Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 424


Thor’s lightning seemed powerful, indeed, but it didn’t do much damage to Dio. Thor was a little bit surprised as he saw that the lightning was absorbed into Dio’s body and Dio’s body radiated yellow light.

Suddenly after Thor’s thunder was absorbed, a thunderous sound was heard, and then thousands of silver snake was discharged from under Dio’s feet!

This silver snake was the electricity that Dio has accumulated from Thor’s thunder and the city’s power!

As the lightning snake was running wild, it destroyed almost all Iron Legion in an instant!

It even reached Ultron, who was at the farthest point from Dio at that time!

The explosion of the Iron Legion that was caught on Dio’s attack couldn’t be avoided; the city was quickly engulfed in explosions that were so loud that everyone immediately covered their ear.

The Electric Snake immediately disappeared as the last Iron Legion was destroyed. Everyone looked around and couldn’t help but feel awe and fear as they looked at Dio!

There was no Iron Legion left as far as they could see. It was a devastating strike to Ultron and a display of Dio’s dominance!

Steve and the others weren’t quite pleased by what they saw even though they know that they should have.

They were annoyed by the fact that Dio could’ve destroyed the Iron Legion earlier, but he deliberately let the Avenger worked their ass off first!

“If you have this power from the beginning, why didn’t you use it earlier?” Tony asked annoyedly.

“Well, it’s easier said than done! This ability of mine only works if I absorb the entire city’s power and Thor’s thunder! And after I am done, I don’t have any more energy to fight! Plus, if Ultron didn’t concentrate his army on this spot, it wouldn’t be as effective as it is now!” Dio said solemnly.

Everyone nodded as they should’ve known that such a technique would come with a side effect too! Now, they no longer had any excuse to criticize Dio for holding his trump card!


As a matter of fact, Dio didn’t really mind that [Red Hot Chili Pepper] lost its power after the big attack. After all, he could change to another stand.

In the distance, other dozens or so Iron Legion appeared once more. Ultron was not stupid enough to use all his forces to attack at the same time.

But he knew that he couldn’t defeat the Avenger now, so all he could do now was to get away and bolster his force later.

“They are running away! Don’t let them get away!” Fury said as he saw Ultron’s Iron Legions were heading away from Sokovia.

“Leave it to me!” Vision said as he chased after Ultron. War Machine also followed behind as he still had a lot of energy to spare.

“We have to evacuate too; the air is getting too thin to breathe in. I will sweep the area one last time for any remaining survivor!” Steve said to the rest of the Avenger.

“Sure, I will stay too. It is also my responsibility to make sure that everyone is safe!” Wanda said solemnly.

“If you stay, I will stay too!” Quicksilver said excitedly.

“No! you will escort the rest of the civilians and make sure everyone got into safety!” Wanda said commandingly.

“Hey, I am still 12 minutes older than you!” Quicksilver said to Wanda, but he still did what Wanda has told him to do!

“Then make sure that you kill every single one of the Iron Legion, and after you’re done searching for any remaining civilians and evacuate, contact me!

I will destroy this floating land immediately!” Dio said solemnly as he walked towards the evacuation site.


Not long after that, Dio and Tony were fighting the last Iron Legion.

“Hey, we can rule the world together! I will give you all the money in the world!” Ultron said from the Iron Legion.

“I am sorry, but your intel is outdated! I don’t really care about money anymore!” Dio said as he split the Iron Legion in two with his red scythe.

“Is that the last one, Tony?” Dio asked curiously.

“Well, I’d like it that way, but it seems another one has stolen our Quinjet just now!” Tony said as he immediately turned around and saw the Quinjet was attacking the Cathedral once more.

Dio immediately called Galaxy and rushed towards the Quinjet to annihilate the Iron Legion, but as Dio threw his red scythe at the Quinjet, Hulk suddenly appeared and pulled the Iron Legion from inside the Quinjet!

Dio whistled and changed the Red Scythe trajectory to attack the falling Iron Legion.

After cutting the Iron Legion into pieces, Barton called Dio. As he looked over, he saw that Barton was with a boy and bloodied Pietro!

“Dio! Save him!” Barton said worriedly. Dio knew this plot would happen, and thus he had already prepared for it!

Dio looked at Quicksilver’s body and saw that his entire body was full of bullet holes!

At the same time, the Snail’s life energy was glowing on Quicksilver’s body, a sign that Pietro was still alive. But Dio knew that Pietro’s wound was too severe, so Dio immediately used [Gold Experience] to save Pietro.

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