Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 450


“Where’s the money?”

“You didn’t bring what I want.”


Dozens of guns were pulled out and pointed at each other at the same time.

“Crazy, I know that you aren’t right in the head, but unfortunately, I already know your plan!”

“It doesn’t matter! I have always wanted to settle it out with you!”

“Me? Are you ready to die?”

“Let’s duke it out, bitch! You are outnumbered!”


The two big men kept cursing at each other, and no one dared to stop them. Suddenly, spider silk came in the middle while a kid was hanging upside down from it.

“Do not move! You are surrounded!”

Both sides were surprised as they didn’t know where this idiot came from! They were certain that this boy wasn’t with them at all!

Spider-Man, who was posing heroically earlier, was embarrassed as no one really bother saying anything.

But then again, he himself began to wonder how could the superheroes in the movie pose so calmly while it was extremely embarrassing!

“Hey, you guys are cocaine dealers, right? You must have it here with you guys! I need those for evidence later!” Spider-Man said excitedly.

He then shot his web towards the suitcase on the side and then immediately swung to the roof once more.

He already learned his lesson in the past, and now, he understood that he needed to know what he was dealing with first before he could take down anyone.

“That guy is crazy; kill him!”

However, the enemy obviously wouldn’t let Spider-Man do what he wanted! They began shooting Spider-Man to get back their suitcase and escaped this place.

The bullet flew everywhere, and both sides stopped fighting each other as they found a new target that they need to take down.

Despite his lack of equipment, Spider-Man was a model example of overpowered mutation. He easily slipped through every bullet while violently opened the suitcase and found out that one of them was full of money while the other suitcase was full of white powder-like laundry detergent!

Peter immediately knew that he hit the jackpot! The middle-aged taco guy was right! This place was really being used by a drug dealer.

Peter began to think that it wouldn’t hurt to buy tacos from that kind of middle-aged man using the money in the suitcase to support his business.

But he started to realise that the Drug Dealer’s money was illegal! Feeling regret and pity for himself, Peter immediately stuck the suitcases on the high wall.

Although he was a very poor guy who had less than 10 dollars as his allowance a day, he was determined to become a superhero like the Avengers, hence wouldn’t do anything illegal!

Spider-Man was surely naïve as he was young and didn’t really understand how cruel this world could be.


“What do you think?”

“It is too soon! Obviously, he is strong! But he is too naïve and innocent.”

Dio and Tony were high in the sky above the factory, observing Peter from afar. While the good guy selling tacos was Happy in disguise, what happened here was a real gang war. Even the undergoing transaction that happened earlier was real!

How Tony managed to get his hands on the information about the transaction itself was unknown as it probably had something to do with SHIELD.

Tony and Dio kept observing Peter’s personality, strength, and some other things that they deemed necessary for superheroes. But now, as it came to an end, there came Tony supposedly spectacular entry.

“He is a 14-year-old child, and he probably never experienced anything traumatic before, but at the very least, he can control his power to perfection! I have a good expectation about the kid!” Tony said honestly as he prepared to go off, surprising the little spider.

“But you can not deny that both his strengths and weaknesses are equal. Giving mercy to any villain is not a good thing to do! You must not leave any points that may lead to bigger trouble in the future! After all, there is no telling what happened in the future!” Dio said solemnly.

Dio might not be a pessimistic guy, but surely, Spider-Man’s greatest weakness was still the same, be it on the comic books or in this world!

In that case, Dio was hoping that the little spider could keep his innocent heart a little bit longer, but also hoped that the little spider could stop being so naïve!

Giving mercy to any villain was not an act of kindness, but a sheer stupidity!

Tony thought of Dio’s word for a moment, he didn’t argue with Dio, but he knew that the little spider could do so much better if he was guided properly, “I admit that you have a good point, but neither of us can see the future! At least, he is a great addition right now, isn’t he?” Tony said with a smile on his face.

Dio was stunned by Tony’s words as he realised that Tony was looking at the little spider exactly like how a father would look at their son!

The gaze that Tony showed was a little bit unexpected for Dio, was it because how Peter Parker resembled Tony?

But Dio could see the theory that Tony regard Peter as his own son.

“Tony, you have changed…”

“Strange, isn’t it?”

“If I say my biggest wish now is to marry Pepper and have a football team of my own children that I don’t mind giving up everything I have now for that to happen, will you believe what I said?” Tony asked with a solemn look on his face.

Dio took a deep breath and nodded.

“Just kidding! Man, who do you think I am! The great Tony Stark bound by marriage and have a whole bunch of little shit around?” Tony said while laughing at Dio for trusting his joke.

But deep down, Tony knew that all he said was the truth, but he couldn’t retire as Iron Man now that the Earth might face so many more crises in the future!

The nightmare that Wanda showed him was driving him crazy. He knew that it was a revelation of the future and driven by that dream. He was determined to make sure that it would never happen!

While Tony was laughing, Dio kept his mouth shut as he knew everything that Tony just said came from his heart! Tony really wanted to retire!

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