent to take off once the ship was full, but as soon as the ship took off, Ultron ordered the Iron Legion to attack once more!

SHIELD’s evacuation ship didn’t have the powerful barrier, making them an easy target for the Iron Legion.

However, as the Iron Legion got close, Rhodey came using his War Machine suit and knocked back the approaching Iron Legion!

Everyone sighed in relief as they realised that the biggest hurdle in this battle has finally passed. After the Dark Battleship returned once more, Dio immediately found an angle to shoot the disintegration beam.

“Hey guys, not going to make you worried but does anyone have their hands free right now? if so, I would like some help in the cathedral, please!” Tony said with a sarcastic tone.

“Right, we are on our way!” Steve said solemnly.

In the meantime, Tony, Thor, and Vision were trying their best to prevent the Iron Legion’s advance towards the Golden Drill.

The Iron Legion immediately gathered there as Ultron kept failing to stop the evacuation.

Steve and the others finally arrived to help Tony, Thor, and Vision to halt the Iron Legion. They immediately destroyed the Iron Legion one by one, while Dio, who was still riding on Galaxy, charged up the [Red Hot Chili Pepper] and used all its power in one go.

Dio destroyed hundreds of Iron Legion in a single attack!

Dio and the others successfully rendezvoused with Thor, Tony, and Vision. Tony slumped on the ground and sighed in relief as he finally could rest for a little.

“If you guys come a minute later, you will have to carry us in a body bag!” Tony said jokingly.

It was a joke, but everyone knew that it held the truth behind it!

They know that none of them would survive if they were left alone to fight against this many Iron Legion!

By this time, Ultron didn’t have any desire left to ruin the city of Sokovia and chose to concentrate his attack on the cathedral to drop the city down and destroy the lives on Earth!

The Avenger also knew about Ultron’s desperate move, and therefore, they had to push themselves despite being exhausted!

“Did you think you can still win against my army?” Ultron’s voice could be heard somewhere from the Iron Legion’s army.

“I didn’t know that you have such a low expectation of me!” Dio said as he recharged the [Red Hot Chili Pepper] once more and used all of it at once!

The super-fast and strong [Red Hot Chili Pepper] cut through the air and destroyed a bunch of the Iron Legion on his own, clearing the sky from the Iron Legion!

At the same time, Dio summoned [Horus] and [White Album] and created an ice wall that covered the cathedral, preventing the Iron Legion to lay their hands on the Golden Drill easily.

It also gave Tony, Thor, and Vision a breathing room, and they could rest for a while!

But apparently, the Iron Legion could penetrate the ice wall quite easily!

Knowing that making the ice wall repeatedly wouldn’t serve a purpose, Dio changed his tactics and bombarded the Iron Legion using an infinite amount of Ice Spear that he produced with his two [Horus] and [White Album]!

The ice lance created by the [White Album] and [Horus] had a very low temperature. Because of that, they were brittle but unusually sharp!

Because of that, Iron Legion’s armour couldn’t withstand Dio’s attack.

Just in two consecutive bombardments, Dio successfully halved the Iron Legion’s power!

Ultron was furious, but he kept his calm. After watching the Iron Legion was decimated with the ice spear that came out of nowhere, he changed his gear to offensive form.

He then gathered the Iron Legion in one spot and ordered them to fire at the same time to destroy the Ice wall.

Once the ice wall was shattered by the Iron Legions and Ultron at the same time, Dio knew that the Ice Stands had reached their limit.

He then swapped back to [Red Hot Chili Pepper] once more, but he knew that he had to recharge it quickly!

“Thor! Hit me with your strongest lightning!” Dio shouted at Thor.

“Are you sure?” Thor said in the middle of fighting with the Iron Legion.

“Just hurry!” Dio said hurriedly.

Thor gritted his teeth as he felt reluctant to hit his own friend, but knowing that Dio himself asked for it, Thor knew that there must be something to it.

So, he swung the Mjolnir circly and called forth a strong thunder that struck Dio in one go.

“Here is your thunder! Be sure not to die!” Thor shouted to Dio.

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