Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 442


“Don’t tell the captain about how I messed up earlier!” Sam said to Dio as he turned off his communicator.

“Well, I wouldn’t tell if he doesn’t ask!” Dio said as he pointed to a communicator on his hands.

“Damn, I forgot about that!” Sam said as he forgot about Dio’s communicator, “Let’s just bring the Ant Man and go!” Sam said annoyedly.

At the same time, Hank Pym and Hope were watching Scott’s arrest through the camera that Hank Pym has installed on a flying ant.

He was outraged that Scott was captured, and now, his tech would fall to the hands of the damned Stark. At the same time, Hope was embarrassed that Scott could be captured that easily.

She has already told Scott to abort the mission when they saw that the warehouse had been turned into Avenger’s base.

She knew that the mission was impossible when all the Avengers could be inside the base, and there was no way that base wouldn’t be equipped with a decent surveillance system!

“Father, I already told him to abort the mission, now that idiot was captured by the Avenger!” Hope said worriedly to Hank Pym.

“It’s okay; we haven’t failed yet! The prototype Signal Disguiser was mine from the start, so I believe if I can contact SHIELD, I should be able to reason and ask for the Signal Disguiser myself and get Scott back!” Hank Pym said confidently.

He immediately picked up his phone and dialed a number that he never wanted to call anymore!


Meanwhile, in the Avengers Base’s interrogation room, Scott was splashed with cold water to wake him up!

“Scott Lang?” Sam asked indifferently.

“Yes, that is my name!” Scott said bewilderedly as he was shocked by the cold water drenching his face.

He didn’t know that he was a prisoner of the Avenger right now as he didn’t know the consequences of stealing from the Avengers base was.

“Indeed, you already introduced yourself! But I never thought that someone would be stupid enough to steal things and then introduced themselves!” Sam said angrily.

“Hey, listen! I came here to borrow something to save the world! I will return it after I am done with it!” Scott said, justifying himself!

“We have investigated all information concerning you. Would you like to hear it?” Natasha said as she suddenly joined in the conversation after observing Scott for a while, “Scott Lang, Master of Electrical Engineering, Former Senior Engineer of Vesta Company! Because of some dissatisfaction report from a customer, you took the initiative and reported the company to the authority only to get fired after that! You then hacked the company’s system and transferred millions of dollars to the customer’s account; you even exposed the company record online!” Natasha said as she read Scott’s feat.

“You missed one little detail there; I also drove his favorite Bentley into a pool in his backyard!” Scott added excitedly.

“So, you are a thief, a criminal that was released not too long ago, and now you are wearing this shrinking tech? tell me you don’t steal it from some genius out of greed!” Natasha said annoyedly.

“No, well, I might steal it in the first place, but I assure you, the owner knew about it from the start! He then let me borrow the suit to do good! I swear that is true!” Scott said, honestly.

But Sam was annoyed. He felt like Scott was taking him for a fool, was there anyone on the planet who knows someone wanted to steal from them and let it be? That was obviously bullshit!

“Enough! I have enough of your bullshit! We will investigate where you got this equipment and find out whether your word is true! The record showed that you also have a daughter and wife that remarried to local police after divorcing you! But it seems divorce is not enough to make you learn your lesson! Do you know that you will be imprisoned for at least ten years for stealing from the Avenger’s base! I don’t think your daughter will remember you when you get out of prison!” Sam said threateningly.

Sam’s words scared Scott, he always thought that he was doing something good and always proud of what he had done, but if he was thrown in prison for too long, he was scared that his daughter would forget him.

He knew that his wife would make sure that he would never see his daughter again if he was thrown into prison one more time!

“No, please! I can explain and prove everything! I am really not a bad person!” Scott said all of a sudden as he started crying!

Natasha and Sam were surprised but immediately tried to regain their cool. They would not sympathise with the criminal until they knew the exact truth!

There were so many criminals who faced economic problems in this world, and that was why they shouldn’t have committed any crime lightly!

If everyone steals, what else would the law do?

That was why they let Scott cry, and then he eventually told them everything in detail since he was released from prison.

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