Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 444


When Hank Pym left with the prototype and Scott Lang, Steve couldn’t help but ask Tony a question.

“Why did you let him take it? Obviously, that man is lying! He must have some kind of plan involving that machine!” Steve said anxiously.

“Of course! I know that Scott’s confession earlier was more likely to be the truth, but I don’t like Hank Pym’s approach to conceal the Ant Man from the public! From Scott’s confession earlier, we know that Pym Particle would more likely result in a war, so we have to let Hank Pym solve it on his own!” Dio interjected.

“I admit that it does make sense, but it is not your style!” Steve said jokingly.

“Oh shit! You know too much about me already! I might kill you someday!” Dio said jokingly.

“Is this Pym Technology safe? Do we have to deal with it later?” Natasha said as she joined the conversation.

“It is safe, but there is no reason to let Hank Pym deal with it alone! Tomorrow night, Pym Technology will have a private expo for the Wasp tech. Invitations have been sent to many potential buyers, so all we need to do is get those invitations and get ourselves in!” Dio said casually to Natasha.

“That’s already taken care of. I got two invitations! Is that enough?” Natasha asked with a smile on her face.

“Now, would you like to become an escort for an Arms Dealer?” Dio turned his attention to Wanda.

“Of course, gladly!” Wanda said charmingly.

The others immediately left Dio and Wanda alone as soon as they felt Dio and Wanda’s PDA was too much!

Pietro was the only one who remained because he still didn’t have a clue about his sister’s relationship with Dio and also his obsession with his game!


Pym Tech that has switched ownership was welcoming a lot of invited guests to their private expo.

“Welcome to our Pym Tech, Mr. Wilson!” a staff said as Dio, who had transformed into a completely different person, stepped down from Tony’s car with two invitations in his hands.

Wanda, who has dressed charmingly, held his hands, igniting jealousy from any man that sees her!

This time, Dio had used SHIELD’s resources effectively as they disguised themselves as Arms Dealer! While they were walking to the room, Wanda couldn’t help but whisper into Dio’s ears.

“I never knew that you have the ability to transform into someone else entirely! So, did I ever see your real face?” Wanda asked teasingly.

“Wow, did you thought that my usual face was a fake?” Dio pretended to be offended.

“Well, it was still one of the possibilities here!” Wanda said teasingly.

“Hmmm, let’s talk about it later!” Dio said as they arrived at the door of the expo.

Dio opened the door and saw so many Arms Dealers along with Hank Pym, who was looking helpless!

“Welcome, Mr. Wilson!” Darren Cross greeted Dio as soon as he entered.

“Most of your colleagues has come today, and I almost forgot to tell you, but Hydra representative is also here! But you don’t have to be nervous as they aren’t the past Hydra. They rather do some other work now!” Darren Cross said as he pointed his finger to several men.

“I see, so this is why you doubled the price earlier! It turned out to be the Hydra’s doing!” Dio said angrily as he noticed that it was the right reaction that he should express.

“No, that’s not it, Mr. Wilson! You misunderstood some facts here. The Hydra has already promised that they would double the price. The reason that I still hold this expo is all because Dr. Hank Pym insisted!” Darren Cross said arrogantly.

“Although you try to hide the Pym Particle from me, I still succeeded in creating it on my own! Now, your invention is worth nothing compared to mine!” Darren taunted Hank Pym, and the offended Hank Pym and punched Darren in the jaw!

Hank Pym was immediately seized by several security guards, and Darren Cross looked at him with a satisfied smirk.

“Just what I’ve been waiting for, and now that you punched me, I couldn’t help but feel ashamed! Your punch has grown weak and pathetic!” Darren said as he rubbed his jaw.

“Now, all of you will see the majesty of my creation! The Yellow Jacket Army! The bid will start soon, and you better get it now, as the price would be twice as high next time!” Darren Cross said confidently as a video of the Yellow Jacket Soldier was played for everyone to see.

Darren kept on defining the Yellow Jacket as a peacekeeping suit, while everyone knew that it was a weapon of war!

After the Video ended, everyone couldn’t wait to place the bid, and the price for the Yellow Jackets immediately rose through the roof!

“Everyone, calm down! I have another show that I want everyone to see! But, the price for the yellow jackets would once again rise once I show you this!” Darren said confidently while smirking in satisfaction.

“Go on then. If you do show me something interesting, I will pay for your suit! But, if you fail to live up to my expectation, I wouldn’t pay for it even if you sell it for one cent!” Dio said tauntingly.

“Well, I would try to appease Mr. Wilson’s expectation!” Darren Cross said as he touched his in-ear comms.

He didn’t know why, but Hank Pym, who was still being held by the guards, felt that something was off!

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