Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 446


When Scott was considering to sing and rap a little to liven up the atmosphere, the gunfire suddenly blared again.


Dio shot the suitcase containing the ‘Yellowjacket’ Suit.

The grim look on Darren Cross’s face, who was about to get his hands on it, suddenly turned into panic and despair.

He has planned everything meticulously for today’s show. However, he failed to predict the two intruder’s interference. He lost any chance he got the moment those two struck.

“Did you forget what I said? I said I want all of this stuff, including this thing in the box, of course.”

Dio walked over, kicked him, and then pointed the gun on Darren’s head while stepping on his chest.

“Who the hell are you? If you just want the ‘Yellowjacket Suit, everything is negotiable.”

“What about the price?” Dio gave him a playful look.

“The original price! The original price is fine! And the energy sources are all complimentary!” As soon as he saw that he had a chance to survive, the look on his face changed.

However, even in the brink of death, all he thought was how to make money.


“Ah! My leg! My leg!”

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly earlier. What is it about the price again?” Dio pointed his gun at Darren’s other leg.

“The manufacturing price, I mean just the manufacturing price!”


“Oops, my hand slipped. How much is it again?”

This time Dio aimed the gun directly at Darren’s head!

Darren Cross, who had both his legs pierced with blood, ceased his negotiation attempt. His life was the most important thing now!

So he shouted like a madman, “It’s free! I won’t take a cent from you! You can have it all!”

“Since you don’t want any money, I’ll just get it myself, thanks.”


Suddenly, there was a bloody hole poking between Darren Cross’s eyes. He didn’t think the man before him would actually kill him.

That just proved how clueless he was about the value of the tech in his hand…

After finishing off the greedy man in front of him, Dio put away the gun and took out a communication device, and said: “We’ve taken care of things here; feel free to evacuate the civilians.

Natasha and Steve, who were on the receiving end, looked at each other and then evacuated people out of the building.

They were used to this as it was their job, unlike Dr. Pym.


After leaning down to pick up the suitcase with the ‘Yellowjacket Suit’ on the ground, Dio laid his eyes on Dr. Hank Pym, who was hiding with his daughter Hope.

Hope, who thought the monster that just killed everyone in the room finally set his eyes on them, immediately pointed his gun at Dio without hesitation, “We are not with these people, let us go, and we will pretend we know nothing about what happened today.”

Hope didn’t shoot because she knew she couldn’t kill the two monsters in front of her anyway. She pointed the gun just to bluff her way out.

“Remember what I said earlier? I am a person who hates having a gun pointed at me, so it’d do you well to put it down before you make a deal with me, Miss Hope.”

“He’s right. Put the gun down, Hope. If I’m not mistaken, these two should not be enemies.” Dr. Hank Pym pushed her daughter’s hand down while was still hesitating.

“Oh? What makes you think so?”

“Even with the chaotic gunshot earlier, we’re still safe and sound. That can’t be a mere coincidence, am I right, S.H.I.E.L.D’s associates? Or would you prefer Avengers?”

Despite all the chaotic mess, Dr. Hank Pym managed to think and process all information thoroughly, which led him to that conclusion.

Wanda froze for a moment and then subconsciously glanced at Dio.

When Dio saw that Dr. Hank Pym has seen through them, Dio also undo his disguise, returning to his original appearance and said, “Hello, Dr. Hank Pym, we meet again.”

Dr. Hank Pym could finally breathe a sigh of relief after seeing the person in front of him turned out to be the man he met in Avengers’ base who agreed to let him retrieve Scott and the Ant-Man’s suit.

He was, in fact, gambling just now. He had no definitive proof that the two people before him were Avengers.

There was always a chance that they let him live on purpose to get their hands on Ant-Man’s suit.

However, when he witnessed Dio and Wanda’s power earlier, he recalled when he denied all of Scott’s confession in Avenger’s base. Despite denying Scott’s testimony, S.H.I.E.L.D still knew his plan because of Scott’s confession.

So, he betted on the possibility that S.H.I.E.L.D would definitely dispatch someone to investigate and dealt with it depending on the situation based on his own understanding of S.H.I.E.L.D. After all, world chaos was something that neither of them wanted to see.

Dr. Hank Pym even speculated that if everything was going well, the two disguised Avengers might not make a move until they completely grasped the situation.

Luckily, his speculation was not that far off!

At the same time, he also felt so miserable for making such a roundabout plan only to be outwitted by his former student.

He regretted not listening to Scott’s advice to cooperate with the Avengers, because if he did, things wouldn’t get this out of hand!

Yes, after knowing the ins and outs of the problem, Scott suggested Dr. Hank Pym ask for Avengers’ help.

However, Dr. Hank Pym was prideful to ask for Avengers’ assistance. Meanwhile, that exact Scott was currently trapped in the cabinet.

“Hey, I mean! Since the villain has been defeated, isn’t it time to let me out? It doesn’t feel good to be locked up here. It reminds me of a monkey in a zoo for a while.”

After the tense atmosphere subsided, Scott couldn’t help but knock on the cabinet glass and helplessly asked for help.

“You’re a disgrace to wear Ant-Man’s suit! You should just stay here and live a lonely life! Hmph!” Dr. Hank Pym took out all his anger directly on him.

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