Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 449


On Saturday afternoon, as usual, Peter Parker was wearing loose, cheap, and even hand-sewn Spider suit as he leapt from one building to another in Queens, New York, catching a small-time criminal.

His best record since his debut was catching a gang of robbers who used their bike to snatch a lady’s bag!

“Hey, kid! It’s you again! How’s it going? Any luck today?”

Just as Spider-Man was hanging at the top of a store, his eyes darted around trying to spot some situation that screamed crime, a fast-food truck selling tacos happened to be parked below.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time the greasy middle-aged guy selling tacos had seen this little spider scurrying around the city.

The guy was surprised at the beginning, but nowadays, it was something that he saw constantly.

Then again, with the alien invasion plus the Avenger’s news all over the media, he no longer fazed when he saw something strange like the kid on the spider costume!

“Hello, Sir! Well, I catch several thieves today and helped a little kid got his balloon back from a tree!”

The middle-aged man, who sold tacos, smiles and tried to encourage Peter, “Believe in yourself! As long as you can persevere, sooner or later, you will also become a superhero like the Avengers.”

“Really? Can I also become a superhero like the Avengers? You know what? I especially admire them! I also dreamed of joining the Avengers’ team one day and had my own fair share of saving the world!”

Like an open bottle, Peter Parker suddenly got excited and raved his thought about the Avenger that he so adored to the middle-aged guy who sold tacos.

The middle-aged man just smiled and handed over several burritos to Peter for his lunch.

“Here, eat it. I believe that one day you will achieve your dream.”

Peter Parker looked at the tempting burritos in front of him, quietly swallowed his drool. He has been tossing outside for half-day without even a sip of water, so he was hungry right now.

All the money he had on him from this morning was used to buy another balloon for the crying little kid earlier, and now, he couldn’t buy himself any food.

“I’m sorry, I came out in a hurry today, so I didn’t bring any money…”

“Eat up. Even if you are strong, you can’t fight crime with an empty stomach. Eat up, so you have the strength to protect people like me, am I right?”

Peter Parker was moved by the middle-aged man’s word, and so, he took the burrito and said his gratitude several times.

“Thank you, sir. Although you are fat and greasy, you are a good man. Good people will be rewarded, do you want me to give you an autograph? Maybe later, when I become famous, this autograph can also be sold at a good price, and that way I can repay your kindness.”

Peter Parker was motivated to protect people today, and so, with a serious expression, he offered the middle-aged man his autograph. But the middle-aged man was silent as he found Peter’s word was slightly offensive.

But then again, he already knew the little spider had a loose mouth, so he thought nothing of it, “By the way, two days ago, I heard a punk who bought my tacos said that there are some shady people gathering on an abandoned factory in the suburbs, maybe you want to go and see it for yourself.”

Peter Parker, without a trace of doubt, nodded his head to the middle-aged man’s suggestion, “Where is it? Finally, the time has come to show what I’m capable of!”

The middle-aged man hurriedly gave the little spider directions. He even helped the little spider navigate on his phone out of fear that he wouldn’t be able to find it!

“Thank you for the burritos, and thank you for the information. I will definitely come back to tell you the good news after I end those bad guys. Goodbye.”

Peter quickly swings to the nearby building as he left the middle-aged man. He rushed to the place that the middle-aged man said as he wanted to confirm the information.

The middle-aged tacos guy finally sighed in relief after seeing the little spider finally left. He then finally took off his disguise and stomped the skin mask that he used from earlier.

“That bastard Tony actually ordered me to do something like this! He really pissed me off this time!” just as the man was venting in anger, his phone rang, and after taking a deep breath, he finally picked up.

“Happy, how’s it going? Is it done?”

“Of course, it was an easy task! The kid is on his way towards the factory!”

It turns out. The middle-aged taco guy was none other than Happy! He was Tony Stark’s personal handler, and now, he was ordered around by Tony to do some annoying task.

But Happy was really annoyed that the little spider called him fat and greasy!

Happy was the thinnest, handsome type of man in the fat world. He was convinced that the little spider was blind and deserved to suffer!

“Oh, I almost forgot, there is this…”

Just as Happy was about to get in the car and left, he recalled that he left something behind. He then hurried back inside the fast-food truck to take out a small white bottle.

“How come there’s only this much left? Forget it! People have to eat to live, right?”

Happy shook the bottle and found that there was very little white powder left in it. He barely recalled that he had shaken his hand in subconscious anger when he was refilling it due to the mouth-breathing attack of the little spider.

However, he immediately put this matter behind him. Anyway, Tony was watching over there, so nothing could happen.

Now that he had carried out his task, it was time to go to relax. Indeed, selling tacos was not a job suitable for elite talents like Happy.

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