Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 451


While dodging the shooter, Peter Parker felt his stomach cramped. He began to wonder whether he ate something bad today, but he couldn’t think of anything.

He started to think that it may be a glass of milk that he drank this morning might, but then again, he didn’t think anything was off from that.

Could it be the burritos that he ate earlier was unhygienic? He probably should ask the kind middle-aged guy later.

“Hey! Can we call a truce for today? My stomach hurts! Maybe I ate something bad earlier. Is there any bathroom nearby?”

The shooter was confused by the strange guy’s request as they didn’t understand anything that the guy has said.

They began to think the little spider was just messing around with them, hence became even more furious than before!

“Finish him off! We can leave the suitcase here, but this guy has to die!”

The drug dealer’s boss was furious, he fired his gun fiercely, but the little spider dodged all of them!

“I am Spider-Man! I can’t deal with you guys right now! I need to find a bathroom!” Peter said while holding his belly. If he couldn’t find any toilet, he might shit his pants!

The little spider wanted to cry as he tried to hold on his bowel from making a mess. He should know not to trust free food like that! It could’ve already expired for all he knew!

Right when he was torn to choose between escaping this place to find a nearby toilet or to capture this drug dealer, an explosion was heard!

The little spider could not help but poke his head out to quietly survey the situation, and then suddenly widened his eyes!

“It’s Mr. Tony Stark, the Iron Man!”

He immediately saw the bad guy that he struggled with because of his current predicament was easily taken care of by the Iron-Man’s firepower!

Due to the absolute defence that the Iron-Man suit provided, Tony didn’t need to dodge the barrage of bullets that the enemy fired.

It didn’t take a minute for Iron-Man to finish the fight!

“That one over there! Put down your weapon and come out.”

Seeing that he already dealt with the drug dealer, Tony then started acting to surprise the little spider.

“I don’t have a weapon! I mean, I’m not with them!”

The little spider forgot about his foreboding problem for a while as he saw his model superhero.

He stepped out from his hiding spot and raised his hands, so the Iron-Man didn’t mistook him as one of the drug dealer.

“I know you! You are that Spider-Boy who recently fought crime in Queens, New York, right?”

Tony’s words almost made Peter faint from excitement.

“You know me? I mean, I never thought a big shot like you would pay attention to a nobody like me!”

“A good deed would always be noticed. Even if I am busy, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have the time to hear the news.” Tony said as he followed his pre-memorized speech.

He then walked out of his Iron Armour to meet Peter face to face, but suddenly he struggled with holding back his laughter.


“Sorry! Mr. Stark! I have to go find a convenience first, can you please wait for me here for a while? Just for a moment…. I swear I will be quick!”

Peter was starting to accidentally leak gas!

He couldn’t hold it in anymore! Peter immediately swung out of the factory in search of a convenient store.

He kept swinging as fast as he could as he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet with his idol!

Tony nodded his head while maintaining a straight face and immediately returned to his armour for filtered fresh air.

“Hahahaha! I just recorded that scene! it was perfect!”

Dio said from the communication device as his laughter was barely contained. That scene just now was really too comical!

But for Tony, the scene may be hilarious, but he failed his plan to surprise the young hero! He immediately contacted Happy for confirmation.

“Happy! What drug did you use for the spider boy just now?”

“Uh, I used laxative on him. Didn’t you instruct me to make that little spider unable to exert his strength before you made your shocking entrance? It was exactly as you requested.”

“A little?”

“… Well, it might be a small bottle. It was my mistake! My hand shook when I pour it on.”

“Damn you, Happy!”

After hanging up the call in anger, Tony felt like he was going to die of anger!

No wonder the spider boy’s fart was so powerful just now. Anyone who ate that many laxatives should be kneeling on the toilet right now!

If it were not for the mutation in the little spider’s body, Tony knew that he had to send the Spider-Boy to the hospital right now.

While staying in the Quinjet eating ice cream, Dio, who was watching the drama, laughed with tears coming out of his eyes.

Happy, you were a fucking genius!

After a while, Tony, who was waiting for the spider boy to come back, began to doubt this little prank he used on the little spider now.

At the same time, Peter was having the worst time in his life! He promised himself to never used jumpsuit again in his life!

“Mr. Stark, you actually stay and wait for me! I am your biggest fan! Can I have your autograph?”

The first words of the little spider back nearly surprised Tony to death.

Tony didn’t know whether he had to walk out of his suit or not, but then again the fart earlier was the worst thing he ever smelled!

So, Tony chose to stay inside his armour, “An autograph? Of course, no problem!”

“Great! Uh… I left my bag somewhere! Mr. Stark, did you bring any pen and paper?”

The little spider looked at Tony awkwardly. Tony sighed and reminded himself that the little spider was still a kid!

“That is unfortunate; I didn’t have that on me. Well, next time you see me, I can give you an autograph!”

“Thanks, Mr. Stark, you’re really a nice guy.”

“You’re welcome. So, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, it would be my pleasure.”

“Uh, can I ask you where did you, you know, doing your business just now?”

“It’s rather urgent, and I didn’t find any convenient store in the vicinity, so I have to deal with it in the bushes on an abandoned park,” Peter said shyly.

“And how did you…” Tony asked while stretching out a hand and rubbing it on his ass…

“Oops, I suddenly remembered that there is a group of bad guys waiting for me to deal with. I have to go now, Mr. Stark. It’s really nice to see you today!” Peter said while quickly getting away from Tony.

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