Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 448


A few days later, when Dio supervised Wanda and other training, Tony, who has been fishing for the last three days and two nights, finally got back.

“Yo, if it isn’t our genius scientist Stark. What business do you have with us peasants today?” Dio said as he saw Tony.

Tony shamelessly said, “You finally admit that you admire me after this long. Good, I am here today to talk with you. After all, so many people live here, and this is technically my place, so I have to check it from time to time.”

After hearing Tony’s words, Dio rolled his eyes as he didn’t want to continue to exchange this useless banter with Tony. He knew Tony wasn’t wrong. That place was indeed Tony’s place, after all!

“Okay. I thank you on behalf of all of them. Maybe we should schedule a meeting to specifically praise you?”

“That’s alright. You don’t have to make it that grand, but maybe we can invite a few reporters over?”

“Maybe that is a good idea! The public could use some of your shamelessness.”

“Oh, the feeling is mutual.”

Looking at the shameless bastard in front of him, Dio was convinced about several things. But then again, he was too tired to exchange banter with Tony.

“Now, it is time to continue training the rookies, so, if you don’t have anything else to say, I must go!”

“No, have a look at this first!”

Dio rolled his eyes but took the tablet that Tony handed over to him anyway and clicked the video on it.

It could be seen that someone took the video with a cell phone. The picture was not particularly clear and shaky, and there was a lot of noise and shouting.

However, the next moment, Dio suddenly froze.

He saw a video of a guy in a cheap spider-like suit catching up with a bicyclist in front of him, and then beat another person with three blows, then held up the bike that no one wanted and kept asking around who it belonged to.

Soon this video ended, and the next video began to play. Again, this little guy in a cheap-looking suit ‘doing the righteous/amusing’ stuff in the city.

Among them were videos of him helping people catch thieves, catching car thieves, and so many more.

Of course, there were also embarrassing moments of him making a couple of mistakes because of various misunderstandings.

However, through the video’s perspective, it could be seen that this person was trying to become a superhero that does good things.

“This interesting little guy is a street hero who was seen recently in New York. He usually helps his neighbors fighting off some thieves and burglars, but he also made a lot of trouble for this exact reason too! However, I believe you should be able to see that he is clearly a person with enhanced special abilities!” Tony said as he saw Dio finished watching the video on the tablet.

Although Dio didn’t know what Tony was trying to say, he could recognize the famous spider-man at a glance!

If it were not for Spider-man’s big sales, Marvel would’ve already folded a long time ago! But, Spider-man wasn’t the only superhero that helped Marvel.

In fact, Iron-Man’s movie that kickstarted the whole Avenger plan was also the reason why Marvel could thrive as the best seller comic book now!

Well, that was partly because no company wanted to buy a second-tier hero like the Iron-Man!

If Dio could tell Tony about all this and Tony understood what Dio was saying, Dio believed that Tony would scorn Stan Lee for all his life!

“What do you want to do?”

“What do I want? Don’t you think this little guy has a lot of potentials? I feel the need to help him! Look at these stupid things he did. He mistook a car owner who forgot his car keys as a car thief and kept apologizing afterward, which amused me to death!”

Tony looked unbelievably happy as he showed Dio the clips once again while laughing hard afterward.

“You want to recruit him into the Avengers?”

“No, not that far! But I do want him to go on the right path, but honestly, Avenger is too big for him. He is just a kid!” Tony said seriously.

So this was the reason why Tony was interested in the little spider? But what potential? Dio believed that Tony only wanted to tease the poor Peter Parker to no end!

Dio was dumbfounded. He never understood the reason behind the little spider’s appearance at the Civil War movie, but now he realized that Tony had long been interested in him!

But the thing that Dio was concerned about was that the Spider-Man took a liking to Tony right away and took him as a life mentor!

It was just pitiful to see that the Spider-Man was willing to follow every little thing that Tony ordered him to do!

However, with that feeling aside, Dio was also interested in the current Spider-Man! If he remembered correctly, the little spider in this world just got into high school.

Therefore, he also made up an internship in Stark Industries to cover for his time being the Spider-Man.

That was also the reason why Spider-Man got into a mess with Thanos! Who knew how many Spider-Man’s fangirls cried on that movie!

“Tell me one thing before you decide anything, Tony! What are you trying to accomplish by teasing this little guy?” Dio looked Tony in the eyes.

“You got me! So, what do you think about Iron-Man suddenly falling from the sky when this little guy was chasing after a petty thief? Do you think he would ask for my autograph?”


Dio was just about to say something bitter and overly salty to change Tony’s mind, but hearing Tony’s word, Dio couldn’t help but laugh!

“What? Is my thought too shallow?”

“No, I think it’s good. Just do it! When that little guy makes a move, you suddenly jump out from a dark alley and scare him, and I’ll help record everything from the shadows for you!”

“Dio, you really are my best friend! Let this boring day go to hell!” Tony suddenly glanced at Dio with deep affection.

Dio subconsciously shivered as he felt goosebumps.

So, Dio hurriedly changed the subject, “Since you have collected so much information about that little guy, you already knew his real identity, right?”

“Of course, with my skills, it’s a breeze to investigate this kid! I even have the data about several people he was close to, that includes his aunt, as his only living relatives and a few of his friends at school and also the girl he has a crush on!” Tony said pridefully.

Dio couldn’t help but felt a little bad for Peter Parker. He hoped that the young Peter Parker’s heart could take being entangled with such a mess called Tony Stark!

“Then we can also do it like this…”

Dio directly asked for Tony to come up with several plans to surprise the little spider to get him off his case.

After hearing Dio’s encouragement, Tony’s eyes suddenly glittered in excitement and immediately went off somewhere! Apparently, Tony was excited to execute the surprise himself!

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