Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 438


With his body covered in Hamon Energy, Dio could perform various incredible moves, coupled with [Anubis], Dio could even fight with the best martial artist in Marvel Universe!

Dio was careful not to destroy Steve’s shield as it would be bothersome to procure it later!

However, because of that, Dio was once again restrained by Wanda and locked in place!

Vision immediately use the chance to shot Dio with his Mind Gem blast!

Dio, who couldn’t move his body, was forced to break Wanda’s confinement forcefully. Wanda smirked as she coughed up blood due to the backlash of her own power. Dio used the chance to protect himself from Vision’s attack using the [Reaper’s Gaze].

Dio smirked and immediately activated the Vibranium’s special characteristic. Dio immediately released all the energy stored inside the [Reaper’s Gaze] and strengthened it with his Silver Ripple Technique. A wave of Blade like energy immediately cut through everything around him!

Although the Mind Gem was strong, it was quite different than the Power Gem. Mind Gem was a gem that utilized the mind of its wearer, meaning that if the wearer had a weak mental strength, the Gem couldn’t exert its full strength!

The Avengers started to forget that they were in a special training right now, not a real fight!

And that was why Wanda immediately flew to Vision’s side as he was stunned after sensing an energy overload and couldn’t move out of the way of Dio’s attack!

Even with her help, she could barely defend against Dio’s attack. The rest of the new Avenger knew that they had to help Wanda and Vision unless they wanted to be cut into pieces, but there was nothing they could do.

So, Steve shouted helplessly, “Dio! They can’t stand it anymore! Stop your attack!” Steve shouted.

Dio knew that he had gone too far and thus regretted his action a little bit. He immediately summoned [The World] and immediately stopped the time!

Dio then rushed forward and grabbed both Wanda and Vision away from the Blade energy that threatened their life!

After two seconds, time resumed once again. The Blade energy went rampant, and the area was immediately covered with dust!

Everyone thought that Vision and Wanda didn’t make it, but a familiar voice suddenly bursted their bubble.

“That’s it for today’s special training! I will cook everyone a meal while checking your injury!” Dio said casually.

Everyone immediately looked at where Dio was talking from and saw that he was with Vision and Wanda!

“You scared me! I almost thought that those two didn’t make it!” Steve said, while sighin relievedly.

Vision and Wanda were indispensable power for the Avenger. If they both died, the Avenger would be down in the dump for sure!

Fortunately, their trainer was Dio!

Steve started to think that the Special Training was too much to handle, and it seemed that everyone’s lives were in constant danger!

But Steve couldn’t deny that everyone showed a great result!

“What? Do you think I will let anyone die?” Dio said sarcastically.

But everyone started to look at each other in doubt, annoying Dio endlessly.

War Machine, who was knocked out early, wiped the cold sweat on his face as he was relieved that he didn’t have to experience such a hellish scene.

“I change my mind, just go to SHIELD treatment room, since there no one was heavily injured anyway, well except for Wanda! She received an internal injury, and I want to check her up for that! Everyone started to frown but couldn’t voice their unwillingness, and thus they left the training ground with a sad look on their face.

Just as everyone left, except for Wanda and Dio, Nick Fury suddenly showed up with a frown framing his face.

“What are you thinking! You could demolish the entire base!” Nick Fury shouted angrily.

“This is special training! What do you expect? It is for the development of the new Avenger!” Dio said while looking at Nick Fury like he was crazy.

“There are people in this base who don’t know that there is special training for the New Avenger here! They started to think that the base was under attack and activated so many annoying protocols that I need to turn off myself!” Nick Fury said angrily.

He was annoyed as some of Dio’s blade energy actually hit the warehouse in the next room and almost cut the new model of Quinjet in half!

And the thing that made Nick couldn’t sleep at night was that Dio turned off all the security cameras and the monitoring devices on the training ground!

Nick couldn’t see anything that happened on the training ground, making him constantly curious but unable to sate it!

“You motherfucker! Stark just finished the Avenger Base the other day. I will arrange everything so that you can leave my base soon!” Nick Fury said while he started to leave the training ground angrily.

It would be better for Nick Fury to send Dio to the Avenger Base as soon as possible before Dio actually destroyed his base!

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