Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 435


A match of speed between Dio and Pietro was unreasonable and seemed unnecessary as everyone thought that Pietro would win by default, but they were surprised when they heard Dio won the match. Wanda, in particular, was thankful to Dio that he knocked down Pietro’s pride a notch!

“Now, I’ll have you all demonstrate your power in order. Others must pay attention while watching. You must remember what ability that your teammate has and what their limit would be. This way, you would be able to push each other to the limit! And there’s no need to worry about your ability leaking out. As soon as I came in, I took the liberty to shut down all camera and monitoring equipment on this place!” Dio said confidently.

Everyone nodded, and even Quicksilver become somewhat excited about what they would do in this training!

He knew that Dio’s training methods weren’t unreasonable, as they were made as a team, they had to know what the other could do to make sure that in the future, they could use it to save people to the best of their abilities!

So, starting with Rhodey with his War Machine, who volunteered to be the first, the training ground became lively!

After War Machines and Falcom demonstrated their capabilities, Dio nodded knowingly. Although both relied on their equipment, their high mobility was undoubtedly useful in large-scale wars!

Then came Wanda! She demonstrated her ability to manipulate energy by making an energy shield, moving objects, destroying objects, and even controlling others’ minds!

Compared with Quicksilver, who had a straightforward power, she had more range and versatility to her power!

But it was such a shame that Wanda Maximoff in this universe didn’t have the ability to overturn the world itself!


Just as Dio took the new Avengers into the training ground, Steve and Natasha were fighting in another training room!

For a moment, Steve had the upper hand while Natasha couldn’t handle his power, but as Steve let Natasha go, she immediately exercised her swiftness and flexibility in combat!

They always trained to their heart content without thinking about the injury that they might sustain from sparring too hard, but it didn’t matter as SHIELD’s medical team was always ready and right now, even Dio that could create a miracle, was with them!

“You are distracted again!” Natasha said as she held Steve’s head between her tight.

Steve wasn’t exaggerating when he said that his combat ability dropped by half without a shield, while Natasha didn’t have that kind of handicap!

But eventually, Steve learned that his strength was greater than Natasha, and thus he completely took advantage of it and overpowered Natasha several times. But in the end, Natasha still showed more control and able to twist around the situation in her favour.

“Article 7 of SHIELD Agent code, as long as the enemy hasn’t completely lost their combat effectiveness, you have to think of them as a threat! Captain, you need to remember this tentatively!” Natasha said with a smile on her face.

Steve, who was already out of breath, nodded his head helplessly. He had no choice but to concede to Natasha for today.

“Are you trying to strangle me?” Steve asked as he rubbed his neck that has slightly discoloured from Natasha’s bind.

“Hey, I am still the deadly Black Widow! Don’t forget why I got that nickname!” Natasha said while smiling charmingly at Steve.

“We are just sparring! Wouldn’t it be boring if I charged at you from the start and knock you out?” Steve asked jokingly.

“If that is what you think, then I hope that you will treat me like a proper enemy next time!” Natasha said while smiling flirtingly.

“And why would I do that?” Steve asked curiously.

“Because I don’t want to be the only one in the whole team who felt desperate in the next crisis!” Natasha said seriously.

Steve took a moment to drink and then turned to Natasha with a serious tone, “You are right, with the increasing number of Avengers Member, there are fewer people like us with ordinary power, but it was for the best, even if we don’t get to do much, I hope that everyone else can do many times better then us!” Steve said solemnly.

“Hey, don’t think about retiring just yet. We have to try our best until our best are obsolete!” Natasha said charmingly.

Steve gave his water bottle to Natasha, and the two started their spar once again! They believed that they still had room to grow!

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