Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 445


“What? What’s going on?”

Scott, who was ready to steal the ‘Yellowjacket Suit!’ could only watch as it disappeared into the cabinet.

“Hey, little guy!”

Darren Cross took the bottle containing the portable ‘Yellowjacket Suit’ and knocked on the cabinet with a big smile.

Simultaneously, the pipe which Scott just managed to pass through lit up with red lasers, which instantly cut off the rope he was tied to.

Seeing this scene Dr Hank Pym and his daughter Hope gasped; apparently, their bad premonition came true!

“I’ve always suspected that you had hidden the original set of Ant-Man Suit somewhere, which raises the question, who is the new Ant-Man?”

“Who is that person that deserves my mentor’s trust? Just who was that person whom he respected more than me?”

“It wasn’t until I found someone, Scott… Lang!”

“A person who challenged the authorities and paid a terrible price for it! Losing him his family and his only daughter in the process!”

“Exactly like you, Hank!”

“He escaped the prison without a trace. Just how did a penniless guy just magically disappear out of the blue?”

“And now that guy brings me the Ant-Man Suit.”

Darren Cross proudly told how he saw through this old man’s plan and devised his own plan to capture Ant-Man along the way.

He couldn’t get enough of this feeling when he outwitted his mentor!

“Darren, how can you say that?” Hank Pym sighed and looked at his former student. He realized that his plan had failed, but he still wanted to persuade Darren to change his mind.

“If you sell the equipment to these people, the whole world will be in chaos.”

“Well, I’ve already sold it for a sky-high price! After this, Cross Technology will completely annex your Pym Technology. You’re obsolete, Hank.”

Just as Darren Cross’s words left his mouth, several guns were pointed toward Dr Hank Pym at the same time.

“How was it, Mr. Wilson? Did the show satisfy you?”

“It’s kind of disappointing. It’s like a dog and pony soap opera at 8 p.m.”

“Oh, stop bluffing, Mr. Wilson. There’s no need to be stubborn. I am now the only person in the world who can operate this most powerful weapon. I don’t mind selling the ‘Yellowjacket Suit’ to you for three times the price, of course, excluding the suit’s energy source if you beg.”

Not only did he raise the price by three times, but he also sold the suit and energy source separately. His greed was endless, indeed.

“The strongest weapon? Are you trying to make me laugh?” Dio looked at him mockingly and said.

The Ant-Man Yellowjacket Suit did have many redeeming features, but it was far from the strongest!

“You’re way over your head, Dr. Cross.”

Being mocked right in the face by an arms dealer at the peak moment of his life simply made Darren Cross lose his patience.

“It seems that Mr. Wilson is not prepared to cooperate with me.” One of Darren Cross’s hands was holding the special prototype gun that could turn people directly into a mouthful of protein puddle.

The fact that he dared to spill so many secrets in front of this many people today showed that he already had insurance in case things went south.

Anyone who refused to cooperate would definitely not be able to walk out the door here today!

However, before he could make his next move, he saw Dio laughing and said, “No, I want all that ‘Yellowjacket Suit’!”

“What?” Darren Cross was confused for a moment; he didn’t know whether he should pull out his gun or not.

“I said, I’ll take all the ‘Yellowjacket Suit,’ and I’ll give you five times the price!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I never joke when it comes to business. I’ll take all of them when I say so, like I’ll kill anyone’s family if I say so!”

Dio sneered, then suddenly pulled out a gun and aimed it at HYDRA and pulled the trigger with a bang!

This specially built pistol applied his Stand’s power, [Emperor], which allowed him to shoot without having any bullet and manipulate the bullet’s direction at will!

So even without seeing them, he managed to shoot those HYDRA’s representatives right between their eyes!

There was only one survivor left, but even he was shot in the limbs, lying helplessly on the ground.

This sudden turn of events scared everyone!

Darren Cross immediately pulled out his Shrink Gun in shock and aimed it at Dio, and the rest of the security personnel also followed suit.

“What the hell are you doing! Are you crazy?”

“I told you, I want all your stuff, so these competitors deserve to be sent to hell! Besides, I absolutely despise it when someone points a gun at me, and the last guy who did that probably had grass as high as yours in his graveyard by now.”

“This guy…! Wilson, you’re a madman! Get him!”

A scarlet glow suddenly emerged from Wanda, who saw Dio has begun his carnage, and the next moment, all security personnel was sent flying into the wall!

“You’re not Wilson!” Darren Cross exclaimed. He was certain that an arms dealer like Wilson wouldn’t have someone with a superpower around him!

“It’s too late.”


Dio shot Darren Cross in the wrist before he could pull the trigger, and his gun fell to the ground.

“Ah! My hand! Fire! Kill them!”

As the sound of gunfire blaring in the room, Dr. Hank Pym and his daughter used this opportunity to hide.

Wanda formed a scarlet energy barrier in front of her and Dio, bouncing off every bullet fired their way.

The special training that she partook in really paid off.

Dio fired a couple of times while standing still. As if having its own consciousness, the bullet went through the energy barrier in front of Dio and pierced the enemy’s head one after another!

Dio could even make the bullet travel in S-shape if he wanted to.

After wasting two magazines, the only enemy left in the room was the HYDRA’s member that Dio purposely spared earlier and the big bald Darren Cross.

Of course, Dr. Hank Pym and his daughter were alive and well.

Being locked in a transparent cabinet, Ant-Man Scott looked dumbfounded. He began to wonder what was he doing there in the first place?

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