Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 443


“Isn’t that guy telling the truth? He is crying so hard!” Tony said to the others as soon Sam and Natasha left the interrogation room.

Although Scott’s story was a little bit strange, they knew that it was the truth!

There was no way Hank Pym would let his suit complete with the Pym Particle out of his sight!

“What do you want to do now? Do you want to research the Pym Particle now?” Steve asked curiously to Tony.

“I don’t think it was necessary! The man of the hour has come here himself!” Dio said as he pointed out that a Quinjet has just landed.


“This is Dr. Hank Pym! He once worked with SHIELD and Tony’s father, Howard Stark, in the past!” Nick Fury said as he introduced Hank Pym to everyone.

“You are Tony, right? I’ve heard your endeavor, and I admit you have the same style as your father!” Hank Pym said with a kind smile, but he was secretly slandering Tony by saying that!

But he knew that he had to play it cool and retrieve the signal disguiser and Scott. For Hank Pym, Howard Stark was a man that he hated the most!

He thought of Howard Stark as a man who plagiarized others’ research only to gain hog the fame for himself, so he hated Howard Stark for trying to get his hands on his Pym Particle in the past!

Hank Pym was a conservative guy, for he thought Tony Stark would be the same as his father!

“I apologize to you. First of all, Scott Lang followed my order and obviously made a mistake! But I just wanted to get a gadget that was originally mine, to begin with when I was working with the SHIELD! Since there is a little conflict between Howard Stark and me, I sent Scott over, and now, I hope you can forgive this old man and let Scott leave without harm.” Hank Pym said honestly.

But, what he really wanted to say was a bunch of swear words and got out as soon as possible!

The Avengers surely didn’t know this and judged that Hank Pym was sincere. However, Tony knew that Hank Pym came there out of desperation.

Tony knew that Pym Technology has always regarded Stark Industries as an enemy, and even Tony’s visit to their headquarter was rejected nastily!

“I don’t think that it was as simple as you said it was! This is Scott’s confession, and it involves some illegal things! That also includes what you have done and what you are about to do!” Tony said as he took the interrogation transcript from Natasha and handed it over to Hank Pym.

Hank Pym calmly read the transcript, and he immediately frowned. He never thought that Scott would confess everything under some pressure! Scott already explained everything to the Avenger; not one detail amiss!

He then regretted not considering Hope’s suggestion from the very beginning.

“This is an interesting confession, but it’s all nonsense! After that man stole my research, I found him again and never blamed him for stealing my tech! I didn’t think he had any malicious intent, so I hope I can talk with him alone!” Hank Pym said politely.

Everyone was startled by Hank Pym’s righteous and sincere words, but it didn’t affect Dio. Dio already knew that Hank Pym was a sly old fox.

But instead of confronting Hank Pym, Dio knew that it was best to let Scott go. There was no need to exacerbate the relationship between them when in the end, they would end up teaming up anyway!

“Look, since Director Fury has come here personally, I would take it as a guarantee and regards all of this as a big misunderstanding! Plus, we didn’t have anything to lose anyway. We will let Scott go now.” Dio said as he exchanged a small glance with Tony and nodded to Nick Fury.

The rest of the Avenger was puzzled, but Dio just smiles at them carelessly. If Steve was the most capable man here, Dio was the most trustworthy.

The Avengers knew that Dio must have known something that they didn’t, so they nodded, and Sam immediately went to get Scott out of the interrogation room.

Hank Pym was a little bit surprised as he didn’t see anyone tried to refute the handsome man’s word, not even Tony, who was well known for his arrogance, and Nick Fury, a strong-willed person with a strong personality.

Hank Pym instantly knew that the man in front of him now wasn’t someone that he could mess with!

“Thank you. I will make sure that Scott would get the discipline that he needs later! I will make sure that he would become someone that contributes to society and never commit crimes again!” Hank Pym said eloquently.

Dio didn’t say anything and smiled at Hank Pym and let Scott go.

“By the way, can I borrow the tech that I work with previously on SHIELD? It was very important to me, and I hope that the tech would contribute to a better life later on!” Hank Pym said hopefully.

Dio’s mouth twitched, and he looked at Tony and saw the same expression on his face.

“I know that it was your work in the past, but it is now SHIELD’s property! You can borrow it, but it must be returned after a certain period of time!” Nick Fury decided to pitch in after sensing the awkwardness from Dio.

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