Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 432


“I heard from Tony that you guys have finally settled!” Pepper asked Dio during dinner.

Dio immediately looked at Tony with questioning eyes. Tony, who noticed Dio’s glare, immediately put down his glass of wine.

“Now look, Pepper! I am sorry that I have said that, but I don’t really know whether or not Dio has forgiven me!” Tony said as he tried to clarify.

“It’s okay, Tony, but yes, we have already settled!” DIo said with a smile on his face!

Tony immediately frowned, he realized that Dio only wanted to make him look bad in front of Pepper!

“I am so thrilled that you have finally owned up your mistake and apologize to Dio!” Pepper said as she held Tony’s hands.

Dio smirked as he originally wanted to beat Tony up but chose not to as he realized that Tony didn’t have his Iron Man’s armour on!

“Another thing, Tony! Have you already sold the Sokovian’s weapon?” Dio asked tauntingly.

Dio knew that he wouldn’t let Tony have a peaceful time! But suddenly, the glass that Wanda held shattered!

“Oh! Does it hurt? Wait here; I will bring a towel!” Pepper said as she immediately walked towards the kitchen.

But Tony was different; he was frozen from shock as he never expected Dio would ask that kind of question here!

“I admit that I was a weapon dealer! But now I will not do that! I realise that the weapon that I created might have been used for something inhuman, but right now, I’m sure that I have a motivation to quench the probability that my item has been used until now!” Tony said solemnly.

Wanda wasn’t convinced and immediately looked over to Dio right away!

“Relax, you can believe what he said!” Dio said to calm Wanda down.

Wanda nodded and sat back down as she believed in Dio unconditionally.

“I believe that the war in Sokovia wasn’t because of you, but I still couldn’t trust you completely!” Wanda said coldly.

“Thank you! I have been trying to make up for my mistake in the past, that is including transforming Stark Industries into a new energy company. I don’t want to show off, but I want to prove that Tony Stark no longer deals with a weapon!” Tony said confidently.

Dio could see that guilt has been weighing Tony’s heart. Dio knew what guilt could do to a man, and because of that, Dio saw Tony in a new light, albeit only slightly. Even Wanda noticed such a thing and slightly moved by Tony’s persistence.

“Today is my birthday, come on, let’s have a toast for the better tomorrow!” Pepper said as she came with a towel for Wanda and a new glass of wine.

The four toasted together, and they celebrated Pepper’s birthday in a festive mood.

After some time, Dio was finally left alone, and he immediately took out his mobile phone to record the festive scene in front of him with a smile on his face.

When he looked at his side, Wanda was clearly leaning on his shoulder with her cheek blushed and her lips looking, even more, tantalizing up close!

After that, Pepper excused herself with Tony while Tony told Dio that his room would be the same room he used before he left!

Dio nodded and immediately took the sleeping Wanda into the said room. Dio immediately left Wanda alone in the room, but as he was about to leave, Wanda grabbed his hands.

“Do you want to leave me here alone?” Wanda asked with her face still blushing.

“Should I stay?” Dio asked lustfully.

Wanda’s arms immediately went around Dio’s neck, and she immediately kissed Dio! Then the room got hot as Dio and Wanda were seduced by each other’s look and mutual affection!


The next day, when Dio and Wanda came out of the same room, Tony and Pepper looked at them awkwardly. So, they excused themselves and left Tony’s home.

“Did we go too fast?” Wanda asked on the bus.

Although she felt comfortable around Dio, she didn’t know Dio that well.

“Did you regret our time together?” Dio asked curiously.

Dio acknowledged that most men only thought with their lust, but he wasn’t like that!

He knew that Wanda would be extremely embarrassed after leading with a kiss!

If Jessica and Kristin would be inclined to have a physical relationship with no strings attached, Wanda seemed different!

Wanda shook her head after hearing Dio’s question. Although she knew that it was too fast, she didn’t regret it!

“So, would you be my girlfriend?” Dio asked without hesitation!

Wanda’s eyes immediately shone from excitement as she couldn’t contain herself!

In fact, she was worried that Dio would look at her as an easy woman, but it seemed her worry was for nothing.

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