Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 425


Quicksilver never thought that his life would end to save others, but unexpectedly, he didn’t regret his action!

If he could turn back time, he would do it again without hesitation!

Is he a good guy now?

He didn’t know, but at least he tried to atone for his sin at the end of his life!

The only thing that he regretted was unable to talk with Wanda for the last time! But instead of seeing Wanda, he must see the annoying guy!

The annoying guy gave his snail, and Pietro could feel a comfortable and warm current flow through his body, but he still felt that he was dying!

It seemed this life-saving thing couldn’t save his life!

“Take care of Wanda for me!” Pietro said to the annoying guy before he fell unconscious.

At this moment, Barton has reached out to Dio, and Dio immediately used his energy to save Pietro!

Dio knew that he had to use his [Gold Experience]. He was a little bit unsure at first as he thought that his Hamon Energy wasn’t enough to save Pietro, but as he saw that Pietro was gradually getting his colours back, he knew that he had enough!

Dio successfully extracted all the bullets inside Pietro’s body and closed the fatal wounds one by one slowly. He knew that he couldn’t rush it as Pietro’s organ was probably injured too!

A total of nine bullet holes were successfully closed by Dio, and the snail had the most significant contribution as it successfully sustained Pietro’s life for a while.

The people who were watching Dio saving Pietro were in awe because, as far as they saw, Dio was performing a miracle!

Wanda, who came a little bit late after knowing that her brother was dying, didn’t know what to say as she watched Dio saving her brother’s life!

But Wanda could see another lifeform beside Dio and remembered that Dio was calling them Stands!

Simultaneously, the golden light that Dio channeled to Pietro was brimming with vitality.

Even if that was the case, Wanda knew that Pietro was still dying. She kept watching Dio extracted a bullet after another, and once he was done extracting the bullet, she saw Dio was visibly relaxed as he passed the first hurdle.

But she knew that Dio still had to fix the internal injury that Pietro sustained as he was shot. She saw that Dio immediately channeled more vitality energy to Pietro’s body, which in fact, recovering Pietro’s internal wounds!

But the most shocking thing that Wanda saw was Dio taking a stone on the ground, and the stone gradually transformed into various tissue and organ as he put the stone inside the wound!

Everyone thought Dio was a god since only God could perform a miracle like this. Even Thor, who was a literal God, couldn’t do this kind of thing, which further deified Dio!


Pietro’s face gradually returned to normal as his pale face regained colour once again. His body that was littered with bullet holes before also returned to how it was once again, but as everyone saw that Pietro’s organ was regenerated from stone earlier, everyone began to think what will happen to Pietro in the future!

After Dio completed the operation, he sighed in relief and immediately de-summoned [Gold Experience].

He had used [Gold Experience] for a total of 14 minutes, and now, he only had 31 minutes left. But fortunately, Dio still had another 30 minutes recharge card!

Now, Dio didn’t have to overthink how to make gold since the Dark Elves on Hamon Planet would provide it for as he had invested a lot of money on the Gold Mine on that planet. Dio finally stood up as he was finished treating Pietro.

Everyone knew that Wanda and Pietro had done some bad things in the past, but now everyone looked at them with sympathy as they knew that both tried their best to help the Sokovian!

By this time, everyone was convinced that Wanda and Pietro would become another member of Avenger!

“Don’t worry about dying. As long as you are still breathing, I would patch you up like normal again, no matter how serious your injury was!” Dio said confidently.

Everyone looked at Dio in awe. He has punched Ultron and kicked the Chitaury out of the earth, could cure disease, saved people from the brink of death, cooked a dish that alleviated people from fatigue, Handsome young man, and many others good points about him!

If someone wanted to give Dio a nickname, it would be hard as he has done a lot of unbelievable things!

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