Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 436


The week passed quickly. However, the consequences of the Sokovia Incident have intensified!

The news about the fact that Ultron was created by Tony Stark was heard around the world. The people started to question the Avengers as they start to doubt the Avengers’ goal!

Despite this fact, Stark Industries has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to help the refugees from Sokovia so they could start over again. But still, it didn’t prevent some people who harbored hatred against Tony and the Avengers to come up with a conspiracy theory!

As soon as the news about Ultron being Tony’s creation was revealed to the world, Tony was bombarded by so many hate letters, several of them even threatened Tony’s life!

The people kept harassing Tony and the Avenger because of the incident, especially the news network was profiting from this incident!

If the Avengers’ reputation skyrocketed after the New York Incident, now, they received a backlash instead!

Several world leaders who saw the Avenger was still a potential World Peace team began to see Tony was a factor that had to be removed from the Avenger altogether as they thought Tony was just a loose cannon because there was no guarantee that Tony wouldn’t make Ultron number two and number three later!

There was another thing that the World Leader wanted to have after the Socovia Incident, and that was the Dark Battleship!

The Dark Battleship’s firepower and technology were extraordinary, and there is no doubt that any nation that could obtain that power would become the strongest nation in the world!

Furthermore, the world leaders were alarmed that a strong power like that was possessed by a mere individual!

The SHIELD has intervened and deleted the videos circulating on the internet. However, they clearly failed to delete all of it as there were still many videos about the Hulk rampaging on the street of New York and Dark Battleship’s sighting.

Humans tend to perceive the negativity more than what they saw. Despite being saved by the Avenger from the Alien Invasion and Ultron Revolution, all they did was criticize Tony and Avenger!

They didn’t even bother to think why Tony made Ultron in the first place!

The only thing that they saw was the destruction that Tony’s action has caused!

So the Avenger that once was envied by other people was hated now!

Many extremists even shared the video of them burning the doll and the toys of the Avenger!

But what these people didn’t know was that their behaviour was a big help for certain people. After all, the voice of the people was a force that the nation couldn’t ignore!


In SHIELD’s first training ground, Dio, who was oblivious to what happened outside, was still giving special training to Wanda and the others.

“You are too slow; watch out!” Dio said as [Horus] struck War Machine with its ice spears!

War Machine couldn’t evade the attack and fell to the ground!

The special training for the day has just started, but one of them has already fallen to Dio’s attack!

After a week-long special training, Dio could see that the new Avenger has developed some understanding about the strategy that they needed for battles, but it clearly lacked before Dio!

Dio chose the method where he was acting as the villain to accelerate the development phase of the new Avenger and thus be able to hold their own ground!

At this point, he couldn’t deny that Steve’s eyes were sharp!

If it were not for him, the new Avenger would be slowed down!

“I will hold him down!” Wanda said as she caged Dio with her power.

Dio already said to Wanda that their personal feeling wouldn’t hinder them in training, and he encouraged Wanda to try her best, and now, this situation happened as a result!

Dio was happy to see Wanda’s progression as she quickly understood what she must do in the meantime!

Seeing that Dio couldn’t move, the other started to bombard Dio with a powerful attack!

Falcon flew above Dio and fired his miniature rockets to obstruct Dio’s sight. He knew that his attack wouldn’t mean much for Dio, so he didn’t hesitate!

Sure enough, his attack couldn’t penetrate Dio’s ice armour, but his goal was achieved. The smoke rose and obstructed Dio’s Vision!

At the same time, Vision came from behind, and the soul gem on his head started to shine!

Dio smirked and instantly froze Vision and bombard Wanda with ice spears!

Quicksilver quickly came to save Wanda, but he lost his momentum to attack Dio!

Dio took out his card and pulled out [Reaper’s Gaze] to spar more seriously!

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