Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 437


Although Vision did his best to break free from Dio’s ice, Dio was still one step ahead! Vision’s energy beam was blocked perfectly by Dio’s scythe, and the scythe started to glow as Vision’s attack charged it!

Vision knew that Dio would attack him immediately and tried to use his mind gem to dodge the blade that was coming towards him.

The Vision became intangible and avoided Dio’s blade, causing the light from the blade to cut everything behind Vision!

Vision knew that he would die if he took that attack head-on!

Quicksilver saw the scene and felt annoyed. This training almost felt too real!

But before he could complain to Dio, Quicksilver had a feeling that he was marked by Dio, and sure enough, an ice spear was dashed towards him at a great speed, startling him cold!


Steve and Natasha, who watched the Special Training from the sidelines, were dumbfounded by what they saw. Compared to their practice, Dio’s training was more like a simulated battle!

Everyone had to devote twelve minutes to train and cooperate with others while Dio acted as the villain that they must overcome!

But that was not all. Steve and Natasha could see that if the New Avengers made a mistake, they would be heavily injured or even dying!

After all, no one really knew what was on Dio’s mind, and no one dared to bet on whether Dio’s scythe would really cut the New Avenger to death or not!

Because of that, the New Avenger’s concentration was at the peak!

They would do anything to dodge Dio’s attack that seemingly would kill them in one hit!

Steve and Natasha could see the new Avengers’ growth in real-time. Their potential was awakened from the constant danger that Dio provided!

Steve couldn’t believe his eyes. Sure, it was him who asked Dio to train the new Avenger out of whim that Dio would do great, but Steve never expected Dio to do this much!

“Maybe we should join this special training too!” Steve said at Natasha, with an uncertain look in his eyes.

“What do you mean? I don’t want to cut my life short just yet!” Natasha said worriedly.

Nonetheless, Natasha fired a shot to signal Dio that she would also join the special training!

Steve sighed heavily and left the training field to retrieve his shield!

He felt that without his shield, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Dio!

Dio smirked as he was confident and excited to see Natasha joined the fray. He was confident that he could save everyone at a critical moment because of [the World]’s power!

So, even if the scene looked so extreme, no one would die!

But minor injuries couldn’t be avoided. After all, what good would it be if the new Avenger knew they wouldn’t be injured at all!

He did all this for the preparation against Thanos later!

This is all for the time that they should rely on their own power and overpower the enemy on their own!

They had to know their team power so that they could provide better support when the time came!

Soon after Steve joined the battle with his shield, the battle pace accelerated!

It was clear that Steve was a natural leader. Therefore they quickly became acquainted with their respective abilities, and their understanding seemed to rise by another level!

As a result, Dio could feel the pressure that the New Avenger gave off was multiplied by several levels!

Even if Dio could ignore most of the attack from the New Avenger plus Steve and Natasha, he had to be wary that they would create a distraction long enough for Wanda and Vision to attack him!

After all, only Wanda and Vision had the power to penetrate his Hamon Shield!

But the situation turned out to be the worst for Dio, Mantis, who has been hiding this whole time because she didn’t have any combat ability. I started to feel ecstatic and asked QuickSilver to be her leg!

Dio couldn’t guarantee that he could resist Mantis’ ability now that his mental strength was exhausted from prolonged battle!

Mantis’s ability was the best in her field. With her fraudulent power, even Ego, the Living Planet, couldn’t resist her full power!

Dio looked to the side, and this time, he saw Vision transforming his hands into an adamantium alloy!

Dio was surprised. In his World, Vision shouldn’t have this kind of ability!

It was obvious that this was because Tony was obsessed with these metal and therefore used it on his prototype, making Ultron realised that Adamantium and Vibranium was the best metal on Earth!

Dio shook the scythe to wake up Anubis. He knew that he had to grasp the new Avenger’s moves to make sure that he wouldn’t be caught up by their martial arts!

From this time onwards, everyone felt immense pressure from Dio!

More than they previously felt!

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