Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 426


“Let’s go. It is time for us to get out of here!” Dio said to the rest of the Avenger.

He then brought Quicksilver to the medical ward and wait for the Avengers.

“Thank you for saving me and my brother’s life!” Wanda said gratefully to Dio.

“There is no need to thank me. I’ve already said that only the living could make up their mistake! With that in mind, don’t blame me if you will have to work hard to make up for it!” Dio said casually with a smile on his face.

“You are a good man!” Wanda said with an enchanting smile on his face.

She knew that the word that Dio said was just to make her feel better. With her intellect, she knew how to distinguish the good and the bad.

The mistake she made earlier when she chose to trust Ultron was because she couldn’t read Ultron’s thoughts!

“Wow, are you talking about love now? Isn’t it be too soon?” Natasha’s voice was heard, which flustered both Wanda and Dio as they looked the other way.

“Let’s go!” Steve said as he was the last Avenger to board the Dark Battleship.

But suddenly the situation took a turn for the worst!

The floating island has stopped ascending and has begun to fall!

Every Avenger was busy evacuating people, meaning the Golden Drill was left unattended!

While the Avenger was panicking on the Dark Battleship, Dio remained calm. Dio then ordered for Mappedoff to take off while he immediately went out with Wanda, who was still holding on to him with Galaxy!

Wanda was somewhat blushing as she realised Dio’s intimate moves, but she also knew that this wasn’t the time for thinking such a thing. Dio himself didn’t think much of it as there were more important things to be done!

The planet would shatter if a land as big as Sokovia fell down from this height!

“Ready the Annihilation Gun!” Dio said as he contacted Mappedoff.

“Sokovia has been locked down, ready to fire anytime!” Mappedoff said confidently.

Dio immediately looked for the angle to shoot, and once he got the perfect angle to destroy the entire floating island, he gave the coordinate to Mappedoff!

“Wipeout the city!” Dio said solemnly as Dark Battleship has arrived at the coordinate.

“Sir, yes sir!” Mappedoff said, and he immediately began the countdown to fire Annihilation Gun.

The purple light of Power Gem was charging at the tip of the Dark Battleship and immediately created a column of purple light as Mappedoff shot the Annihilation Gun!

The Floating Island of Sokovia was immediately covered by the purple energy and blown to dust without making any noise!

Everyone was shocked by the power of Dio’s battleship as it annihilated a whole city in less than a minute!

It was just like someone took a huge eraser and erased Sokovia from the sky!

Nobody could believe their eyes; they felt like seeing something that they shouldn’t see!

But they knew that Ultron would have escaped the city before it was destroyed!

When the Dark Battleship fired the Annihilation Gun, Mappedoff immediately activated the Stealth mode as per Dio’s request. Dio knew that the whole world would make a big deal out of this power later!

Nonetheless, Dio knew that the world already knew about his power, and it would be bothersome later!

At the same time, at Pentagon, the USA’s most appreciated Generals were watching the whole thing.

They shuddered upon seeing the Annihilation Gun’s destructive power as they thought it was stronger than the Nuclear Bomb, not to mention it was owned by an individual instead of a country!

They knew that it belonged to Earth Defender now, but there was no telling when Dio would become the USA’s enemy!

Coupled with the amazing Stealth ability that even fooled a human eye and radar, it was like having an invisible time bomb on their pillow.

They’ve already read Nick Fury’s report about this guy. Nick’s report claimed that Dio wasn’t part of the Avenger, so the General thought they could restrain Dio by producing a forceful demand!

It was better if they could take away the Alien Battleship and technology!

The country that successfully took away those two would enter a rapid development, and no one would be able to threaten them anymore!

With the Alien Ship and Technology, they would be able to explore the Galaxy too!

Now, the Sokovia incident was the best excuse they had to strip the Avenger’s power from them!

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