Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 440


Dio’s current max Hamon Energy was 1.25 million points, but if he consumed all the Hamon Beads he had right now, he would have 5 million points!

After Dio consumed all the Hamon beads and raised his Hamon Energy to 5 million, he felt like his body was about to burst!

He then steadied his breath rhythm to calm himself down.

Nonetheless, his body was becoming so much stronger now!

He could feel an overwhelming power flowing inside his body that he felt like he could blast a planet with his fist!

But after thinking for a while, Dio was still annoyed that with this much Hamon Energy, his limit to use [The World]’s power was still 50 seconds!

Although he could do so much in 50 seconds time frame, it wasn’t the strongest yet!

If he compared himself to the Ancient One who controlled the Time Gem, the Goddess of Death Hela, who used Asgard as her source’s power, Dio was still a bud starting to grow!

Of course, that’s without including the big league of the Marvel, such as the Watcher, Franklin Richards, all the Cosmic Entities, and supreme power that was on a whole different level compared to anyone that Dio has fought against!

But Dio didn’t lose hope that he would eventually become as strong or much stronger than them! …………………

The next day, the New Avenger arrived at their new Training Ground. After their arrival, the New Avenger felt that something about Dio has changed, but they couldn’t tell what it was!

The training started, and they were shocked to see that Dio was like a completely different man compared to their training yesterday.

After obtaining a new set of abilities, the strategy that they have honed all this time become obsolete immediately!

The Avenger joined halfway, but they, too, couldn’t make a difference!

The first training round was a huge embarrassment for the Avengers as a whole, as they couldn’t do anything to stop Dio from knocking them aside!

At the end of the first round, everyone was injured, and they felt helpless! Dio had to personally cook for them using [Pearl Jam] to treat their wounds and injuries while putting some time off for the next round of training.

However, during the two days off, instead of playing around, Dio stayed in the training ground to adapt with his own power and strength. He used this chance to familiarized himself with his new Stand’s power!

During this period, Wanda and Vision, who also chose to stay at the base, constantly spar with Dio to develop their own power!

Leaving Dio’s development aside, the connection between Wanda’s abilities and emotional fluctuation was severe!

Then came Vision, who was constantly in worry, but he seemed confused about what he was worried about. Knowing those two’s personalities, Dio let them deal with it at their own pace.

Dio knew that Vision needed to incorporate the Mind Gem into his daily life to be at peace. As for Wanda herself, Dio encouraged her to learn to control her own emotion.

At least the silver lining was both of them didn’t complain and did whatever Dio instructed!


Before they realized it, another weak has passed!

After the second round of training, it was time for the Avengers to rest again, but it seemed that someone was eager to make them work again!

“The sensor is triggered! We have an intruder!” Steve frowned while he was watching a baseball game when the alarm was set off.

“It may be a bird!” Sam said while still watching the game.

“No, a bird wouldn’t trigger the alarm. The alarm is inside of the door! Sam, use your equipment to see where the alarm originated from, keep in touch!” Steve said solemnly.

“Okay, I am on it!” Sam said without complaining and immediately walked away from the TV.

The others who also heard the alarm blared didn’t seem nervous at all as they knew that Avenger Mansion was the most secure base in the world. Therefore if there were really an intruder, they wouldn’t get away easily!

Even Dio didn’t take it seriously. He was still sitting on his chair while looking at Wanda while Pietro was obsessed with his new video game console.

Even if everyone else had already roughly realized Dio and Wanda’s relationship, Pietro still believed that Wanda would never go out with Dio.

For Natasha, this was a reason for her not to flirt with Dio again to keep her and Wanda on good terms. But she still felt a little bit upset that Dio fell for Wanda so fast but never considered her a single time!

But Natasha knew that it was probably because Dio knew that she was actually an old hag!

Coupled with the fact that Banner was nowhere to be found, her confidence slightly took a fall as she couldn’t find a new flirting target.

At the same time, Sam already reached the top of the base and scanned the area for the intruder!

“I have reached the area where the sensor is triggered, but I didn’t see anything!” Sam said while still being on guard for any intruder.

“Search again. They must be still on the proximity.” Steve said through the communicator.

“Wait, I see it!” Sam said as he saw a small figure on the ground. The next second, the tiny figure started to grow in size and greeted Sam with a big smile on his face.

“Hi, I am Scott!” The intruder said with a smile on his face.

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