Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 441


“What are you doing here?” Sam asked inquisitively.

“First of all, I am your number one fan!” AntMan said excitedly.

“Gee, thanks, but who are you!?” Sam said, inquisitively once again.

“I am Ant Man!” Ant Man said still with an excited face.

“Ant Man?” Sam said dumbfoundedly. He wants to laugh at such a horrific name, but he knew that would be extremely rude!

“Yes! Haven’t you heard of me?” Ant Man asked curiously.

“No, I haven’t! but what the fuck are you doing here?” Sam asked annoyedly.

“Well, I was wondering whether I can borrow a piece of equipment here for a few days, and I swear I will return it! I need it to save the world, so pretty please?” Ant Man asked hopefully.

“Sure, I understand now!” Sam said with a smile on his face, but suddenly “The intruder has been located; arrest is in progress!” Sam said to his communicator suddenly, shattering Ant Man’s Hope of a peaceful encounter altogether.

Sam felt that the guy with shrinking tech was a little crazy, so he just had to capture him and interrogate him later!

But to his surprise, the Ant Man immediately disappeared from his sight. Surprisingly, Sam felt a punch on his face shortly after, making him furious!

But before he engaged Ant Man any further, Sam was still in clear mind to report that the intruder was an adult male with some kind of shrinking tech!


Dio scoffed as he heard of Sam’s report. He immediately knew that the intruder was Scott Lang!

The MCU’s Ant Man!

He instantly remembered that it was the time when Scott was told by Henry Pym to steal a piece of equipment from the Avenger’s warehouse!

So Dio subconsciously asked Tony, “What kind of place is this place before it was used for the Avengers?”

“This was my dad’s personal warehouse. Why? Does that have anything to do with this intruder?” Tony asked back curiously.

But Dio just smirked after hearing Tony’s answer, which meant Henry Pym didn’t even know that the warehouse was now the Avenger’s property!

But Dio was indeed amazed by Scott’s bravery to enter the place even though there was a huge Avenger’s sign on the wall!

“Sam alone might not be able to handle that. I will go out and see if he needs my help!” Dio said as he walked out of the base.

“Be careful not to kill anybody out there! I am interested in the shrinking tech that Sam reported!” Tony said casually. Tony still remember one of his father’s file about the Pym particle, but sadly, as its name suggested, his father didn’t have any right on that tech!

Tony couldn’t even ask Hank Pym who the owner of the Pym Particle was during joint research as Hank Pym was not in a good relationship with his father!

“I am coming with you!” Wanda said casually.

“No, I will be back soon, just stay here!” Dio said as he glanced at Pietro and saw that he still on his game!

Wanda nodded and sat back, reading her magazine. Dio immediately left the base and saw that Sam was losing balance on air.

“That guy got into my gear!” Sam shouted as soon as he saw Dio.

Sam realised at that moment that his flying gear was still lacking!

It was too dependent on a single thruster and thus making it vulnerable to damage!

Dio shook his head as he walked towards Sam, and then he used his Hamon Technique to enhance his eyes so he could perceive Scott’s life force. As long as Scott was still breathing, Dio wouldn’t miss him!

Even if Scott hid among thousands of ants, he wouldn’t be able to hide from Dio’s eyes as a human’s life signature was far different from other creatures.

Sam finally fell to the ground, and he immediately stood back up with an annoyed look on his face. This was the first time he felt complete anger and the urge to squish the man’s head with his fingers!

But Dio could see the Ant Man slowly crawling out of Sam’s tech and flew away with a few flying ants. Dio then decided to test Scott’s power and threw a brick near his feet at Scott while he was on the ant’s back.

“Hurry! Get out of there!” Hope’s voice was heard on the Ant Man’s helmet.

But suddenly, Hope heard a crashing sound that makes her nervous and worried about Scott’s safety.

Scott was squished by the brick, and the ant he rode was killed! But fortunately, he was just knocked down to the ground and wasn’t hit by the brick’s splinter when it hit the ground!

Scott was scared out of his wits as he witnessed that the brick immediately exploded as it reached the ground.

But that was just the beginning. Scott immediately noticed someone was standing right beside him, casting a huge shadow on his tiny body.

“Hi, listen! I know that your name is Ant Man, but it would be tremendously disappointing if you are as fragile as your namesake!” Dio said with a wide smile on his face.

Scott immediately felt an immense danger as Dio’s face looked like the devil right now, so he tried to run away again, only for Dio to kick him towards the warehouse’s wall!

“Homerun!” Dio shouted excitedly as he saw that Scott returned back to his original size.

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