Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 434


“Do you want an early start?” Dio asked while lighting his cigarettes.

Dio’s attitude made Pietro fuming with anger. He was determined to make sure that Dio’s smile disappeared once he won the competition!

Seeing that Pietro was ignoring him, Dio smirked as he knew that he already struck a nerve!

He nodded his head to Rhodey, and Rhodey immediately started the countdown.

“Ready… set… go!” Rhodey said confidently with a gunshot as the starting sign. Pietro immediately ran the fastest he could while he looked back and noticed that Dio was walking leisurely! Pietro was confused that he began to wonder whether Dio gave up or if it was just another trick!

Everyone was surprised that they couldn’t even see Pietro moved as he just vanished into thin air! All except for Wanda and Vision couldn’t see how fast Quicksilver moved!

Suddenly, Dio appeared in front of Quicksilver, startling him as he clearly saw that Dio walked leisurely behind him just a moment ago.

Pietro was shocked as he didn’t understand what was happening, that he stopped in the middle of the road.

“Why aren’t you running? Are you giving up?” Dio asked while smirking tauntingly.

“You cheated!” Pietro shouted as he realised that there was no way Dio would be able to run faster than he was. The only answer was Dio teleported or doing something similar to that!

“Why are you calling me a cheater? Didn’t we agree that the competition was to find out who will reach the goal first? You used your speed ability, but why can’t I use mine?” Dio asked tauntingly.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now! Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance to run faster!” Dio said while smirking tauntingly.

Pietro immediately ran again, this time faster than before! He didn’t see Dio in front of him again and felt great about himself, but suddenly, he was back to square one, once again behind Dio!

Pietro ran ahead once again, but he was dragged back behind Dio once again. No matter how fast he ran, he would always end up behind Dio!

If Pietro thought for a second and changed his approach, he might safely get out of [King Crimson] ability, but all he could think of right now was to become faster!

Eventually, Quicksilver realised that he wouldn’t be able to escape Dio’s ability that returned him behind Dio, so Pietro quietly followed Dio from behind. He planned to rush towards the finish line as soon as they got close to the finish line.

But Dio also knew that Pietro would do so, so he quietly summoned [The World] and activated [Smash The World], stopping the flow of time, and immediately rushed towards the finish line!

Dio knew that there were a few people who were faster than Pietro in Marvel World, so he wouldn’t underestimate Pietro that much!

As soon as the time returned to normal, Pietro was startled as he could no longer see Dio in front of him. Pietro immediately looked around and finally noticed that Dio was smoking cigarettes while leaning on the finish line!

He couldn’t believe it; he lost again! And this time, he lost on his best field!

Pietro felt the frustration of losing to someone the second time, and thus he wants to best Dio in the future!

“Let me tell you the truth. There are people in this vast universe that are far more experienced in your field of expertise! Even I dared not to say that I’m the strongest on Earth! Pride can sustain your growth, but arrogance was complete ignorance! So, let’s go back and train hard!” Dio said solemnly.

“Can you at least tell me how can you do that?” Pietro asked curiously.

“Your speed is much faster than mine, but speed alone was a child’s play in the face of space and time!” Dio said casually.

Pietro’s eyes were suddenly enlightened in excitement. He began to wonder about the power that manipulated space and time and finally reached enlightenment that he would never be able to beat such power!

Space would instantly move the person to the point, while time would allow the person to manipulate everything easily!

In a sense, the person using the power of time would be able to teleport too!

Pietro then looked at Dio in a newfound light. He realized that he was nowhere even close to Dio. His pride that definitely took a hit was recovering after he realised that he would never win, but even if that was true, he would never stop trying his best!

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