Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 447


Dio initially thought that SHIELD would use Ant Man’s technology that Darren Cross

had researched to enhance their own strength. However, he understood Nick Fury’s

way of thinking.

After securing the Tech, he would immediately use his authority to seal it away with the highest security level along with other relevant files.

Dio also agreed with Dr. Hank Pym’s thought that Darren Cross

tech would lead to another worldwide disaster if carelessly used.

Tony’s father, Howard Stark, who was also the founder of SHIELD, also agreed with Dr. Hank Pym in

the past and that was why the SHIELD didn’t have Hank Pym tech now!

In other words, if Nick Fury really wanted Ant-Man’s technology to arm S.H.I.E.L.D agents, he would’ve got his hands on them long ago.

Dr. Hank Pym himself trusted S.H.I.E.L.D deep down, hence let them took away the technology. However, because of his pride, he ended up taking such a roundabout way.

Besides, the Tech that Darren Cross developed was still imperfect. There were so many unknown things involving quantum science research, and Dr. Hank Pym was the most suitable man for the job!

Moreover, with Dr. Hank Pym promising not to make the Ant-Man Tech public, the

SHIELD filed Scott Lang and his daughter, Hope Van Dyne as a member of SHIELD

as to not cause trouble for any of them in the future!

Yes, in addition to Scott Lang becoming the second Ant-Man, Hope also became the second Wasp in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s record thanks to her eccentric father, who has prepared the latest model of the Ant-Man’s suit that her mother couldn’t wear back then.

However, Scott was kept in the dark about this, so he was so surprised when she found Hope became the Wasp appearing before him!

Scott: “Why you can fly, yet I can’t?”

Hopper: “How am I supposed to know? Ask my dad!”

Scott: “That’s not fair! I want to upgrade my Ant-Man Suit too!”

Hope: “What’s not fair? Then you should ask my father!”

Scott: “I’ll find him and demand an upgrade! Don’t regret it later, Hope!”

Hope: “What do I have to regret after… Well, well, well…”

Two days later, Scott shouted and called Hank Pym as his father, bewildering Hank

Pym on the spot!


“I thought that you were going to ask Ant-Man join the Avengers as well.”

During the break, Dio took a bottle of coke and threw one at Steve, who had just finished working out.

“Thanks, but you know, I never drink this stuff. It would waste all the exercise I just did.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t tell me that a bottle of coke can beat a super-soldier serum’s effect!” Dio said tauntingly while burping after emptying his coke bottle. It was always refreshing for Dio to drink a bottle of coke.

“Isn’t it a drink that makes those obese geeks happy? It is all sugar, isn’t it? Well, you are right. It doesn’t really matter for me to drink it every now and then.” Steve laughed as he opened his bottle of coke and took a sip of it.

“I especially chill it myself! A cold bottle of coke surely is more refreshing!”

If the people on JoJo Universe knew that Dio used [White Album]’s power to chill a bottle of coke, everyone on that universe would surely give Dio a beating!

“Since the day I talked to you, I have thought a lot of things! Perhaps you are right. It might not be a good thing to join the Avenger during this period. Every time the Earth was in danger, our carelessness might endanger someone or a group of people. People will not see the big picture, and thus the only thing that awaits us is not a bouquet of flowers and applause, but questions and demands to take responsibility!”

“Ultron saw the Avengers as the greatest threat to Earth from the very moment that he was born. Perhaps it is not a faulty program at all. If you really thought about it, maybe Ultron was right! No matter what we do now, many nations would scorn us to fulfill their ambition! They would try to control us to make sure that they would be on top of the pyramid, or at the very least, they didn’t have to fear the possibility that somehow, we will become the rulers of the world!”

Dio quietly listened to Steve’s line of thought. He could feel that every word that Steve was saying was coming from his heart.

“So, because of this, I will not build up the Avenger’s strength any further, until it becomes a necessity once again!”

“Are you afraid that further reinforcing the Avenger’s strength would poke the sensitive nerves on the countries leaders’ head?” Dio asked to affirm his own speculation.

“Sort of. I don’t want to see the day as you already said previously to happen. If maintaining the status quo is all it takes for the world to allow Avenger to exist, then I would make sure that everything stays the way it is! I don’t want to involve any innocent people. Scott has his ex-wife and daughter to think about!”

“Captain, do you know what your biggest flaw is right now?” Dio said seriously.

“What is it?”

“You’re too naive. Not everyone puts themselves in someone else’s shoes, and not everyone can positively await the future. People tend to look at the moment and try to live by it. Did you think that if you take the initiative to back off, something that you tried to prevent won’t happen at all? No! It’s actually the opposite! If you somehow become meek and passive, they would saw it as an opportunity to press you further! As for what the world will be like without the Avengers, do you really think that any country would care? The only people that would regret it when the Avenger is gone is the civilian who was blinded by their politician’s word!”

“Only after they lose something that they didn’t deserve would they began to regret it! History has taught us that humans tend to make the same mistake over and over again! Humans would never learn from the past mistake!” Dio looked at Steve with a meaningful look.

The Avengers were founded with the right intention, but how would countries tolerate the emergence of such an ungoverned super organization that was clearly more powerful than them?

They would try to take a bite at something that they didn’t deserve!

The people may worship the Avenger as superheroes now, but what happened when the government starts to deem the heroes as the villains?

The people would immediately turn and treated us like trash!

Then, why do we need the government at all?

Did we have to disband them?

Steve looked thoughtful as various ideas swarmed his head, while Dio laughed and left!

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