Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 433


“Asshole! Where the hell did you take Wanda last night? I have waited for you to return all night!” Pietro shouted as soon as Dio and Wanda returned to the SHIELD’s base.

Dio was annoyed by Pietro’s behaviour, but now that Dio was Wanda’s boyfriend, he had to respect Pietro’s feelings to some degree.

“Pietro! What are you doing?!” Wanda said annoyedly.

“Wanda! Are you okay? I am worried because this damn fool can’t keep his hands to himself!” Pietro said as he ignored Wanda’s annoyance.

But after hearing Pietro, Wanda felt a little bit guilty.

“I went to Pepper’s birthday with Dio, so I didn’t come back. I am sorry I forgot to tell you about it!” Wanda said apologetically.

“Is that so? But be sure to tell me in advance if you plan to stay next time!” Pietro said as he sighed.

Now Dio knew that Pietro could never get mad at Wanda.

Wanda glanced at Dio and nodded guiltily. For some reason, Wanda knew that Pietro wouldn’t take it calmly if she said she was going out with Dio. But she also knew that she couldn’t hide it from Pietro forever!

At the same time, Pietro knew that something wasn’t right, so he kept his suspicious glare towards Dio as if to see if there was something fishy about him, but he couldn’t find anything.

Dio also decided not to tell Pietro for the moment as he knew that it was Wanda’s privilege to tell her own brother!

“Are you ready for tonight? Are all the ingredients there? We will have Dio for tonight!” Wanda said as she changed the topic quickly.

“Yeah, I already made some preparation, but I think we still have to prepare some more!” Pietro said casually, but he made a vow not to let Wanda and Dio alone again.

Somehow he knew that there was something between the two!

In the afternoon, Steve announced that Dio would be in charge of further awakening the new Avenger’s potential and team spirit!

After hearing this news, Pietro felt more anxious. It would be easier for Dio and Wanda now that Dio would be around them constantly.

“I object! I don’t want him anywhere near my sister!” Pietro said, raising his objection.

“There is nothing you can do about it, the order has been executed, and we will start tomorrow!” Steve said indifferently.

Steve had a hard time convincing Dio to become the trainer for the new Avenger. There was no way an objection from one person could change that!

“Tomorrow, everyone will gather at Training Ground number 1 at 9 A.M! bring all your equipment along!” Steve said as he left and let Dio in charge.

Dio could stay casual as he already knew everyone, and everyone already knew who he was and what he could do!

The only one who showed animosity was Quicksilver!

“I demand you to stop training us at this moment!” Pietro said quickly as soon as Steve left the room.

“What is your problem?” Dio asked annoyedly.

“I demand that we compete again! If you win, I will admit that you are qualified, but if you lose, I will replace you!” Pietro said confidently.

“Fine! I will go along with it. I hope that you will be on time tomorrow! Does anyone else has any other question?” Dio asked half-heartedly.


After having Dinner with Wanda, Dio quickly went to sleep. The next morning after he had his breakfast, he arrived at the training ground 1 hour in advance and waited for everyone.

Although he set the time at 9 A.M, everyone came exactly at 8.30. Even an annoyed-looking Pietro came as Wanda dragged him!

“I know that you already know each other, but this is still superficial! So today, we have to assess everyone’s strengths. This is the only way we can figure out and understand each other! After all, in war and superhuman battles, there are so many variables!” Dio said confidently.

“Before that, can we decide our little competition first?” Pietro said confidently.

“Pietro! What the hell!” Wanda said annoyedly.

“Well, I already agreed to it, so what competition did you have in mind?” Dio asked confidently.

“It’s nothing but speed! I already knew in advance that this training ground is exactly 5 km apart, so whoever runs from one end to another first would be the winner!” Pietro said confidently.

Obviously, he knew that Dio could somehow speed up, but he was confident that he was faster on the same ground.

After listening to the competition proposed by Quicksilver, Dio smiled excitedly. But Wanda had a different opinion, “Pietro, your proposal is not fair! With this kind of competition, it would become obsolete and has no meaning!” Wanda said annoyedly.

“That’s alright, Wanda! I would like to beat him on his best field!” Dio said confidently.

“Hahaha, that’s it! Don’t regret it later!” Pietro said excitedly.

He was confident that he would win against Dio that he has already had a clear idea of what he would do after dragging Dio down from his position as a trainer!

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