Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 439


Dio and the rest of the new Avengers were immediately taken to the new Avenger Base that Tony has built. But Barton still didn’t know what was happening as he was still with his family while taking a long rest.

But the new Avenger didn’t complain at all. After all, with Tony’s wealth, the new base had the best equipment and facilities in the world!

This place was also the original warehouse of Tony’s father, making it far away from the crowd and large enough to contain so many different facilities.

In order to welcome everyone to the new base, Tony even prepared a five-star chef, which greatly impressed everyone, except Dio. Only those who have tasted Dio’s cooking knew that Dio’s dish was way better than the dish that a five star-chef made. Nonetheless, it was still good!


At night, Dio entered his room that Tony has prepared and took a bath before burning incense to pray. After accumulating wealth for a long time, Dio was finally ready to spend his gold again!

This time, Dio was ready to play big. He was determined to make a 5.000 consecutive draw!

Compared to the previous draws, this one would be on a different scale!

The gold he used this time was from the Hamon Planet. He already got the first batch from the mines there!

A good ore could produce 50 grams of gold, so he received several tons of gold in just a few months!

Although it was still small in terms of quantity compared to Dio‘s ideal, it was enough for now!

He didn’t have to spend more money to buy a new batch of gold for his draw, and he would have a constant supply in the future!

Dio then sighed and took a deep breath. He opened the JoJo mobile game on his phone and immediately drew from the golden pool!

Unlike the past, Dio was relaxed as he knew that there was no way he wouldn’t get any incredible Stand with this much gold in his possession!

Dio started drew ten times from the golden pool consecutively. He wasn’t afraid of the result as he was certain that he would get something good!


Even if 5.000 consecutive draws seemed too much, it doesn’t take too long to actually pull it off!

In the end, the result wasn’t too shabby.

Dio was satisfied with the things that he got from the draw this time. As always, there was a bunch of Hamon Beads and other miscellaneous items that weren’t necessary to be described in detail.

Then, there were X7 Arrow fragment + 2 more fragments that he got from the previous draw. Now he could create three complete Stand Arrow from the fragments!

Dio was excited about what else he could do to the arrow!

After that, Dio got more than twenty temporary Stand cards, both the One Time use type and the Time-based type. But unfortunately, some of them were duplicates. Nonetheless, it was a good haul!

Lastly, the highlight of the draw!

This time, he got seven permanent Stands, which were [Magician’s Red], a Fire manipulator, [Emperor], a Stand that was in the same league with [Anubis] but instead of a sword, it possessed a gun!

Then there was [Sun], a Stand that had the power to replicate the sun itself, [Echoes] that has yet evolved, [Little Feet] that could shrink anything, [Osiris] that could steal a soul in a gamble, and [Killer Queen] that has unlimited potential!

Dio was extremely satisfied by the draw this time!

He pledged that he would soon empty the damned golden pool that has been forcing him to deplete his gold!

[Killer Queen], which was his dream Stand for a long time now was finally here!

Killer Queen could grow with the user’s imagination as it was all about the bomb! Especially if Dio could awaken the Killer Queen Bites The Dust’s power!

The bomb itself could rewind the time!

This Stand alone was worth the gold that he used up to draw this time!

In addition, [Magician’s Red] and [Sun] obviously had similar attributes and thus can be used to enhance each of their power!

[Emperor] was a special weapon type stand like [Anubis], that was why Dio must have a gun for [Emperor], it also didn’t occupy any Stand slot too!

But unfortunately, Dio didn’t really need a gun that much!

As for [Echoes] and [Little Feet], they were off to specific use, so he would need to use it at the right time!

And of course, the useless Stand this time was [Osiris], Dio would be crazy to ever gamble his own soul. Besides, what would he do with other people’s souls?

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